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Title: Taylor and Tayleur
Post by: SH100 on Saturday 24 October 09 23:26 BST (UK)
The Tayleur/Taylor family lived in Shropshire in places such as Cherrington, Bolas, Edgmond, Longford and Crudgington.  I am interested in knowing more about this family particularly about Richard Taylor of Cheswell & Leasowes.
Title: Re: Taylor and Tayleur
Post by: CaroleW on Sunday 25 October 09 00:17 BST (UK)

What years are involved here?

What info do you already have - census - BMD etc etc so we don't duplicate what you already know

With a surname like Taylor you would need to give a lot more info - particularly christian names - and also tell us exactly what additional info you are looking for
Title: Re: Taylor and Tayleur
Post by: SH100 on Sunday 25 October 09 00:31 BST (UK)
Richard Taylor was born 1771 and died 1843 - I have a copy of his will and a very detailed family tree for the Taylor and Tayleur families dating from about 1550.  I am descended through the Taylor family.  The Tayleur line lived for many years at Buntingsdale Hall near Market Drayton.  It's difficult to know where to start in terms of the information I have but if anybody is related in the Shropshire Taylors and recognises the place names I have mentioned I would be very interested to hear from them.  I'll post some more information shortly because I would like to trace more information about their farms and other property.
Title: Re: Taylor and Tayleur
Post by: bristolloggerheads on Sunday 25 October 09 17:00 GMT (UK)
I think every Shropshire town and village had at least one family of Taylors!

Peter Taylor

(From the Benthall / Broseley Taylors)
Title: Re: Taylor and Tayleur
Post by: SH100 on Sunday 25 October 09 18:33 GMT (UK)
You are right, Peter, it's nealy as bad as tracing my Davies family!  The good news is that the family didn't seem to be very adventurous and stayed in the same villages for many generations.

I have reason to believe that my Taylors were connected to Geoffrey le Taylur of Rodington in about 1250 but some of that trail is supposition.  I have been looking at some of the old records and love the fact that he was also known as Geoffrey le Cissor  :).

I would love to find some other descendants of my Taylor family.  They had such large families and yet the names do eventually die out.  At the moment I can't even trace any living descendants through the female line other than my direct family.  :(

Title: Re: Taylor and Tayleur
Post by: ValsGranddaughter on Tuesday 27 October 09 22:03 GMT (UK)
Hello - I am directly descended from the Tayleurs of Longdon-upon-Tern and Roddington through Creswell Tayleur (9th great grandpa), father of the first John of Roddington.   Cressy's son (another Creswell) moved into Great Bolas in the mid-1600s.  However, as far as I can gather, there is no connection between Tayleurs and Taylors as descendants of the same family. (I've also been informed that Tayleur is even pronounced differently in Shropshire - more like 'ta-lew-er' - but how true this is, I don't know  :))

The Tayleurs traced down so far have all kept the odd spelling, but it may well be that others have slipped the net and adopted the more normal spelling.  The Tayleurs married into my Pigots (also from Salop) and one of our last bearers of the Tayleur name was the Rev John Tayleur Pigot of Fremington in Devon who died aged 91 in 1912.  Tayleur kept cropping up as a middle name in a few branches of my family - but as I say, it was always spelled 'funny'  :)

If I can help in any way, please let me know.
Title: Re: Taylor and Tayleur
Post by: SH100 on Wednesday 28 October 09 06:16 GMT (UK)
This is most interesting and I am delighted to hear from you - thank you. ;D

I have taken a look at my family tree and I can see "the first John of Roddington" and his father, Cresswell Tayleur on it.  I believe that Cresswell's father was John Tayleur of Longdon & Great Bolas and that he married a Margaret Cresswall.  I also have a reference that there is a will dated 1601; I don't have a copy of the will but I can trace my references back to it if you are interested.

I believe that it was this John Tayleur that appears on the Visitation to Shropshire 1623 as the son of another John Tayleur, who married Ann, the daughter of David Jenks.  Interestingly I think Jenks is a variant of Juckes, another family that I am interested in. (Do you know more?)  John and Ann had four sons and two daughters.  The eldest son Richard Tayleur is, I believe, my 8x great-grandfather.

Presumably you have the information about Geoffrey Le Tayleur and Agatha already since you mention Roddington and Longdon.  If not, please ask.

Richard Tayleur is described as "Gent of Cherrington" and I believe it was Cherrington Manor (purportedly the House That Jack Built) that was then passed down through the generations of Taylor.  I don't know if they owned it or if they were tenant farmers.  I am interested in knowing more about this house, which then seems to have passed into the Juckes family in the 1800s.

My Taylor family bought various land and property from your Tayleur family (the "first John of Roddington" had a younger brother called Cresswell Tayleur and the land came from this line of your family) in the 1800s and it is this land that I am currently interested in learning more about.  I have various property deeds but would like to find more.

Oh yes, the pronounciation of Tayleur is indeed "Tay-lew-er" in Shropshire! :)

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Post by: ValsGranddaughter on Wednesday 28 October 09 07:24 GMT (UK)
Hi Susan - this is indeed wonderful, and I'm sure we can help each other if we work together here.

You mention a will in 1601?  Now then, although I have recently seen published info on the pedigree of the Tayleurs, I had been going along collecting my own documents on them and I have arrived at the man I believe to be my 10th great grandfather, John Tayleur (as you say, Creswell's father) whose will I have but it is 1639, not 1601.  I am sure this is the right man because he is a gent of Longdon and Meeson and Creswell is named as his son and heir in the will.  At the time John drew up the will (1638) Creswell is young and only had two daughters, so John  Tayleur of Roddington (who seems to marry Laetitia Skrymshire) is probably either still in the womb, or a twinkle in Cressy's eye  :) 

And yes, Cressy the first (if we can call him that?) does have a son Cressy, my 8th great grandad!  From there on in they are found in the Great Bolas registers.  John his brother dips into Bolas to have his first child baptised, so you're right that there is a connection between the two places.  Cressy the first may have married Anne Steventon, and then later a widow, Jane Endley, but I have yet to confirm the Steventon, as it is on the IGI index and I haven't double-checked yet.  The second Creswell (8th great grandad) marries a Susannah Holland firstly, but she dies and he goes on to marry an Abigail, whose surname I have yet to discover.  He appears in the registers of Great Bolas, and the vicar makes a great fuss every time a child of his is baptised, calling him 'my generous patron Mr. Creswell Tayleur' etc.  The vicar even lists the time of day he died!

If you want to PM me with your e-mail address - mine is (*) - we can get together on this.  I am certainly interested in the Margaret Cresswell lady, because this would account for Cressy's odd name!  I certainly wouldn't mind helping you to sort out your Richard  :)  And there also seems to be 'an extra' Creswell whom I can't account for, who is in the Shrewsbury area concurrent with my lot, so we could get our heads together here.

I look forward to hearing from you, Susan  :) 

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Title: Re: Taylor and Tayleur
Post by: SH100 on Wednesday 28 October 09 16:28 GMT (UK)

Good to hear from you again - I will certainly send a PM and will forward copies of any of the documents you are interested in.   I thought I should also respond to some of the things here to maintain the thread for anybody else "listening in".

I need to go back to my files re the 1601 will to check the date but it may be that this is the will of Margaret Tayleur (nee Creswell or Creswall) not John.  I have a note that John Tayleur her husband died about 1638 and this would fit with your information that he left a will dated 1639 and therefore I too am sure that you have the right John.

I have six generations of Creswell Tayleurs!  John's second son, the first Creswell Tayleur, and heir (there was an elder son called John who died young) was born in 1601 and died 1670.  Did Margaret die in childbirth perhaps?

The Creswell Tayleur that you describe as young and only having two daughters was John's second grandson who was born 1647 (at Meeson Hall) and died 1710.  [Meeson Hall is a located just outside Great Bolas.]  John Tayleur's elder grandson, also called John Tayleur (of Roddington) married Letitia Skrymshire - I have that he was born 1639 (at Longdon) and died 1704.

I think it was the first Creswell (b 1601) who married Anne Steventon, and I think it was the second Creswell (b 1639) who married Jane Endley.  I think his second wife was Susannah Holland and his third wife was Abigail - like you I don't know what Abigail's surname was yet.  I love your comment that the vicar appears to have made a great fuss of Creswell Tayleur, the family would have been a very important one, particularly in Great Bolas village society and the Tayleur family probably owned the patronage of the church!

Creswell and Abigail had lots of children including Creswell, John and William.  I know nothing much about John and William apart from their baptism record.  Creswell (the 3rd) was born 1688, died 1758 and he married Martha Wilding, they in turn had a son called Creswell Tayleur and so on.  The last Creswell Tayleur died unmarried in 1819 and it was at this time that the estate was first divided between his four sisters and then sold onwards.

It's all very complicated....!  :-\  I'll send you some papers and we can swap notes.

Title: Re: Taylor and Tayleur
Post by: ValsGranddaughter on Wednesday 28 October 09 19:19 GMT (UK)
Susan, you are a miracle - and it's not complicated to me, having the long line of Creswells down to our very own Creswell Pigot, grandson of Creswell Tayleur and Phillis Walker - Phew! This Cressy Pig was the brother of my 4xgreat grandpa John Pigot who went off to Jamaica to start a plantation, but it seemed to fail and he saw out his days there as a customs official. I do need to sort out the first couple of Creswells though - like you say.  When there are only registers it is difficult to see which Cressy has the honour of being the father of the one who married Martha - who is again definitely mine.  I didn't know she was Wilding either, so you've given me a grandma's name!  We can carry on by e-mail, and perhaps we can update this thread for others as we sort out your Richard, and any other Tayleur/Taylors who may come on board  :)

Thanks so much Susan...I'm getting quite excited by the thought of a few more pieces fitting together in my Tayleur jigsaw.
Title: Re: Taylor and Tayleur
Post by: Aotearoa on Monday 28 June 10 22:02 BST (UK)
I am looking for details of yet another Cresswell Tayleur, born 26 Dec 1814 and baptised on 22 Jan 1815 at St. Alkmund, Shrewsbury, Shropshire [IGI based on parish records], who ended up marrying one of the siblings of my great-grandfather on a date unknown. His wife was Lucy Maria Stowell (1843-1891), daughter of Canon Hugh Stowell, who was based in Salford, Manchester. This Cresswell died before his wife, and there is a GRO entry for Dec quarter 1867 in Birmingham which could be his. I would like to find out when and where they married, where they lived, and whether they had any children before he popped his clogs. He was possibly a solicitor. Lucy Maria died at Dulwich. Any info which you have would be most welcome.
Title: Re: Taylor and Tayleur
Post by: SH100 on Tuesday 29 June 10 21:55 BST (UK)
You were probably as surprised as I was to see how many Creswell Tayleurs are actually listed on the IGI records.  I imagined that with a name like that there would be very few, and I still can't believe that they aren't all related in some way.  :-\

I haven't researched them in detail and hopefully "ValsGranddaughter" can tell you more than me.  I was investigating the Tayleur family for property connections rather than the family tree per se.  ValsGranddaughter is a direct descendant of the Cresswell Tayleurs mentioned in the earlier postings, whilst I am descended from the first Cresswell Tayleur's Uncle Richard.  I also know that the spelling between Taylor and Tayleur can be interchangeable.

I also suspect the first Creswell Tayleur's daughter, Margaret Tayleur, married a John Taylor as shown on the Cheshire Visitation.  I suppose they could have had descendants named Creswell Taylor, but I ahven;t explored this family at all.

I have checked my family trees and cannot see any obvious connection to either the St Chad's or the St Alkmund's Cresswell Tayleurs. (By this I mean that I cannot see any obvious male sibling lines on my charts that haven't been followed right through and there is no mention of these Creswells.)  I have also taken a quick look at the IGI postings and have made some comments below.     You are welcome to send me an IM and I can give you more information about the ones I know about, but as a starting point I think your best bet is to explore the ones that I don't know anything about.

Taking the IGI records for "Creswell Tayleur" in turn, the ones I don't know about are as follows:

Birth about 1614, son of John Tayleur and Margaret Creswell - I know about John and Margaret and therefore I think this record is eroneous.  Margaret Creswell died in 1601; I have a copy of her will.

Birth/christening 19 Sept 1677, London to Isaac and Elizabeth.  Whilst it seems unlikely that a London family is linked to Shrewsbury, you should be aware that one of my Shropshire Cresswell Tayleurs married his wife in Westminster Abbey.  The Bolas Magna Tayleur's were reasonably wealthy - Barristers and Clerics in the main, but also marrying into well known Shropshire families.  It is possible therefore that if your Creswell Tayleur is related to ours, albeit a long way back, he too may have come from a wealthy family.

Similarly I know nothing about the christening 30 Aug 1693 at St James Clerkenwell son of Isaac & Elizabeth - did their first son named Creswell born 1677 die young?

Christening 02 June 1693 at Upton Magna, son of Thomas and Ann - this location fits best with a potential Shrewsbury family.

Birth 26 Feb 1707 in London to Thomas and Cecilia - same comments as above

Birth 1711 of Bowles Magna - this is another eroneous entry - I think the correct baptism date is 1721.

Marriage 15 Oct 1769, Marylebone, to Sophia Brill

Christening 26 Dec 1779, St Chad's Shrewsbury to Creswell and Elizabeth - see below

Christening 22 Jan 1815, St Alkmund, Shrewsbury to Creswell and ELizabeth.  Based on dates, I don't think this could be a second (repalcement) son for the previous entry. Were there two generations of Creswell and Elizabeths?

Marriage 17 June 1788, Frodesley to Ann Lawley - again this location fits reasonably with Shrewsbury.

Christening 9 Oct 1838, Toxteth Park, son of William Holbrook Tayleur and Emma Elizabeth.

Christening 25 July 1844, Surrey, son of William Holbrook Tayleur and Emma ELizabeth - at first I thought this may be a replacement son, but then the dates don't fit with the 1881 census which indicates the 1838 date is more likely to be correct.  ???

Marriage 26 Aug 1839, Birmingham to Sarah Wilkinson - could this be the Creswell who you found a burial record for in Birmingham?

I am sorry I can't be more helpful
Title: Re: Taylor and Tayleur
Post by: SH100 on Wednesday 30 June 10 06:47 BST (UK)
Hello John

You may have seen this website already:
Towards the bottom of the list of names you will see it shows Lucy Stowell married to Cresswell J Tayleur, which appears to be the Lancashire born Cresswell (presumably born circa 1838 - please see earlier comments).  This birth date for Cresswell fits better with your Lucy Maria Stowell (1843-1891).  Please see what you think.
Title: Re: Taylor and Tayleur
Post by: Aotearoa on Friday 02 July 10 09:07 BST (UK)
A bit more work has sorted things out somewhat. This is what I have found, though it remains to be my Cresswell John Tayleur was born in Liverpool, not Shropshire.

In 1861 Cresswell John Tayleur, aged 24, unmarried and an articled clerk,  is a visitor at the house of Chas. Blaney Trevor Roper in Plas Teg Mansion, Wrexham and Mold Road, Hope, Denbeighshire, Wales. In 1871 he is at Newton Abbott, Devonshire, aged 33 (so born 1837/38) and a solicitor, born in Liverpool. Also present are his wife Lucy M., aged 27, and her sister Emily M. Stowell, unmarried, aged 22. There are two servants, but no sign of any children [1871 England census, RG10, piece 2089, folio 76, p.13]. In 1881 he is at Leighamslot(?) Rd., Streatham, London, aged 43 and Lucy aged 37, with just one servant [1881 England census, RG11, piece 667, folio 129, p.6]. So he must have married between 1861 and 1871. There is a Creswell Jno. Tayleur, son of Wm Houlbrook Tayleur and Emma Elizabeth, who was born on 04 Apr 1838 and baptised on 09 Oct 1838 at the English Presbyterian Church, Toxteth Park, Liverpool [IGI based on church records 1778-1837, microfilm of original records at the PRO, London, film 560887, item 4].  The marriage of Cresswell John Tayleur and Lucy Maria Stowell was registered in 1869 [GRO marriage index, Jun quarter 1869, Barton, vol.8c, p.577].

A William Houlbrooke Tayleur married Emma Heathcote on 07 May 1835 at the parish church of Stoke on Trent [IGI based on parish records, film 435056].
Title: Re: Taylor and Tayleur
Post by: SH100 on Friday 02 July 10 19:29 BST (UK)
Hello John

I am pleased that you seem to be making progress.

I found this website reference as well which may help you

The Cresswell entry is difficult to spot but it if your drag the cursor down about 1.5cm from the top and look for the "Entrants in August 1851" you will see the following entry:

"Tayleur Cresswell John, son of William Houlbrooke Tayleur, Esq. Oaklands, Torquay, aged 13, April 3 School"

Good luck
Title: Re: Taylor and Tayleur
Post by: wtayleur on Monday 05 July 10 09:53 BST (UK)

I'm a Tayleur and may be able to help - don't think there was any link with Taylors, but willing to be proved wrong.  Those victorian aunts did family trees going back a long way, and with as many (spurious, probably) royal connections as possible but Galfred le Taylur in Rodington seems to be the earliest probable Tayleur descendant.

The Liverpool ones were started by Charles, who went into partnership with Stephenson and founded the Vulcan Foundry, ultimately English Electric then GEC.  Other Tayleurs ventured down to Devon in the early 1800's.  The Shropshire Tayleurs sold Buntingsdale in about 1921; my grandfather, Henry, was executor - there were deaths in the Great War which my father told me attracted double death duties. Buntingsdale and  Tern Hall were RAF for many years and from the 20s to the 70s.

Anybody who is a Tayleur is related, I assume.
Title: Re: Taylor and Tayleur
Post by: SH100 on Monday 05 July 10 19:50 BST (UK)
Hello wtayleur - it's good to hear from you.   I suspect the spelling of Taylor and Tayleur was open to the interpretation of the scribe particularly when we are tracing lines back to small country villages in the 1500s.

I note you say that the Liverpool Tayleur's started with Charles.  Presumably this is Charles Tayleur born 28.12.1774, son of Willliam Tayleur and Martha Bowen.  I believe he married Jane, daughter of John Hill of Liverpool.  I see from my charts that this Charles had children called: William, John, Charles, Henry, Edward, Mary and Jane.  Was one of these male Tayleur's the father of the William Houlbrook Tayleur that John mentioned ? (I haven't researched any further down this line since it isn't my direct line.) :-\

I see this Charles died in Torquay in 1854, which fits perfectly with the address listed in the Rugby School records.  Is this the link that John is looking for? :)
Title: Re: Taylor and Tayleur
Post by: SH100 on Monday 05 July 10 20:07 BST (UK)

I think we have found the connection you need but it will need checking out properly since it is only as reliable as the personal entries on the IGI, which shows William Houlbrook Tayleur born 4 Jan 1803 and baptised 11 Jan 1811 in Liverpool, son of Charles Tayleur and Jane Hill.

Assuming the IGI is correct, I can help you with earlier information if you want to IM me but you are porbably much more closely related to wtayleur.

Good Luck!
Title: Re: Taylor and Tayleur
Post by: Aotearoa on Tuesday 06 July 10 08:20 BST (UK)
What I would now be interested to know is whether the Liverpool born Cresswell John Tayleur (1838-?), and Lucy Maria Stowell (1842-1891), had any children, though I suspect they did not.
Title: Re: Taylor and Tayleur
Post by: bristolloggerheads on Tuesday 06 July 10 18:21 BST (UK)
327/2/2/91/1 at Shropshire Archives
Date 1 Aug 1666
Marriage settlement - Tayleur
1. Creswell Tayleur of Meeson
2. Walter Story of Littlehales and Thomas Smith of Admaston
3. Thomas Tayleur, second son of the said 1., and Rachell his wife
In consideration of the marriage already had between TT and RT; 1. grants a messuage and tenement with all lands, hereditaments and appurtenances in the township of Great Bolas to 2. for the term of their natural lives, to hold upon a number of trusts and uses.

Title: Re: Taylor and Tayleur
Post by: SH100 on Tuesday 06 July 10 20:37 BST (UK)
Thank you, Peter.  The Great Bolas property information is very interesting.  :)  Do you know which land was granted to Thomas in Great Bolas?  I had this Thomas and his son Thomas marked down as "of Longdon on Tern".   Do you know anything else about Thomas and his family line, please?
Title: Re: Taylor and Tayleur
Post by: bristolloggerheads on Tuesday 06 July 10 20:46 BST (UK)
I ventured down this line awhile back - all my ancestors were called Thomas Taylor! I suggest you search for Tayleur on the Shropshire Archives Online Catalogue - there's plenty there relating to this line.
Title: Re: Taylor and Tayleur
Post by: Davirv on Wednesday 09 February 11 21:28 GMT (UK)
I am descended from the Tayleur family of Shropshire and Devon.  My great grandmother was born a Tayleur.  There are no Tayleurs remaining with their surname.  If you would like to know about them I can help you.
Title: Re: Taylor and Tayleur
Post by: simoncartlidge on Tuesday 03 January 12 23:39 GMT (UK)
Hi everyone,
I'm working with a local group trying to save an old national school from demolition. We're busy at the moment trying to research the history of the building and have a record for the managers of the school in the 1840's-50's, one of them named as H. Tayleur of Buntingsdale Hall. We're desperate to trace more history of the family and in particular the members of the family who lived at Buntingsdale. If anyone has any information it would be great if you could help out. We know so far that William Tayleur became MP for Bridgewater in his late 20's and Charles Tayleur moved to Warrington, founded the Vulcan Engineering Works and helped build the Menai Bridge before moving on to ships. He was the builder of the White Star Line's 'original Titanic' RMS Tayleur. We'd love to know where these two fit in to the family and of the connection they or other members had with the local community and especially the old national school.
Thanks in advance for any help.
Title: Re: Taylor and Tayleur
Post by: SH100 on Wednesday 04 January 12 07:44 GMT (UK)

I have lots of information and will help you as much as I can.  What timescales are you working to?
Title: Re: Taylor and Tayleur
Post by: SH100 on Wednesday 04 January 12 07:45 GMT (UK)
Which school is it you are trying to save?  Is it in the Shropshire area?
Title: Re: Taylor and Tayleur
Post by: simoncartlidge on Wednesday 04 January 12 10:17 GMT (UK)
Thanks so much,

It's the Little Drayton National School as was, more recently Little Drayton Community Centre. We're not sure how much the Tayleur connection might help but we're trying to chase every lead possible at the moment. As a group we've been working since August to try and reopen the building as the hub of the community but found out the week before Christmas that the county council have decided to sell to a developer. We're hoping if we can build up enough information on the building and its history we may still be able to raise enough interest with regards to its historical importance that we may still be able to save it. As part of the connection to the Tayleurs we know that they used Samuel Pountney Smith as architect for remodeling work to Buntingsdale Hall and that he was also the architect for Christ Church just across the road from the school building. With H. Tayleur being named a manager of the school around the time of its opening and the similarity of the building to other national schools built by Samuel Pountney Smith we're wondering if we actually have one of his 'lost' works. The school building itself is on Buntingsdale Road just over a mile from Buntingsdale Hall.
Title: Re: Taylor and Tayleur
Post by: Davirv on Wednesday 04 January 12 18:44 GMT (UK)
What would you like to know about H Tayleur?  I think it is probably William Houlbroke Tayleur who was very wealthy.  He was my 4 x ggf.
How can I help?
Title: Re: Taylor and Tayleur
Post by: sarteur on Thursday 05 January 12 10:07 GMT (UK)
Hello - just joined this forum.  Firstly, Davirv - I am a Tayleur, as is my elder brother, was my sister, are my sons, is my niece.  So there are still Tayleurs around - we are from the Shropshire not the Devon (a later offshoot) side.  After Buntingsdale Hall was sold (1922?) my Grandfather (Henry) lived in Martley, Worcs until his death in 1958.  My father lived in London, then retired to Alderney in the Channel Islands.  He was the author of the Penguin Book of Home Brewing and Winemaking (if you put Tayleur into google you will find that and the RMS Tayleur as the most common results).  Certainly Little Drayton School, as well as many other community projects (local hospital, Luittle Drayton Church etc etc) were supported by the family from the 18th century, when they moved to Buntingsdale.  You should also note that pretty well all male Tayleurs were John or William (those are my brother and my names; and both my son, the elder using John, the younger also called William - my father was William Henry Treby ( from Ouarry Treby, an 18/19th C acestor); I am William Henry Brian.  These things go in families.  My Bro still has family portraits of Tayleurs by Lely, Kneller and others dating back to the 17th C.

That's probably enough for now (apart from saying the Tayleur Arms in Longdon has changed its history to reflect the RMS Tayleur rather than the local family - and Charles left Shropshire for Liverpool and the creation of the Vulcan Foundry with Stephenson after the pub started...)

Do contact me if you want more info - from a definite Tayleur
Title: Re: Taylor and Tayleur
Post by: DeadVicarsInc on Saturday 25 March 17 12:51 GMT (UK)
Hi guys, I feel a bit of an imposter amongst you Tayleurs.  ::)

I was wondering if someone would mind lending me a helping hand to understand the links between the Tayleurs and the Pigots of Hodnet.

I'm aware of links to the Tayleurs mainly through the existence of Rev John Tayleur Pigot (1821-1912) who was the 4th son of Thomas Pigot (1778-1840). It is actually his two brothers, Edward (1819-1905) and Henry Septimus Pigot (1826-1901), who I'm interested in, as they both served as clergy in Bolton.

I'm exploring some of the 'clergy dynasties' of the 19th century that have direct links to Bolton (my much loved home town and a source of endless fascination).

I'm struggling to research the Pigots. Census search hits are limited, IGI non-existent, and seemingly next-to-no internet interest in them. (Wow, I can pick 'em!) So—please, please, please—any assistance to move forward on the Tayleur link would be absolutely brilliant. Help!!  :'(