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Title: Johns(t)on
Post by: cherry on Sunday 05 December 04 20:17 GMT (UK)
I have managed to get as far back as Peter Johnson born Vaw, Unst 1804 who married Catherine Sinclair Unst and had 5 children - one my ancestor Elizabeth Barbara Johnston moved to Liverpool.  Does anyone know anything more about them?  I have tracked back to her great grandfather but cannot fin our about the women or the Johns(t)on side.

Also is nayone out there related to them?
Title: Re: Johns(t)on
Post by: terry58 on Thursday 19 April 07 08:35 BST (UK)
Hi Cherry
I have just started to research my family and this might help -
Laurence Johnson & Jean Sutherland married 30/07/1849 at Unst, I know of one son Daniel (grandfather) DoB 20/08/1863 married Catherine Manson of Tingwell. They then moved on to Aberdeenshire with their two sons.
Title: Re: Johns(t)on
Post by: beagle60 on Thursday 10 May 07 12:43 BST (UK)
Hello I have relations Johnston who originated in Shetland. It may be another branch of the family though - they seem to come from Walls, although married others from North Mavine. I have a John Johnston b 1September 1808
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Post by: runningbear on Thursday 05 July 07 12:44 BST (UK)
hi terry,

had a wee look at your post, i see that earlier records for the johnson family are submitted on the igi's but daniel's family are extracted, so that is good news.

firstly, you already know the marriage date for laurence, but did you know the children's details?

elizabeth jameson...11/12/1855(magical year(
thomasina sutherland...28/12/1858
james william...23/3/1866
thomas fraser...29/4/1868
margaret clark...17/11/1870
robert robertson...29/5/1873

are you aware that laurence was the son of daniel/donald and barbara jameson?

seemily they married on the 23/1/1817

johnston children from marriage (all submitted)

betsy forres...24/3/1834

i hope this is of some help my friend

always searching

Title: Re: Johns(t)on
Post by: stuartroxy on Wednesday 30 December 09 19:34 GMT (UK)
Long time since this thread was added to:

This site gives some details of Catherine Sinclair and her family:

Title: Re: Johns(t)on
Post by: seeker49 on Thursday 23 September 10 09:32 BST (UK)
Hello Cherry,
I am also related to Elizabeth Barbara Johnston born in Vaw Unst - she is my Great Grandmother. She married Alfred William Shreeve in 1874. How are you related to her?
Title: Re: Johns(t)on
Post by: AsH62 on Thursday 12 January 12 16:02 GMT (UK)
I have just traced my great great grandmother back to the Shetlands. She was Margaret Crawford Johnston 1834-1915. She was born in Shanwick but moved to Edinburgh on her marriage to William Inglis 1833-1902. My grandmother always talked about her roots in Shetland and her middle name was Johnston. Margaret Crawford was one of nine children many of whom left for new lives in countries such as USA and New Zealand. I want to find out more about her family and what they did and how they lived in the Shetlands.
I think that her mother was Willamina Crawford 1814 who married James Johnson 1804 from Lerwick
If any of this is familiar to anyone I would love to have any more information about the family