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Title: Crowe family
Post by: rezzyrezz on Saturday 16 October 04 19:11 BST (UK)
Hi, I'm trying to find out more about my grandfather, Joseph  Crowe, married to Kate Begley. He was in the South Irish Horse during WW1. the sons were all in the Irish Army and one of the daughters, my mother, moved to Coventry, England during the war. He worked for Major(?) Clayton-Browne at ' the big house' outside carlow.  thanks for any help.
Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: kated on Monday 18 October 04 14:34 BST (UK)

Are you trying to find out his family tree? How do you know that he comes from County Carlow? Do you know his birth year or have his birth registration?

Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: rezzyrezz on Monday 18 October 04 19:13 BST (UK)
Hi, I have some photographs that my mother left to me. One says 'Mrs Crowe, Maryboro St, Carlow (1927)'. I have several others of Joe Crowe Sr. from around the same date. One shows him mounted and says 'Joseph Crowe, Carlow (Tinryland), South Irish Horse 1914 - 1918'. I was in Carlow a couple of times, as a child and then in the seventies. Unfortunately I dont know his birth year, but it must have been some time in the late 1880s or early 1890s to have been in thw army in WW1. If you have any more info please let me know. thanx. (I also remember my Mother telling me that my Grandfather worked at 'the big house', which I understand to have been 'Brownhills' if I am correct.)
Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: kated on Monday 18 October 04 22:09 BST (UK)

I think the first step would be to search for the record of his birth. The indexes are available in the Dublin GRO or on film at your local family history centre for certain years. See my website for a bit more information.

Good hunting!

Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: Madbiker on Saturday 19 February 05 11:53 GMT (UK)
Hi There....I am  related to you I believe (first cousin).

Joe Snr. and Kate had 4 sons and 3 daughters.
Sons Joe (Oldest), then Jim, Austin (My Father),and Harry, all were Irish Army Officers. They were followed by daughters Lenna (your Mother I think) Eileen the daughter who went to Canada and the baby of the family Claire (still alive).
I have a photo of all of the boys (your Uncles) in the army if you are interested - I too would be interested in getting details of Grandfather Joe's war record and any available photos. 

Regards Austin (Jr)
Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: rezzyrezz on Sunday 20 February 05 18:40 GMT (UK)
Hi, yes, we are cousins. I met your father once or twice when I  was very young, I thnk he lived around Blackrock? and have some photos which were taken in the sixties.  I also have some from later (seventies i think). As regards Joe Sr. it seems to be very difficult to find out anything. There is a website about the South Irish Horse, but information is very scarce apparently a lot of the records were destroyed during WW2. My Mum, (Lena) died in 1994, and my Dad a year later. I do remember trying on Uncle Austins sword and hat when i was about  8 years old. Where do you live now?   Justin
Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: Madbiker on Sunday 20 February 05 20:07 GMT (UK)
Hi Justin - I take it your surname is Coughlan?.
My mother Deirdre is still living in the same house on Newtown Park Avenue Blackrock.
I alway wondered where the sword and cap went to...... any chance of getting them back.
I remember stories of a pair of clowns having a battle on the front lawn....was that you or was it the two Moores boy's from Carlow
I live in a lovely village on the outskirts of Dublin called Leixlip (in County Kildare) 11 miles on the M4 heading west.  I work for a medical software company.
Dad died on the 11th of September 1995 (I think I got the year right). Where do you live, what do you work etc married, separated, divorced, any kids, we are expecting our first baby toward the end of April ... talk to you soon Austin
Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: rezzyrezz on Monday 21 February 05 11:01 GMT (UK)
Hi, yes,  surname is Coughlan. I live and work in Germany as a civilian employee for the U.S. Military in Heidelberg,  although how long that will last I have no idea. There is talk of pulling all the U.S. troops out of Germany (punishment for not joining in). I am married here and have a 14 year old son. My wife, Rita, is German.  I actually live in a small village about 40k from Heidelberg, very pleasant, especially in the summer, Heidelberg can be unbearably humid in August. I will look up any pics I have and mail them to you if you like. My email address is 

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 so you can contact me directly. Cheers, Justin
 p.s. Uncle Austin wouln't let me have the sword, it was dragging around behind me anyway!
Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: Potatoes on Wednesday 11 January 06 20:48 GMT (UK)
Hello I believe I am a relative of the Crowe family. My paternal grandmother was Annie Crowe of Tinryland parish. She is the daughter of the Joseph Crowe who worked for Clayton-Browne - I believe he was in charge of the Stable and was personally responsible for the care of the Major- General's saddle and tack which had to be polished 3 times a day -  each time he went to ride out. She herself worked on the Brownshill estate in the big house until her marriage. She married my grandfather William Whelan in the 1920's when she was in her 30s. They had 4 sons - Thomas died c1935 aged 11 of Diptheria; my father William deceased, Ned deceased and Patrick. Annie died in 1944 or 1945 of heart attack which she suffered in the parish church - she did manage to get home - Brownshill Road - where she died. She was about 50.

My father William Whelan( Bill or Billy) met with his cousins Mrs Claire Moore and her brother Austin Crowe at Mrs. Moore's home in the spring of 1994 or 95? sadly Austin died shortly afterwards. My father said that Mrs Moore said that he bore a striking resemblance to her father - my grandmother's brother.

My grandfather William Whelan was 25 - 30 years older than my grandmother Annie. His mother was called Catherine Begley of Pollerton Beg. My father told me that Pollerton Beg was a ruin when he was a boy in the thirties. My Grandfather was born c1860-65 . He had been an adventurer. He joined the British Army in 1888 after completing his apprenticeship as a Gardener. he served in India and in South Africa and was at the relief of Mafeking. He then left the army and worked as a policemen in Cork c.1902 but left to go to the Klondike. He got to Canada but instead of pursuing gold he joined the Mounties and served in that force until 1914 when he went to France enlisted in the Canadian Infantry. He was captured at the Somme aand gassed. he spent the rest of WWI as a pow in salt mine in Cracow run by the Germans. after the war he was discharged and settled briefly in Switzerland. Here he married his first wife, a Swiss national much younger than himself. Unfortunately she died and I believe the child she gave birth to also died. Sometime in the Twenties he returned to Carlow where he married Annie Crowe. He died c.1951

Of the Crowe family I knew that one of my grandmother's brothers went to Warrington Cheshire UK - his son may have been the first Lord Mayor of that town. Another of her brothers may have served in the Royal Navy? There was also a brother who bred polo ponies or horse. There was a brother called Frank and a brother called Joe who was a hunchback as consequence of a horseriding accident. My father seemed to think that one of his mother's brothers emigrated to Australia - could we be related to the Russell Crowe !?!

My father told me that the late Austin (Augustine) Crowe was adjutant general in the Irish Army and held high rank as did his brothers. Dad also told  me that Austin was an artist and a family historian who had tracked the Crowe family story back several centuries.
Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: Potatoes on Thursday 12 January 06 11:18 GMT (UK)
Upon overnight reflection I think that the Crowe men who emigrated to Warrington, Cheshire England and Australia and who possibly served in the RN, may have been uncles of Annie Crowe not her brothers. If memory serves me right the uncle who went to Warrington was another Austin Crowe married to a woman called Clare! It was their son who became the mayor of Warrington.

Are there more than two Joseph Crowe? The way I've told it there is grandfather, son and grandson all called Joseph. I do know for sure that Annie had a brother called Joe Crowe and that both her father (our great grandfather) and her brother(s)(your grandfather/ my great uncle) served in WWI.

With regard to Kate Begley, wife of Joseph Crowe and Catherine Begley, mother  of William Whelan, these must be two separate women. Catherine Begley of Pollerton Beg must have been born c.1830s or 1840s in order to give birth to my grandfather William Whelan in the 1860s.

Also have you any knowledge of some Crowe women who remained unmarried, working as nurses or matrons?

As my father is now dead and I have no contact with his Whelan relatives I am working from memory. All of Annie's sons eventually moved to England via different life journeys.
Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: Madbiker on Thursday 12 January 06 22:42 GMT (UK)
Hi There, I really enjoyed reading the content. I am not sure how we are related as I got lost some where with the Joe's - My Father had 3 brothers who were all in the Irish Army one was called Joe(The eldest). They all had a Father who was also called Joe (who worked on the estate) he also fought in WW1 and I managed to get his discharge papers   
I am Austin M Crowe son of Austin (Augustine) Crowe Snr.
I also came across a Book that my Father had called Warrington Ancient and Modern by you guessed it Austin M Crowe - it is also signed by the author. Yes you are correct my father has done a lot of research which is hand written in these thick ledger type books. I know one of my sisters was trying to type them up but has not got very far. I will get them off her and have a read to see what details are in his documents. What is your name? regards
Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: Potatoes on Thursday 12 January 06 23:19 GMT (UK)
Hello Austin, Thankyou for replying. My name is Karen Springer(neeWhelan). My father was William Joseph Whelan the second son of William and Annie(Anne) Whelan. They lived at no.5 Brownshill Road Carlow.

Annie was a Crowe and I believe an aunt or great aunt of Austin snr.

My father paid his last visit to Eire in Spring 1995. He was looking up old faces and places. Whilst there he spoke to a parish priest(Tinryland?) about the Whelan's and the Crowe's. The priest informed Dad that he had a cousin living still in Carlow - Mrs Clare Moore - and so an introduction was effected between them. During the visit your father arrived at Clare's house to meet my father. They all considered themselves to be 1st cousins. Austin's father being the brother of William's mother. if we are related then we are Second Cousins - we share a great-grandfather - the one that went to WWI ( Am I right in thinking that Clare and Austin are brother and sister?)

Annie was born c1893 and died c1944/45 does this fit in with dates for your grandfather dates - brothers and sisters often being born close to one another. I seem to remember that Clare's dad died in his fifties and a suggestion that the Crowe's of that generation had weak hearts. I think I may have seen a photo of Clare's father pushing Clare's children in a wheelbarrow. Also Austin gave my Dad a local history magazine called the Carlovian which I have still. The magazine contains pictures and references to Austin and his brothers as prominent military men.

I also have a book on Carlow Gentry which either Austin or Clare sent to him.

My Dad told me that he could not remember Austin or Clare as children that well. He thought that they may have been in a different parish and school as children. As my Dad and his brothers weren't that academic they would have gone to a different secondary school from Austin. Dad told me that Austin's mother was a very strong character who had challenged a parish priest over his refusal to allow Austin (and the other children?) into a particular school. She took the matter up with a government minister who gave her, her way - does that story ring any bells?

Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: Madbiker on Friday 13 January 06 19:05 GMT (UK)
Hi Karen,
There are bells ringing all right - But I think Annie had to be a sister of Joe Crowe Snr. ie My fathers Great Aunt. Yes Claire and Austin Snr were brother and sister. I have asked my sister Barbara for the papers to see what is in them and see where everybody is in the family tree. I will keep you posted on how I get on. Have you been over to see where your dad was brought up. by the way Claire is still alive - mind you she is in a nursing home - the rest of her family are still in Tinryland and around the carlow area. I do not recall meeting my dad's father i am not sure when he passed away. My own father died on the 11th nov 1996 so the dates seem to fit.
Do I take it you are living in Warrington - OH by the way i have photos of my grandfather your fathers mothers brother - It is a photo of him when he was in the South Irish Horse - I can send them to you if you like- let me know your email
Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: rezzyrezz on Tuesday 17 January 06 12:32 GMT (UK)
Hi, I just read your post. I'm a liittle confused. My maternal grandfather was Joseph Crowe, who worked for Maj. Clayton-Browne, but I don't remember any metion of Annie being a daughter of Joe. I have pics of all the family i the 20's in Graigecullen.I remember my mother Mary (Lena) mentioning an aunt Annie, so was she maybe Joe's sister?  Regards, Justin
Title: Re:Madbiker: Crowe family
Post by: Jhew83 on Wednesday 15 November 06 23:36 GMT (UK)
I have a republished copy of the book you are referring to on Warrington. The author Austin Matthew Crowe (mayor of Warrington 1933-35) is my great grandfather. It was reproduced with permission of his daughter Margaret who is my grandmother. I live in St Helens, Merseyside.
Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: noxas on Friday 20 March 09 11:01 GMT (UK)
Hi, i think I am part of the Crowe family. My grandfather`s name is Matthew Mark Crowe.I know he had a brother whose name I believe was Joseph or James .Sadly he died when I was quite young,so I never got around to ask anything about his father or mother,but I believe his father died while he was still very young , around the age of seven.Many of the names and place you all mention are very familiar to me.I hope some one can help fill in some of the gaps.One of the problems I have sadly is that all of the older generation on our side of the family have now passed on,so I have no one left to ask questions.
Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: rezzyrezz on Saturday 21 March 09 15:39 GMT (UK)
Hello. as you can see from the posts the Crowe family is a bit confusing. if you have any dates of birth or town names, that may be helpful. Did you parents / grandparents emigrate? If when, and to where? Sorry i cant be of much help, I've been quite out of the loop for a while.
Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: noxas on Wednesday 25 March 09 17:48 GMT (UK)
Hi I do not have an exact date, but Iwas told by my grandfather that he was19 at the turn of the year 1900,making his year of birth 1881.Going back to your point about a confusing family line,even the yearof birth may be a year out as I have his memorium card and it gave his age at his death as 85 ,he diedin 1967 this would make his year of birth 1882.However I hoping that my brother may be able to help me pin it down more accuratley ill keep you posted.
Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: noxas on Friday 12 June 09 14:33 BST (UK)
Hellow Rezzyrezz, I have at last found my grandfathers actual birth date.He was born on the 13th. December 1891.The date the birth was registerd was the 5th. January 1882.My grandfathers parents are Patrick Crowe and Catherine Crowe formerly Deegan.The family home is given as Brownes Hill. If you are still in mcontact with other members of th crowe family can you please let them know the above information hopefuly it may be of some  .
  Diarmuid.   :)
Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: aghadowey on Friday 12 June 09 15:50 BST (UK)
He was born on the 13th. December 1891.The date the birth was registerd was the 5th. January 1882. 
Perhaps born 13 Dec.1881?
Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: noxas on Saturday 13 June 09 10:17 BST (UK)
Hi,thanks for the correction,you are right the date of birth was the 13th. December 1881. I read that post several times and still did not notice the error.Once again thanks.
Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: nuala99 on Monday 18 October 10 19:53 BST (UK)
My name is Fionnuala (Nuala) Crowe i am one of Jim's grandchildren who died in 1999 one year off being 90. He had 4 children Lorraine, Olwen, Geraldine (my mother) and Damon, he was the brother to Joe, Austin, Harry, Claire, Lean and Eileen. Grandad married Kathleen Magee who live in Greystones in Weston house. Most of the childen still live there to this day apart from me and my mother as we live in tunbridge wells England. As the family in Greystones do not with to know me and mum. Mum knows lots about the family as grandad's father died of mustard gas as a result of fighting in WW1 & WW2 he was a groomsman, you can find a plack of his regiment up in West Minster Abby. Hope this is some help if you would like to know but the Crowe's on this side then feel free to ask about any thing.


P.S i have some photo's of gandad and his brothers as well gandad as a cadet.
Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: noxas on Tuesday 19 October 10 15:12 BST (UK)
Hello Nuala,welcome to rootschat,my name is Diarmuid Crowe,i like you live in England in a village near Leighton Buzzard,Bedfordshire.My grandfather is Matthew Mark Crowe,he was a cousin to Austin Crowe,who was a former lord Mayor of Warrington,which  means one of my grandfather`s brothers was Austins father,unfortunately i am no sure of how many brothers and sisters he had,What i can tell you is that my grandfather was born in 1881 at Browne's Hill,Carlow the large country estate owned by the Browne-Claytons.When he grew up he worked on the estate,i believe he also lived on the estate,he started as a footman and later became a coachman.I do have some old photos of grandad.i also know one of his brothers fought in WW1.
My situation is that i and my brother and cousins are now the older generation,so we have no elder relatives from which to gain further information.
Sorry to have been a bit long winded,i hope this is of some help.
           With regards Diarmuid.
Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: nuala99 on Wednesday 20 October 10 16:44 BST (UK)
thank you for reply, as far as i and my mother know Austin's father is Joe crowe who is my gandad's brother. your gandad is my great uncle as he was the father to my gandad jim (james) crowe as far as we know but this family has it's dark little secreats from my gandmother's generation and my uncle bernard and my mothers sister lorraine are not will to let any of the family to see the family tree. were not sure why i have asked him many of time to see it so i could find family that wouyld like to know me for who i am as they don't like inteference from outsider including me and my mum as we have minds of are own and don't follow there rules. also i was cast out as i'm speek my mind and dress the way i want to not there way. i am the youngest of this side of the crowe's and one of the last.

nuala x
Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: aghadowey on Wednesday 20 October 10 17:01 BST (UK)
It's lovely when family members find each other on Rootschat and can exchange information but please remember not to post details of living people here. It might also be best to share your problems offline since anyone can read your posts here. As long as you each have 3 posts you can use PM (personal message) system to do so.
Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: noxas on Wednesday 20 October 10 17:42 BST (UK)
Hello Nuala,

Thanks for that info that helps a lot,grandad died in 1967,he was just short of his 87th. birthday.I think i have found his parents,his father was Patrick Crowe and his mother was Catherine Crowe,i think they were marriedsome time around 1877,i think he was what was known as a herd,in todays language he would be a herdsman,i, employed man where as in the past may have had an employer or he may have worked his own herd.He later worked on the Brownes hill estate.
  Best wishes Diarmuid.
Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: noxas on Wednesday 20 October 10 17:45 BST (UK)
Hello Aghadowey,thanks for the reminder,will make sure not to include the living in my posts.
               Regards Diarmuid.
Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: noxas on Monday 25 October 10 18:05 BST (UK)
Hello Nuala,I have just read your post again,and though it may help if i told you the members my grandfathers family, children were my auntie Mary but was always called Baby by everyone,then there was my aunt Eileen,my uncle Eric,and lastly my father Thomas,but everyone called him Frank,so he was not the father of Jim Crowe,although i know there is a relationship to him,though not sure where the link is.
               With regards Diarmuid.
Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: graiguegirl on Saturday 27 November 10 18:36 GMT (UK)
hi to all crowes

i am NOT related to you BUT i am from and living in graiguecullen.  not sure if i remember the crowes or heard so much about them that i think i knew them.  they lived at the bottom of our street.  we lived in henry st. and they lived in marlborough st across from doogue's butchers. they were older than me but i still have memories of listening about them.  Anna
Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: Jack2227 on Sunday 28 November 10 11:11 GMT (UK)
Some 'away' records.

1891 Eng Cen;
Lancashire-Penketh-District 6

Crowe Matthew; head, married, 39, Railway signalman, Carlow
Ann; wife; 37, Dressmaker, Lancashire
Austin M; son; 6, Liverpool
Harold; son; 1, Lancashire
Justin J; son; 2, Lancashire.

1901 (same family & address)
Crowe Matthew; 49, Railway signalman
Annie; wife; 48
Austin M; son; 15, Clerk Iron works
Justin J; 12
Harold S; 11
Valeria; dtr; 8
New South Wales, Australia, Assisted Immigrant Passengers 1828-1896.

Crowe Ellen; 23, Carlow
Arrival; 1852
Vessel; Humbolt.
New South Wales Australia; Certificate of Freedom 1827-1867.

Date; 29/4/1835
Prisoner No; 29/2035
Name; Andrew Crowe
Ship; Larkhins
Year; 1829
Native place; Carlow
Trade; labourer
Offence; Stealing  Silver box
Trial; Kilkenny
Sentence; 7 years
Born; 1791
General remarks; Lost some front teeth.

Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: noxas on Wednesday 01 December 10 16:32 GMT (UK)
Hello Anna,and welcome to family mostly came from the Carlow area,my mum and dad came to England around 1944,and my grandad came over sometime after that maybe into the1950s
My family home was a place called Rosedale Cottage,Ballinacarrig,maybe you know of it,i would to find out exactly where it is,i have found tracing my Irish roots quite difficult  as there does not seem to be much access to records on the net especially parish records.
Once again welcome to Rootschat,and good luck with your search.
               With regards Diarmuid. :)
Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: noxas on Wednesday 01 December 10 16:42 GMT (UK)
Hello Jack,thanks for the information i know some of the family came to England in the late 19th. century and i know that they settled in the Lancashire area,so the information if it connects is very useful,the transportation bit is very interesting and i shall do somemore checking as this is an area i know nothing about.
            With my thanks,Diarmuid. :)
Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: maryrdoyle on Thursday 26 May 11 10:16 BST (UK)

Just having a look at the posts.   Perhaps I can shed some light.   I wonder if you are the son of Francis Crowe whose mother Lizzie lived in Rosedale cottage.   My mother was a Scully and I can fill you in on the connections if we think we are on the right track.

Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: noxas on Friday 27 May 11 14:37 BST (UK)
Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: Jack2227 on Wednesday 17 August 11 17:15 BST (UK)
St Mary's cemetery Carlow town.
Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: noxas on Friday 19 August 11 09:10 BST (UK)
Hello Seanmac,thank you  for the picture of the memorial stone for some of the Crowe family,i am going to Carlow next Tuesday for a few day's to do some research,so i shall go and pay my respect's.Once again thanks for your help.
                     With thank's,regard's Diarmuid. :)
Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: carlowmike on Saturday 23 March 13 09:09 GMT (UK)
I have published articles on growing up in Carlow by the late Austin Crowe, I am at present transcribing a 46 page copybook that Austin gave me in 1991 for publication. I hope to publish this on CarlowIGP site.
I would like to make contact with Austin's family.
Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: noxas on Sunday 31 March 13 12:06 BST (UK)
Hi Carlowmike,

Austin Crowe was a cousin of my father,like Austin and his brothers my father was in the Irish army for a period of time
If you would like to contact me further please do i only have a small knowledge of the family,but i can supply names of his parents and grand parents if that is of any help.

                With my regards,Diarmuid.
Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: carlowmike on Sunday 31 March 13 12:18 BST (UK)
email me:
I will forward information, mick

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Title: Crowe Family, Carlow, Ireland
Post by: Soraya Coughlan on Monday 10 June 13 15:13 BST (UK)
Hi, Im Soraya Coughlan, and I'm trying to find out as much as I can about the Crowe family from Carlow, Ireland. My grand mother was Mary Kate Crowe (Known as Lena). I believe there is a member on here called Madbiker who might be related to me somehow.. Any help would be great. Thankyou.. I am also researching the other side of my family, Coughlan. My grandfather Kieran Coughlan who was married to Mary Kate (named above) came from Palaskenry. :)
Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: Soraya Coughlan on Monday 10 June 13 15:45 BST (UK)
Hi everyone, I'm Soraya Coughlan, currently living in Australia, My grandmother was Mary Kate Crowe, (known as Lena), I have read all the posts and I'm trying to figure out where I fit in to all of this. Madbiker, I believe you have spoken to my Uncle, Justin Coughlan. I believe that we are somehow related. My father was Francis Coughlan and brother of Justin (above), son of Mary Crowe. Any help would be great :) Thankyou
Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: noxas on Wednesday 12 June 13 12:38 BST (UK)
Hello Soraya,

A lot of the posts on this thread are quite old so may not still be active i would imagine some of the other contributor's have either finished their research or are possibly using other forums.

I am part of the Crowe family, and my Name is Diarmuid, and will be glad to help you in any way I can.If you would like to contact me I will try to supply any information I can.

                            With my regards,Diarmuid
Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: sarah on Monday 06 October 14 13:47 BST (UK)
Hi Diarmuid,

I am very sorry but Rezzyrezz emails are no longer working. I have done a little search but I have not been able to find him.


Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: noxas on Monday 06 October 14 19:16 BST (UK)
Hello Sarah,

Thanks for your efforts on my behalf, I have to say I though it may be something of a long shot but also worth a try.
Once again thanks.

                   Regards Diarmuid.
Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: noxas on Monday 20 October 14 17:09 BST (UK)
Hello Sarah,

I was wondering if any of the other contributors to this strand are still connected to this site, if so I would be keen to try to contact them if that is at all possible and if they were happy for me to do so, once again thanks for you previous assistance.

                             With kind regards Diarmuid.
Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: scruppy007 on Friday 09 June 17 16:29 BST (UK)
Hi all, my name is Dylan, and I have had some trouble with my Irish ancestry. My most recent Crowe relative, who lived in Carlow her whole life, was Ellen Crowe, born 1872, to James Crowe, born 1841, and Catherine Hickey, born 1851. She was also the granddaughter of a Pat Crowe. This is all I really know about her and my older relatives know about her. Ellen Crowe married a William Alton King and had 9 kids with him. Let me know if anyone has any information. Thank you! You can view my family tree on here:
Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: Sinann on Sunday 11 June 17 00:36 BST (UK)
Welcome to RootsChat Dylan,
Not everyone has a subscription to Ancestry so it would be better to post a bit more information.
I can see a birth of an Ellen Crowe to James Crowe and Catherine Hickey in 1872 on IrishGenealogy but it is registered in Tipperary.
Have you got your Ellen's birth cert and have you found her and William King in the 1911 Census?
Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: dathai on Sunday 11 June 17 09:05 BST (UK)
If this is them not all the info you supplied matches


Appears to be William Bernard King and Ellen Crowe
Marriage 1893
William's parent's are Bernard and Sarah decd
Ellen's parent's are James and Bridget,Coal Market,Carlow

Edward born 1915

unknown male born 1900 at Wentworth Place

possible birth for William as unknown 1869 at Bridwell Lane son of Bernard a policeman and Sarah Fagan
Title: Re: Crowe family
Post by: Sinann on Sunday 11 June 17 09:49 BST (UK)
That's the family I looking at as well dathai, if it is the right Ellen she does say in both Census born Carlow so it would be good to see where her mother's name was found.
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Post by: dathai on Sunday 11 June 17 10:13 BST (UK)
I thought it might be these

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Post by: dathai on Sunday 11 June 17 11:06 BST (UK)
3 Baptisms
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Post by: scruppy007 on Wednesday 14 June 17 00:15 BST (UK)
Hi! Thank you for this information, but somethings seem different. I spoke to one of their grandchildren recently, and she gave me some information about them. This is probably one of the most confusing part of my ancestry, because William King, my 2nd great grandpa, was the heir to some large amount of money, but rejected it, and his mother's family disowned her. So I can't find much on him, but these things give me some information on his parents. Thank you! Also, I'm not sure if my relative told me this or not, but from the information I was given, William King's middle name I believe was Alton, but she may have gotten this off, since she remembers the stories better than the facts. This is the only other difference I can find. This is extremely helpful! Also, would you know if this Crowe family of mine is related to all of your Crowe family members? This would seem likely, since they lived in the same town and they had the same name. Thank you so much this advances my research so much!
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Post by: Sinann on Wednesday 14 June 17 01:20 BST (UK)
You didn't say where you got the names for Ellen's parents.
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Post by: scruppy007 on Thursday 20 July 17 07:03 BST (UK)
Hi! Sorry for the long response. Ellen's parents names were James and Catherine Crowe (nee Hickey) and they both lived in Tipperary. Ellen's siblings were Margaret, Bridget, Josephine, Catherine, Patrick, and Anne. Also I got her parents names from Ellen's Baptism certificate (Image Unavailable) and a 1901 census, which is where I got the names of her siblings (I found this piece of info on the National Archives of Ireland Site). Do any of these names connect us together? Hope to hear back soon.

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Post by: Sinann on Thursday 20 July 17 11:28 BST (UK)
It doesn't look like most of the people who posted about their Crowe families are still using this site.

We would still like to help you if we can but the information you have posted is very confusing.

In your first post you said Ellen lived in Carlow all her life but now you are saying her parents are from Tipperary.
You haven't said where or what year for the baptism.
You haven't said where the family showing her siblings are in 1901.
You also don't seem to be sure of William King's middle name which sounds like you haven't got Certs of his marriage or children.

It would be better to start which the birth cert of the King child that you are descended from and work back from there to be sure you are following the correct family.
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Post by: David Ryan on Sunday 25 February 18 21:49 GMT (UK)
Hi I found a Joseph Crowe records for carlow on And Kate begley is on it also as Catherine bigley you might think that's different begley but what I learn is that bigley and begley can all be one as my great grandfather change how we spell it but his mother would of spelled it bigley as would the rest of them would back than oh see married Richard bigley (begley)