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Title: Help in how to post an Image
Post by: PrueM on Monday 31 May 10 02:44 BST (UK)
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Copyright is a legal mechanism that protects the originators of material from their work being copied by somebody else. You may not post copyrighted material on RootsChat without the written consent of the copyright owner, the detail of which must be included in your posting. If you are in doubt if something is copyright, then assume it is. For guidance on Copyright and Intellectual Property please visit (

You are responsible for the messages that you post to ensure that they do not breach copyright. If you infringe copyright, your post will be deleted by our moderators, and could be locked out from using RootsChat.

Copyright law varies from country to country, and for different materials and types of intellectual property.    For photographs, please see general guidelines below.  If your country is not listed, please search the internet for copyright laws relevant to you.

UK ( (
More info: (

Australia ( (
New Zealand ( (
Canada ( (
USA ( (
I haven't been able to really fathom the information from the USA, and I took the above info from Wikipedia, not the US government website.  You will have to read that yourself, particularly if your photo dates from after 1978.
Title: Help and Advice on How to post an Image
Post by: PrueM on Wednesday 24 November 10 22:51 GMT (UK)
In order to get the best results from any restoration, it is important to know what to post and how to post it.

Here are some guidelines that should help you to help the restorers  :)

1. Read the topics at the top of the Photograph Restoration and Dating Board, relating to Etiquette and Copyright:,528438.0.html,459330.0.html

2.   Make sure you scan your photograph in full colour, at AT LEAST 300 DPI/PPI. If your photograph is small, 600 DPI or even 1200 DPI will be better.  If you are unsure of how to change your scanner settings, please read the tutorial provided here:,198165.0.html

3.   Ensure the photo you are trying to attach is UNDER 500 KB in terms of file size.  If you are unsure of how to change your file size without losing image quality, please read the tutorial provided here:,372537.0.html

4.   Make clear in the Subject line of your posting whether you want dating, basic restoration, or colourisation - or all of the above!  If you want a photo to be coloured, please indicate what colours people should use - hair, eyes, skin, flowers, clothing, cars...

5.   Please remember to thank the restorers who post their work for you :)

6.   Mark your post "Completed" when you are content with the restorations you have been offered, but remember to allow people time to complete their work - it might take a week or two for some restorers to come back to you!

Thank you!

Title: ** SAME FILENAME error message - read this please! **
Post by: PrueM on Monday 28 February 11 03:58 GMT (UK)
Sometimes when you go to post an image on Rootschat, you will get an error message like this one:

An Error Has Occurred!
Sorry! There is already an attachment with the same filename as the one you tried to upload. Please rename the file and try again.

Don't panic!

Simply open your file on your computer, choose "Save As", and give it a new filename.
To avoid the problem happening again, try using something unique.  My favourite trick is to use a descriptor, the date, and "RC" for RootsChat.  For example, I  might call a file "Harry 280211 RC.jpg".
Others use their own username plus the date or some other numbers.

Try to post your message and file again and you should be OK.

This error message is simply triggered by the RootsChat server, which remembers the names of all the files uploaded to it.  Someone in the past has obviously posted a file with the exact same filename as the one you tried to post.

If you are still having problems posting your image after running through these guidelines, please  post a message on the board :)

Title: ** FILE TOO LARGE error message - read this please! **
Post by: PrueM on Monday 28 February 11 04:08 GMT (UK)
Sometimes when you try to post a photo or image to RootsChat, you might receive the following error message:

An Error Has Occurred!
Your file is too large. The maximum attachment size allowed is 500 KB.

Don't panic!

Read the instructions in this tutorial:,372537.0.html

If you are still having trouble posting your photo or image, please post a message on the board.

Post by: PrueM on Monday 28 February 11 04:33 GMT (UK)
Scroll down to see examples

First of all, make sure you make it very clear in the subject line that you would like your photo dated.

Read the Etiquette and Copyright topics:,528438.0.html,459330.0.html

When you post a photo that you would like a date for, please remember that the following criteria are used to determine the most likely date a photo would have been taken.  Please try to include as many of these criteria as possible when you scan your photo, and describe any that can't be scanned (such as size and thickness etc.)

Of course, if you know who the subjects are, please tell us and give us the dates they were alive!

General features:
Clothing of the subjects
Location (outdoors, indoors, landmarks, buildings)
Ages of the subjects
Type of photograph - the process used
Colour of photograph - whether "sepia", black and white, or colour
Size of photograph

If the photo is stuck onto card:
The photographer's name and address (if any)
The style of printing on the card (if any)
The colour of the card
The size of the card
The thickness of the card
Whether the corners are rounded or square

If the photo is a postcard style:
The style of the postcard printed on the back

If the photo is more modern and is on photographic paper:
The brand of photographic paper (if any)

Other hints:
Whether the photo is on paper, metal or glass

Title: Re: ** POSTING A PHOTO FOR DATING? Read this please! **
Post by: PrueM on Friday 18 March 11 21:16 GMT (UK)

If you have the original photo, please scan or photograph it and post the whole thing, including edges and corners of it and/or any card that it might be mounted on (most pre-1900 photos are on paper mounted to a larger piece of card).  Also show the back of the card if there is any writing or printing on it. 

Here is an example of what not to post.  It shows the entirety of the actual picture, but nothing of the card:


It is so much more helpful if you post the whole front AND the whole back, like this:

( (
Post by: PrueM on Sunday 24 April 11 09:39 BST (UK)
The RootsChat Photograph Restoration and Dating Board is a place where Restorers and Daters freely offer their talents and expertise to restore, improve and date images. Please make yourself familiar with these guidelines to ensure that everyone gets the best possible experience from the Board :)

For technical help with posting photos, see topics at the head of the board:,298.0.html (,298.0.html)

   Please be aware that it can take some time for all the restorations to be completed, so don't be too hasty to "complete" a topic - give time for everyone from around the world to have a go(at least a week please).


There is some amazing work done on this board and it's done in a spirit of fun. Anyone with any level of expertise and experience is welcome to join in.

We were all newbies once so please don't forget to show patience and understanding, which is the essence of RootsChat.  If somebody breaches the guidelines, a gentle reminder to them about this topic in a PM will usually be enough, but if not, then please contact a moderator. [/list][/list]