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Re: William John & Family
« Reply #90 on: Saturday 25 June 05 19:33 BST (UK) »
Hi Rozee,
Thanks for the reply. I intend sending you quite a lot of info, but because there is so much of it I will have to do it in sections.
We start off with Henry Isaac Mott, born circa 1815 in Regents Park, London (that's an area, not a piece of grass!!)
1) Henry married Margaret COOKE circa 1836 and they had seven children:-
                  1.1 Ann born circa 1837 Westminster
                  1.2 George Alexander born circa 1839 Westminster
                  1.3 Henry Isaac born 12 February 1841 St. Pancras
                  1.4 William Henry born 03 October 1843 St. Pancras
                  1.5 Charles born 1846 March qtr 1.382 St. Pancras
                  1.6 Alfred John born 1848 Sept qtr 1.366 St. Pancras
On the birth certificate for son Henry Isaac it stated that father's occupation was a 'pianoforte maker'. Henry's wife Margaret died 07 January 1886 of 'cardiac dropsy'. Her address at death was 155 Whitfield Street, St. Pancras. I do not have a death date for him.
1.1) Ann 1837 - no further info on her as yet.
1.2) George Alexander married Louisa -?- 1864 Dec qtr 1b.32 St. Pancras. They had seven children:-
              1.2.1 Alexander William born 1866 March qtr 1b.475 Hackney
              1.2.2 Louisa Florence born circa 1867/8 (no reg) Highgate
              1.2.3 Herbert Arthur L. born 1868 Dec qtr 1b.191 St. Pancras
              1.2.4 Emily Helena born 1873 June qtr 1b.179 St. Pancras
              1.2.5 Lily born 1878 June qtr 1b.532 Hackney
              1.2.6 George Frederick born 1879 June qtr 1d.477 Lambeth
              1.2.7 Mary Ann H. born Dec qtr 1d.540 Lambeth
Mott; Mote; Motts; Moat; Moate; Moats etc.

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Re: William John Mott (part two)
« Reply #91 on: Saturday 25 June 05 20:06 BST (UK) »
Second Page
1.3) Henry Isaac was born 12 February 1841 (March qtr 1.292) St. Pancras. He married Eliza BROCKLEY 02 November 1863 (Dec qtr 1d.564) Lambeth. They also had seven children:-
          1.3.1 Henry George Johnson born 1865 June qtr 1b.149 St. Pancras
          1.3.2 Percy William born 1867 June qtr 1b.174 St. Pancras
          1.3.3 Alfred Stanley born 1869 June qtr 1b.129 St. Pancras
          1.3.4 Eliza Annie born 1871 Sept qtr 1b.181 St. Pancras
          1.3.5 Amy Margaret born 1873 Sept qtr 1b.179 St. Pancras
          1.3.6 Mentor Radleigh born 1875 Sept qtr 1b.182 St. Pancras
          1.3.7 Charles James born 1879 Dec qtr 1b.183 St. Pancras
Henry Isaac 1841 was born at 25 William Street, Regents Park, London. In the 1881 census Henry was "Aged 40 yrs. A Clerk." His wife was "Aged 37 yrs". Their address was 4 North Hill West, Hornsey.  In Kellys Directory for 1894 their new address was 'Ingleside', Eastern Road, Fortis Green, Finchley.
Henry died 17 July 1908 (Sept qtr 3a.171 Edmonton). He was "Aged 67 yrs".
1.3.1) Henry George Johnson was born 23 March 1865 in Kentish Town. He wed Emily Josephine MOTT (a cousin - see 1.4.2) on 17 April 1892 in Muswell Hill, London.
They are believed to have had six children:-
 Emily Eliza born 1892 June qtr 3a.272 Edmonton
 Henry William Brockley born 1894 March qtr 1d.517 Lambeth
 Stanley Alfred born 1896 June qtr 1d.498 Lambeth
 Gladys Muriel born 1899 Dec qtr 1d.512 Lambeth
 Leonard - no date or place of birth
 Daisy  -  no date or place of birth
In the 1901 census Henry was "Aged 37 yrs. A Bakers' Traveller." His address in 1901 was 28 Lowden Road, Lambeth.
1.3.3) Alfred Stanley was born 19 February 1869. He married Edie -?-, date unknown
He died 19 February 1941 (his birthday!) in Friern Barnet, aged 72 yrs. His wife Edie died 04 March 1962 aged 80 yrs.
1.3.6) Mentor Radleigh married in 1902 Sept qtr 3a.598 Barnet - spouse unknown.
Mott; Mote; Motts; Moat; Moate; Moats etc.

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Re: William John Mott - 3rd page
« Reply #92 on: Saturday 25 June 05 20:53 BST (UK) »
Third Page
1.4) William Henry was born 03 October 1843 at 26 Hertford Street, St. Pancras. He married Mary Eliza MUSTARD 01 July 1868 in The Old Church, St. Pancras. Marriage reg: 1868 September qtr 1b.90 St. Pancras. They had eight children:-
            1.4.1 William John born 1869 March qtr 1b.176 St. Pancras
            1.4.2 Emily Josephine born 1872 Sept qtr 1b.189 St. Pancras
            1.4.3 Charles Thomas Herbert born 1877 June qtr 1a.450 Westminster
            1.4.4 Jessy Maud Mary born 1879 Sept qtr 1a.478 Westminster
            1.4.5 Cecil Claud born 1881 September qtr 1a.483 Westminster
            1.4.6 Frederick Roland born 1886 June qtr 1d.520 Lambeth
            1.4.7 Daisy - believed born 1890, not proven
            1.4.8 Sydney Arthur born 1891 June qtr 1d.516 Lambeth
In the 1881 census William Henry was "Aged 37 yrs. Baker, employing 3 men and two boys." In 1891 he was "Aged 47 yrs. Baker." His wife Mary was "Aged 43 yrs." Their address was 203 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton.
1.4.1) William John married Elizabeth WHITE 02 September 1894 in St. Johns, Fulham. Marriage Reg: 1894 Sept qtr 1a.633 Fulham. His wife appears to have been aged 18 yrs at marriage. She was the daughter of George Frederick White, a baker. I have no issue listed for them. William John died 08 August 1902 (Sept qtr 1d.256) Lambeth. Address at death was 45 Heron Road, East Brixton.
1.4.2) Emily Josephine - see 1.3.1 on second page.
1.4.3) Charles Thomas Herbert was born 04 March 1877, and baptised 03 June.
1.4.4) Jessy Maud Mary married William Joseph WALLER 0n 15 September 1906 in St. Saviours, Herne Hill. Marriage reg: 1906 Sept qtr 1d.582 Lambeth
1.4.5) Cecil Claud was born 23 May 1881. He married Lily Evelyn MILBOURN on 27 October 1923 in Kingston, Surrey. They had five children, four from their marriage:-
             1.4.1 Audrey born 12 January 1922. She was the baseborn child of Lily Evelyn Milbourn - father unknown. She was born one year before Cecil and Lily wed and she grew up with the surname of MOTT.
             1.4.2 Peter Claud born 1924 Sept qtr 2a.755 Kingston
             1.4.3 Evelyn Gladys born 1927 June qtr 2a.816 Kingston
             1.4.4 Rosemary Dawn born 1933 Sept qtr 2a.814 Kingston
             1.4.5 Muriel Mary born 1936 March qtr 2a.99 Surrey NE
Cecil Claud was born at 55 Great Marlborough Street, Westminster. He died 15 November 1949 at 51 Summer Road, Aldershot? During 1914 - 1918 he served in the Black Watch.
1.4.2) Peter Claud was born 31 May 1924. He died circa 1997?
1.4.3) Evelyn Gladys was born 03 April 1927. She emigrated to Australia with her parents. Is this your connection?
1.4.4) Rosemary Dawn died December 1998
1.4.5) Muriel Mary was born 22 December 1935 (birth registered 1936) in East Molesley, Surrey. She first wed Godfrey Graham Roland Protheroe WINTERS 0n 22 October 1954 in Kingston Register Office. They were divorced in 1970. She second married Gordon James Grant on 18 September 1972 in Aldershot Register Office.

Mott; Mote; Motts; Moat; Moate; Moats etc.

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Re: William John Mott
« Reply #93 on: Saturday 25 June 05 21:42 BST (UK) »
Fourth Page
1.4.6) Frederick Roland married Emma -?- circa 1927? He was the father of two daughters - Elizabeth and Joan. Dates for all to be researched. He served in the Black Watch. His civilian occupation was as Architect within the Department of Public Works. He once lived at 45 Summer Road, Aldershot(?), and then in Powdermill Road, Twickenham, Middlesex.
1.4.7) Daisy born circa 1890? I have one on record born in Lambeth, but it requires checking out further to confirm parentage.
1.4.8) Sydney Arthur was born 25 March 1891 in Brixton. He wed Julian Henrietta HIGHMAN on 27 June 1914 (June qtr 1d.774) in the Register Office, Lambeth. They were parents of:-
    Daisy Margaret born 1915 March qtr 2a.588 Croydon
    William Arthur born 1916 March qtr 2a.601 Croydon
    Julia Amelia born 1919 March qtr 2a.400 Croydon
    Henry Roland born 1922 June qtr 2a.563 Croydon
    John Edward born 1925 June qtr 2a.566 Croydon
    Kenneth Hector born 1928 Dec qtr 2a.454 Croydon
Sydney Arthur was born at 203 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton. His wife was born 22 May 1894 at Glamis Road, Shadwell, London. Sydney was a Private 2nd Class in the Royal Flying Corps during WW1. His civilian occupation was an Insurance Clerk. His address in 1914 was 42 Lilford Road, Coldharbour Lane, Brixton. he died in March 1961 in the Mayday Hospital, Croydon. His wife died in 1998 at Pampasford Road, South Croydon. Daisy Margaret was born 06 December 1914 in Thornton Heath, Surrey.(registered March 1915). She first married Leslie BARDEN on 03 September 1938 in Wandsworth. She second married John Francis GADSBY in May 1976 in Streatham. She died on 16 April 1999 in March, Cambridgeshire. William Arthur was born 14 February 1916. He married Eva Annie GOODY, nee GILBERT, 0n 23 September 1939. His wife was a widow, and she had a son from her first marriage to Basil Carruthers Goody - Michael Carruthers Goody. The son was adopted by William Arthur and changed his name to Michael John MOTT.
William Arthur joined the Territorial Army in 1938 and was 'called up' in 1939. He was drafted into the Kings Royal Rifles & Queen Victoria Rifles. He sailed on the 21st May 1940 on SS 'Canterbury' for Calais. He and others held the Fort there from 23 to 26 May before surrendering. He escaped and tried to fly an old Bleriot type plane home, but was recaptured and marched into Poland to Stalag camp. He escaped several times. Was liberated by the Russians and taken to Berlin. Escaped from there and walked to the American lines. Arrived home 30 June 1945. He died 13 May 1995 from a second stroke in Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead.
Mott; Mote; Motts; Moat; Moate; Moats etc.

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Re: The Mott family
« Reply #94 on: Saturday 25 June 05 21:52 BST (UK) »
Hi Rozee,
Well, you've got four pages of info to work through now, and I hope you find it interesting! It has taken me ages to sift out the information and type it out, but there is a little more on file which is up to date, and I cannot put it into print without first checking and getting clearance from people who are still alive.
On that note, if I can find living relatives who belong on this tree and are therefore related to you, would you be willing to exchange details with me/them? I would not expect to publish personal info on here, but you could do it by private message. You must understand that even if you are willing to exchange info with them, they may not be likeminded, in which case we go no further.
All the best,
Mott; Mote; Motts; Moat; Moate; Moats etc.

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« Reply #95 on: Tuesday 28 June 05 10:42 BST (UK) »
Legs 11 - I am a newbie. Just read your post. I am a decendant of Sarah Eliza Jane MOTT (GG Grandmother) Surprisingly enough she married John Mott no relation at all. I have quite a few details you may be interested in. I actually didn't have Jane and ? Sarah John on my chart. Just to confuse things I also have Moates in my family ! I would appreciate an exchange of info. Hopefully this thingo will post and you will get this........ :) Vonnie Marion

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« Reply #96 on: Tuesday 28 June 05 17:00 BST (UK) »
Hi Vonnie,
Glad to have your message about the Mott's in your family tree. I have a vast collection of MOTT info, also for the other variant spellings (MOTE/MOAT/MOATE etc).
Not a Mott myself, and none in my tree - I married one!
I've been running a one name study on these names since 1980 and, as I said, have a vast collection, but I am always more than willing to receive more names to add to the files. As you may have gathered from my recent postings, I am also very willing to help others with anything I may have on file.
So, if you wouldn't mind allowing me knowledge of the MOTT/MOATE(S) in your tree, I would be most grateful.
Thankyou for posting your message - I look forward to your reply.
Mott; Mote; Motts; Moat; Moate; Moats etc.

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« Reply #97 on: Wednesday 29 June 05 15:11 BST (UK) »
Hi again,

Will try and put down what I have for you to add, but no doubt after some intensive study it will all be more definate. (I hope) This is how my Motts and Moates are connected.

Fred Moate b. abt 1870-80 m. Harriet Smith daughter of William John Smith - master mariner.

Harriet had 2 siblings - Gertrude and Ann Caroline b. 21 Feb 1856 London (my Great Grandmother)

Children of Fred & Harriet Moate - Adeline Dorothy b. 21 May 1900, Harry, Gertrude

Adeline Dorothy Moate married Edward Joseph Day ( her cousin) b. 5 July 1894

(Ann Caroline Smith married 24 Aug 1887 @ St Matthew's Church Guilford Western Australia, Aust. Charles John Day b. 6 Jun 1860 London.)

Children of Ann and Charles Day -
Edward Joseph (as above),
Francis Charles b.5 June 1892 Occupation Butcher. Served in WW1 Service no. 3678 married Belinda (Bella) Duckworth
Harriet Lily b.16 July 1889 d. 10 Jan 1972 Richmond Vic Aus. Married 21 July1915 Maylands Methodist Church WA Aust, Charles John Marion b. 8 Mar 1888 Millicent South Aust. Aus. d. 26 Oct 1953 Melb Vic Aus. Occupation Salvation Army officers.

Charles John Marion was the son of Charles Marion b. 9 Mar1842 Baltimore, Maryland USA d. 2 Mar1915 (Came to Aus 1859) and
Sarah Mott b. 29 Dec 1950 Essex UK d.1943 Millicent South Aust. Aus.

Sarah Mott was married twice. She was the daughter of John Mott b.1826 Essex UK d. 12 Oct 1892 Millicent South Australia Aus. (Labourer) and Sarah Eliza Jane Mott b. 1828 Essex UK d. 10 Jan 1900 (She was called Eliza by the family) : Note that Sarah Eliza Jane Mott had Mott as a maiden name but was not related to John.  Sarah Eliza Jane Mott was married in 1848 in ? Kent UK They had 7 or 8 Children (see post by legs 11)

Sarah Mott married on 29 Mar 1870 @ South East SA. Nathaniel John (Nathan) Poole b. 29 Mar1849 Prospect SA. Aus d. 19 Sept 1877 Ovingham Adelaide SA. Occupation Stonemason. (Child of Richard Poole b. 1808 Cheltenham Gloucester UK and Hannah Elliotts b. 2 Apr 1818 Horsley GLS UK)

Sarah Mott and Nathaniel Poole had 4 children - Nathaniel John b. 1871 d. 1871 Sth East SA. Sarah Jane b. 1872 Millicent SA d. 11 Nov 1928 Millicent SA. Richard Henry b.1876 Millicent SA d. 1949. Eliza Hannah b.1874

Sarah Mott then married 25 Dec 1878 Millicent SA. Charles Marion (as above)
they had 6 Children. James Alexander b.1880, Lucy, Mary, Charles John, Lydia b. 1892, John Mott Marion b. 1895 Millicent SA d. 24 Apr 1918 Meteren France ( WW1) Service no 4640 Military medal.

I have decendants for most of these people. It all becomes a bit more complicated as Lucy and Mary Marion married 2 Poole brothers who were their second cousins....

Sorry this post is so long but I am not sure what is relevant and what is not at this stage.  Cheers. VonnieM

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« Reply #98 on: Monday 11 July 05 03:17 BST (UK) »
Thank you so much - I found my Motts on page 3 of all your Motts - Elizabeth White married William John Mott - Elizabeth was my grandmother's sister.  I have worked out that they had at least 3 girls - Elizabeth E, Mary E E and Amelia J - gathered from Census.  Elizabeth E married Reginald p Saunders and Mary E E married James E Batt.  Really appreciated the information and have printed it out to put into my database - any more information would be appreciated especially about the descendents of Elizabeth and William John Mott
White, Wright, Lewis, Mikkelsen, Cook, Smith, Chamberlain, Snewin, Gillies, Bushby, Fruen, Cox, Trenchard