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Title: **** USE OF THIS BOARD ****
Post by: Ticker on Saturday 07 January 06 09:40 GMT (UK)

To get the best possible result from our lookup volunteers,  please take a moment to read these instructions.  There are many new requests each day and posting a clear outline of your requirements will make it easier for them to help you.

If you could each please start a "New Topic" with subject line very clearly stating the RESOURCE  and the SURNAME of the person(s) you are seeking as follows:

St Mary’s Parish Registers - PARR

Then in the body of the message enter the details of your request. A person willing to carry out a lookup for you will then simply reply to your message.

Please see the following guidance too for further information:

Copyright Guidance (,104155.0.html/)

Further Lookup Tips (,51924.0.html/)

RootsChat does not tolerate breaches of copyright. Please do not request any lookups from specific commercial sources and other sources where fulfilling the request would require such a breach.

Very important bit !

We have some excellent RootsChat members with some very special talents who try there best to help everyone who posts a message on the site. I know of quite a few (you know who you are) who have gone out of their way and spent there own “brass” (money) in some cases just to bring a smile to RootsChatters face here and there.

A few of us who reply are often left thinking what happened next, did I help ???

Please let us know !

Regardless of whether or not the information helped,
a "Thank You for your time and efforts" always goes down well  :) :)

... and the 'Thank you' also helps to let us know if the request is completed  ;) 

N.B. a "Thank you" sent in a PM is also nice, but it is a "Personal Message",
i.e nobody else knows that you have said "Thank you", so please, do reply on the topic.
(but you can still send a PM as well, if you wish; I'm sure it will be appreciated.)


If your request has been completed then please use the modify button to add the  word
   *COMPLETED*   to the titles of your final posting and your initial posting on your topic.

The moderators will then move the request to a Completed Requests board.
This helps to avoid wasting the time of the members who do the look-ups,
and makes the unanswered and on-going requests easier to find.