Author Topic: Windows 7 / Family Tree Maker 2006 - compatibility problems  (Read 26631 times)

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Re: Windows 7 / Family Tree Maker 2006 - compatibility problems
« Reply #9 on: Sunday 27 February 11 17:17 GMT (UK) »
I would just like to say a very big THANKYOU to all you kind people who took the time an trouble to reply to my posting.   My laptop crashed last Sunday night and I couldn't get my Family Tree Maker to open.  I thought everything would be ok as I had backed up the work on disc.  I couldn't get this to open either and as it turns out my husband had me save all my hard work on a Rewritable audio disc and that is the reason why I have been unable to re-open it.  I have had my It literate daughter staying and she has managed to get the information on the disc to open on her laptop, however, as it has been backed up on a read only disc we have had to put all the date back in again manually.  It would have been so easy if wee coulkd have cut and pasted it all back on.  As is stands, we also had to re-insall Family Tree Maker back onto my laptop.  I am really pleased that I still have the original information to refer back to as I dumped all the hand written notes I had made at the beginning.  I would have been gutted to think that it was lost and gone forever.  I will be investing in a memory stick though.  I also e-mailed Ancestry's customer helpdesk in response to the posting from LIZZIE W and this is what I got back.  Perhaps it may be of some use in the future to another poor soul with limited IT skills like me.

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Response (Clayton)   02/22/2011 11:41 AM
Dear Carrie,

We appreciate your message.

Family Tree Maker 2005, 2006 and version 16 are compatible with Windows Vista and 7 provided they meet the following two criteria:

1. The computer is not a 64-bit operating system.
2. You've downloaded and installed our updater patch for that operating system.

Provided the first stipulation has already been met, we've included a link below from our Knowledge Base that should assist you in this matter.

Answer Title: Family Tree Maker 2005, 2006 & 16 Update for Windows Vista & Windows 7
Answer Link:

If your computer is a 64-bit operating system, you will need to upgrade to a newer version of the software. More information on the current version of Family Tree Maker can always be found at

If there is anything else with which we might assist you, please let us know.

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Many Thanks again for your support.  I have found this site to be very interesting and informative and I intend to visit regularly seeing as it is supported by kind, thoughfull and helpfull people such as yourselves.

Kindest regards

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Re: Windows 7 / Family Tree Maker 2006 - compatibility problems
« Reply #10 on: Sunday 27 February 11 18:55 GMT (UK) »
Hi Carrie,

Re reply #5. I don't understand why you have to re-enter all the data.
FTM wants to open the data as read/writable but you have it on a read-only
cd. Is it not possible to just copy the files from  the cd to the laptop disk, which is
read/writable, then FindMyPast should be able to open them?