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Title: LINKS - Immigration, Shipping, Passenger lists
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All New Zealanders have either migrated here or are descendants of migrants. Maori migration is traced through whakapaka while formal Pakeha (non-Maori) migration records began with New Zealand Company settlement from 1840. Over time there have been a variety of immigration schemes both provincial and national, as well as schemes focused on specific groups and nationalities.

I strongly recommend the following links which provide details of immigration to New Zealand and the location of records:

Archives New Zealand Research Guide – Migration.

Hocken Collection – Immigration to New Zealand.

When Did They Come?

Determining the date and port of arrival of an ancestor to New Zealand is often difficult since many shipping records remain unindexed or are indexed only by vessel. The following sources may provide clues to when and where they arrived and will allow more efficient use of online and archived shipping resources:

Date of first NZ event: first birth or baptism, marriage or death; school enrolment, membership of a local organisation, electoral roll etc.
Occupation: trade advertisements in local newspapers.
NZ Death certificate: ‘How long in New Zealand.’
NZ Intention to Marry Notice: ‘Length of Residence.’
Cyclopedia of New Zealand. Published as regional editions, these contained pocket biographies.
Obituaries in newspapers.
Monumental inscriptions (headstones).
First known residence in New Zealand.
Was a child named after the vessel (or occasionally, the captain)?
Oral tradition: diaries, letters or postcards, family anecdotes, bible notes.
Consider the possibility that they travelled with other relatives or friends. Do you know their vessel?


Auckland City Library.

Dawn Chamber's New Zealand Historical Data.
Includes shipping lists and the roll of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force 29th Reinforcements.

Our Stuff.
Denise & Peter’s site which has lists by ship’s name or port of arrival.

Emigrants from Cornwall ENG to New Zealand ports.
This collection of PDF files lists emigrants to various New Zealand posts between 1858 and 1884.
   Assisted emigrants to Lyttelton/Canterbury 1858-1884.
   Emigrants to Auckland 1872-1880.
   Emigrants to Wellington 1872-1880.
   Emigrants to Other Ports (Canterbury/Lyttelton, Christchurch, Hawke’s Bay, Invercargill, Marlborough, Napier, Nelson, New Plymouth, Otago, Bluff, Picton, Taranaki, Timaru, Westland) 1872-1884.
Provides name, age, married status, parish/county, departure date, arrival date, vessel, notes and reference.

English Assisted Immigrants extracted from The Farthest Promised Land by Prof. R. ARNOLD:
A - L
L - Y
The full text of The Farthest Promised Land is available at

FamilySearch (Beta). New format (2010). Excellent site with many databases. For NZ Immigration Passenger Lists 1871-1915 and other New Zealand resources click on 'Australia and New Zealand'.

Fencibles Ships.
The Fencibles were a corps of retired British Army soldiers who arrived in NZ with their families between 1847 and 1852 and formed the defence force which protected the early settlers of Auckland. Includes a link to the New Zealand Fencible Society.

Find My Past.
A pay-per-view site for UK departures 1890-1960, Free index search.

The First Four Ships to Canterbury in 1850.
Features photographs of the surviving passengers (taken in 1900) and other information.

Immigrant Ships to NZ 1835-1910.

Immigration into Australia. Online Indexes and Passenger Lists.

New Zealand-Ireland Connection. Includes list of immigrants from IRL to NZ.
Title: Re: LINKS - Shipping
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New Zealand Society of Genealogists (NZSG).
Shipping database (members only, login required).

New Zealand Bound.
Provides a wealth of background information on the main NZ ports, with links and passenger lists.

New Zealand Shipping Company.
New Zealand-based vessels of NZSC calling at Pitcairn Island 1912-1959.

New Zealand Shipping Passenger Manifest Database. Slow to load.

Nelson Early Settlers Database. Arrivals 1841-1850.

Passenger Arrivals at Port Chalmers (Otago) March 1848-January 1851. (An expanded and corrected version of Dr Hocken's lists)

Passengers quarantined on Somes Island, Wellington 1872-1920.

Petone Settlers Museum (Wellington). Passenger Database 1839-1897.

Peter Sim's Website. Includes immigration and shipping links.

Pre-1839 Foreigners in New Zealand.
Lists non-Maori who were living or had lived in New Zealand prior to the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840.

Public Records Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI).
One researcher discovered the passenger list of the Ganges which arrived in Auckland in February 1865 from Queenstown, Co. Cork.
There may be other passenger lists available.

Shadows of Time. The home page for this site is defunct, but the ships listed arrived in NZ prior to 1865.

Puke Ariki Museum - Taranaki Area Passenger Arrivals 1843-1885.
Covers arrivals to and departures from New Plymouth.

The Ships List. Numerous links to passenger lists including NZ, USA, CAN and AUS.

Yesteryears. Has shipping lists and other useful information.

Toitū Otago Settlers Museum.
Excellent resources for early emigration to Otago.
This website includes some very helpful essays discussing the experience of immigration to New Zealand in the 1800’s.