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Title: LINKS - Occupations
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BNZ (Bank of New Zealand) Museum and Archives.
Located at 60 Waterloo Quay, Wellington, the Museum holds records relating to employees including Staff Registers, Staff Lists and Reports, World War Staff Cards, BNZ Staff News magazine (1950-1990’s), photograph collection and other resources. Holdings relating to customers include Signature Books, Account Ledgers, Manager’s Diary notes for lending, General Managers’ correspondence and more. Staff records may include records of service, images, information about the time period and district.
The Museum and Archives also hosts group visits and can adjust visits to suit interests, e.g. genealogy, numismatics, early New Zealand history etc.
Both research and museum visits are free of charge.
Email: Museum[at]

Crew Lists of the British Merchant Navy – 1915
In a joint project between National Archives UK and National Maritime Museum, 39,000 crew lists have been digitized, along with 750,000 names of crew members. You can search by either name or ship.

Early New Zealand photographers and their successors.

Kauri Gum Diggers.
These websites provide a general history of the gun diggers. The last site mentions the Chinese.

Index of Obituaries in the New Zealand Medical Journal 1887–2006.

List of Teachers in New Zealand in 1906.

New Zealand Nurses Organisation.
They take email enquiries.

Kai Tiaki. The Journal of the Nurses of New Zealand 1908-1929.

The Goldminers Database.
Covering Otago Mining Records (1861-1866) and Thames Mining Records (1867-1872), this site lists 34,000 gold miners.

Women Graduates in New Zealand.
Educational profiles of female graduates of the University of New Zealand 1877-1920 and the career profiles of those graduates who became teachers 1878-1950 (click on ‘Graduates’).
In addition, there is a listing of all New Zealand Girls’ Schools (1855-2008) with the names of the foundation principals.
Only those schools that are known to have operated for ten years or more are included.
Title: Re: LINKS - Occupations
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Published Titles:

The following is a list of published titles which contain names of employees or residents of a region.

Please note that a lookup service for these titles is not being offered. Instead researchers should approach their local library or bookstore.

Footprints - The story of the settlement and development of the Nelson back country districts.
Whitcombe and Tombs 1962.
The story of the settlement and development of the Nelson back-country districts. The twelve-page index is mainly comprised of names of early settlers to the region.

Early New Zealand Engineers. A.H. & A.W. Reed 1953. 
Histories of engineering achievements in the Provinces to about 1890 containing biographies and some photos of about 200 engineers born before 1865.

Learning Service Achievement: Fifty years of engineering in New Zealand. Institute of Engineers 1971.
History  of the Institution and details of some of the major constructions in NZ.  Lists of foundation members, Presidents etc.  Some 400 engineers mentioned.

Greater Than Gold. Cambridge Press Bendigo, Victoria Australia 1985.
ISBN No 0 7241 5863 4
A history of Agriculture in the Bendigo District from 1835 to 1985. Produced in association with the “Victoria 150 Growing Together 1984-85” celebrations.
313 pages filled with an historic oversight of the Bendigo area. Names of people, places, statistics, governance. Contains three comprehensive indexes. Named people (approx 1,200); Named holdings/properties; and General.

Roll of the Graduates of the University of Otago (To May 1988). University of Otago 1989.
ISBN 0-9597914-0-X
The first attempt by the University to produce a roll of its graduates since the disestablishment of the University of NZ in 1961. Particularly useful when looking for someone in the medical or dental professions.
Alphabetical listing includes a list of former names (e.g. maiden names).
BLOGGS James Alexander
born 17 May 1932
Degrees: 1953 B.Sc., 1956 M.B., Ch.B; 1966 M.D.
Scholarships & Prizes: University of Otago Senior Scholarship,
Employment: Medical Pathologist
Address: San Francisco, California, USA