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Title: Spain Family
Post by: russpain on Thursday 03 December 09 07:59 GMT (UK)
The Spain family in NZ.

Read this and if you can find a link ,post it.
I am also looking in "Kent" for links to the Spains.

Thomas George was my G-father

The Spain family, as far as we know, lived in Kent England and were farm labourers.
The earliest documents show their signatures as crosses so it is fair to say that they were not royalty.
The earliest names we have at this time are EDMOND Spain who was married to MARY ANN (nee GOODCHILD).
Their son CHARLES EDWARD Spain was born in Great Mongeham in the county of Kent on the 23 November 1857.
Charles (20) was an able seaman and was much traveled before he married FANNY MAY ELISABETH HAMMOND (18) at the parish church, Whitfield Kent on the 26th February 1877. Both Fanny and Charles signed their names with a cross on their marriage certificate.
They had a small holding in Kent and grew hops and tobacco, their first son, THOMAS GEORGE was born at Westmarsh Ash in the County of Kent on the 19th June 1878.
Charles, Fanny and their five month old son Thomas George, travelled to New Zealand aboard the ship Stad Haarlem and in April the 25th 1879 disembarked at Lyttelton. The family  then moved to Waimate were the family increased.
It was in the years of the “Industrial Revolution” steam machinery was starting to be introduced in the farming scene and as whole districts became more mechanically reliant, farm workers were no longer needed. Horses and workers were both being made redundant in the face of steam driven implements. Famine and poverty among the subsistence farmers and their townsfolk was becoming more apparent and small holdings were being incorporated into larger amalgamations, in some cases just by way of debt relief. This is the catalyst that eventually invoked the immigration of large numbers of country folk from all over the British Iles to both Australia and New Zealand and the new colonies of the Southern oceans. The trades and the skills these immigrants bought with them, and they were many, was the foundation on which these new young countries were to be developed.   
According to the “The Press, 17 April 1879 p.2” and the diary of one Mr Alf Simmonds
“ The immigrants comprise three hundred hop agriculturalists. These are represented by Mr Alf Simmonds the secretary of the Labour Union, who is a passenger by the vessel. Mr Simmonds has brought with him a quantity of hop plants, and before returning to England will give his attention to acquiring information respecting the adaptability of this country for the hop raising industry.” 
FANNY MARY (Aunty JEAN) born Waimate in 1880 (married FOOT and had at least one son named Herbie. (Herbie Foot) Died in Christchurch.
ANNIE SARAH born Waimate 1882. Married Archie White who had an orchard in Tasman. The Whites adopted a daughter named Lorna who later lived in Tauranga.
ROSE LAVINIA Born Waimate in 1884 Married Hornblow, the Mayor of Dargaville.
MAY Born Timaru in 1890.
ETHAL LUCAS was adopted 1892 Lived in Dunback
AMY GERTUDE Born Timaru 1892 . Married Dan McCurdie and lived in Lower Hutt after moving from Dunedin. They had a son named Charlie who later drove railway busses.
DOROTHY Married a baker in Dunedin had two daughters Freda and Laurel.
CHARLES EDMUND (Spain)Born at Timaru in 1895. Later married a Hilda Mary Watkins.
JESSIE HAMMOND Born at Timaru on the 1st April 1897 Later married a Arther Cyril Bond at Dunedin an the 1st March 1920, had a daughter Joyce and a son Arther.
ALFRED RAYMON (Spain) Born at Timaru in 1901 and died in 1936.
The Spain Family moved to Dunedin about this time.
Thomas George was the oldest child of this family and was also the only child not born in New Zealand.  Thomas worked on farms around Timaru and the North East Valley. At one time had an employer named Leckie.
Thomas married CHRISTINA SNEDDON at the registry office in Dunedin on the 27th March 1900.
Christina was born at Saddle Hill (Mosgiel) on the 1st of January 1880.
Thomas was working at the saddle hill coal mine owned by his father in law, JAMES SNEDDON when there was a collapse and his back was broken. He was paralysed for a time and had to learn to walk again.
At about the same time their oldest son, GEORGE was kicked by a horse which badly injured his head. It was a trying time for Thomas and Christina as she was also in child with her second son Norman.

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Post by: JaniceLy on Friday 04 December 09 04:15 GMT (UK)
you could try the following websites which may have something for you.  put in surname SPAIN and click on check database.   put in name Thomas SPAIN or even SPAIN. I live in the Taieri Area if that is any help let me know,

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Post by: Canterburynorth on Friday 04 December 09 07:37 GMT (UK)
Hi russpain,

Welcome to rootschat :)

Can you tell us if you are looking for anything in particular?  You have such alot of info perhaps you are after something specific? :)

Title: Re: Spain Family
Post by: russpain on Friday 04 December 09 09:53 GMT (UK)
Thanks Janicely and Leandra.

Those links you supplied Janicely, were most helpfull. A lot of the old Sneddon family is evident in "paperspast".

I am hoping Leandra that some of those names i have mentioned in my paper, have some relevance to someone on RootsChat or visits from time to time.
Any further information that can progress the families is much appreciated.
As for anyone that finds themselves to be connected, let me know and then we can further progress the lines together. Any family history that i have printed is most welcome to be used wisely and honestly by all that can link in.
Thanks once again, both of you, for your input.
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Post by: Canterburynorth on Friday 04 December 09 10:20 GMT (UK)
Goodluck russpain :)

I hope you get contact with other interested parties.  Rootschat is a great place, you never know who you will meet that has a common interest :D :D

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Post by: Thamesite2017 on Friday 04 December 09 17:32 GMT (UK)
Is it your tree on worldconnect, if not lots there

Althea  :o
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Post by: Renicarl on Wednesday 03 February 10 12:12 GMT (UK)
Thomas George was my G grandfather. My Grandfather was Thomas Raymond.
Ngaire Philiis Spain was my mother.
I am also interested in the family history, whatyou have outlined is basically what I know also, due to the work done by my mother's cousin, Charles Spain.
Always happy to chat about the family.
Renicarl (Judith)
Title: Re: Spain Family
Post by: newbe_nz on Wednesday 03 February 10 19:07 GMT (UK)
On the Christchurch City Council Cemetery database there are 3 Spain's

Not sure if the are related to your lot or not

There is also an Emma Foot died aged 7 years as well in 1887 buried at Addington Cemetery

Title: Re: Spain Family
Post by: newbe_nz on Wednesday 03 February 10 19:23 GMT (UK)
Is Fanny short for Florence Mary? her surname is Hayward

There is a marriage for her in 1901 to a William Henry FOOT

Is this correct?

I do not see a death for Herbie in Christchurch

Was Herbie a nickname?

Title: Re: Spain Family
Post by: Renicarl on Thursday 04 February 10 09:20 GMT (UK)
Not sure about James, but Michael was a grandson of David (my grandfather's brother) and Alice Spain, and a friend of one of my cousins, Raymond Leslie Donald Spain.
Stilborn was a sibling of Raymond's, Beverley was my aunt, she died 2 years ago.

Spain  James  28/03/1948  31/03/1948  [Detail]
Spain  Michael Francis  16/05/2001  19/05/2001  [Detail]
Spain  Stillborn of Beverley Helen  21/02/1963  24/02/1963  [Detail]
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Post by: newbe_nz on Thursday 04 February 10 09:44 GMT (UK)
Hi There,

Glad to be of help.

I can check the library for inscription next time I am there if you like and see if there was a headstone or not for the SPAIN's

Title: Re: Spain Family
Post by: Renicarl on Thursday 04 February 10 09:59 GMT (UK)
Thanks, but no need already done that.
Used to work at ChCh City Library. Great resources.
Appeciate your interest.
Title: Re: Spain Family
Post by: newbe_nz on Thursday 04 February 10 18:30 GMT (UK)
Thanks for letting me know

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Post by: Angela Cleary on Friday 09 February 18 22:34 GMT (UK)
Spain's, happy to see story's , George Spain is my pop, TeX Spain is NY Father, regards Angela Cleary ( new Spain)