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Title: Henderson family
Post by: Cazza47 on Sunday 22 May 11 14:03 BST (UK)
I am trying to find the Henderson family. They are living at 35 Etterby St/Road in Stanwix, Carlisle in the 1851 census.
Christopher Henderson B 1800 Newcastle Upon Tyne
Sarah Henderson B 1797 Newcastle Upon Tyne
Sarah Henderson B 1827 Newcastle Upon Tyne
Jane Henderson B 1833 Bedworth, Warwickshire
Margaret Henderson B 1834 Newcastle Under Lyne, Staffordshire
Micheal James Henderson B 1838 Newcastle Uner Lyne
Elizabeth Henderson B 1842 Harley, Staffordshire

I know there was an older sister Harriett B 1818 Newcastle Upon Tyne, and according to a family tree on ancestry I believe there might be a further siblings Mary B 1823 and a Christopher B 1829
On a recent trip to Southport I found the grave of Harriett who married David Hay of London, also buried there was her sister Sarah, my GG Grandmother was another sister Margaret who became a routledge, she is buried in carlisle cemetary.
I cannot find the family in the 1841 census, or the 1861 census. I know this is difficult because there is quite an age range of the children.
Title: Re: Henderson family
Post by: jacques on Sunday 22 May 11 14:25 BST (UK)

Found some of them in 1861 same address as 1851 but could be 35 Etterby Street Stanwix

Ref RG 9  3922

Christopher  Henderson  Head  56  Supervisor Inland Revenue   Born Newcastle
Sarah                               Wife  58                                                               "
Sarah                                Dau  25                                                               "
James                     Grandson   11                                                         Ulverston Lancs

Title: Re: Henderson family
Post by: Sandymc47 on Sunday 22 May 11 14:43 BST (UK)
Hi there

Attracted to the line which stated Margaret married a Routledge!!!!
Do you know what year it was|?
At the end of July I am visiting Carlisle for a 2 day ancestry search.  My
Routledges were born in Wigton, which is about 12 miles from Carlisle
but I am sure out of the many born in Wigton, that many wandered and
married in nearby towns.
If you want to tell me the dates etc, I can see if I can get some photos of
the grave etc, if it is still standing.  I will also be visiting my GGGrandparents
who I know are in the graveyard at Wigton.
Really looking forward to it so if you send the information you require
I can look for my Routledges and your Hendersons as well.  I would warn you
that I have looked for graves before and sometimes because of lack of care and weather worn, they are either not readable, covered in moss, or fallen
so I cant promise too much as it depends on the care of the graveyard given over the last 150 years.
regards Sandymc :'(
Title: Re: Henderson family
Post by: jacques on Sunday 22 May 11 15:10 BST (UK)
hello again

No luck with 1841 yet but looked on IGI
Sarah Birth 7 feb 1827  bap  25 July  1830   Bedworth
Jane                              bap 25 July    1830      "
Christopher Birth 11 Sept 1829 bap 25th July 1830  Newcastle
Harriet                                       bap 23 August 1818 St Nicholas Newcastle

There is a Mary Birth 8th June 1823  Bap 25th July 1830 but states parents as Anthony and Frances
strange that baptised on same day though.

Seems like a job lot on 25 July 1830.

Also Birth of Christopher on 20th Sept 1799 bap 28 April 1805 Parents Christopher and Margaret(Turnbull) Newcastle
Christopher and Sarah (Brow) married 21st dec 1817 at Gosforth.

Title: Re: Henderson family
Post by: jacques on Sunday 22 May 11 15:23 BST (UK)
These deaths on BMD

Christopher Henderson Jun QTR 1872  aged 72  ref Carlisle 10b 299
Sarah    Henderson       Mar QTR  1862                ref Carlisle 10b 309

Perhaps you have these

Title: Re: Henderson family
Post by: jacques on Sunday 22 May 11 15:40 BST (UK)
Forget Sarahs death  I gave you.
1871 still at same address were Christopher, wife Sarah and daughter Sarah.

Title: Re: Henderson family
Post by: 2zpool on Sunday 22 May 11 16:44 BST (UK)
Newcastle All Saints:

Mary Henderson baptised 15 June 1794 d/o Christopher and Margaret, cabinet maker

Michael Henderson baptised 11 Oct 1795 s/o Christopher and Margaret, joiner

Catherine Henderson baptised  14 May 1797 d/o Christopher and Margaret, cabinet maker

Christopher Henderson born 20 Sep 1799 baptised 28 Apr 1805 3rd son of Christopher Henderson, Cabinet maker of Warkworth by his wife Margaret, daur of Michael Turnbull, copper-plate printer of this chapelry

I don't know if it was a type-o but Christopher married Sarah Brown.  Witness were Margaret Ann Rogerson and John Rogerson.

No children baptised in Gosforth

I could not find a baptism of a Sarah Brown with a father Michael but I did find in Newcastle St. Nicholas a baptism of a Michael (b1801) and a Rebecca in All Saints (b1805) but the father was a cordwainer or shoemaker in both cases.  Michael Brown, the father, was a native of Morpeth and the mother was Hannah , daur of Thomas or William Mitchell, weaver,  native of Thorn Yorkshire  [Rebecca's said William Mitchell and Michael's said Thomas Mitchell but same place of birth]

Title: Re: Henderson family
Post by: Cazza47 on Sunday 22 May 11 17:05 BST (UK)
Thank you all very much.
I could only find baptisms for Harriett, Micheal James and Margaret.
I wonder if perhaps the person who states Mary as a sister has got mixed up, although there is quite a gap between Harriett 1818 and Sarah 1827.
Title: Re: Henderson family
Post by: anthony pearson on Thursday 16 June 11 23:30 BST (UK)
hi  all

i have a Mary Henderson married to a Hugh m pearson they married in 1927 in gateshead
i have no info on her side as i have been doing the pearson side