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Title: Quakers in Narberth
Post by: CAPRA69 on Wednesday 18 January 12 09:13 GMT (UK)
I am looking for information on any Quakers who lived in the Narberth & surrounding district  especially those who emigrated.
Title: Re: Quakers in Narberth
Post by: Orielbenfro on Wednesday 18 January 12 09:42 GMT (UK)
There are no Quaker records deposited at the Record Office that I am aware of. The largest Quaker community was at Milford Haven, who I am lead to believe built the majority of the town, and where there is still a large building known as the Quaker Hall.

I had not heard of a Quaker community in Narberth, so perhaps an email to ;
to see if their resources hold any information

or try

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Title: Re: Quakers in Narberth
Post by: John_Lewis-Spencer on Wednesday 18 January 12 13:46 GMT (UK)
Hi Oriel,

There is a Quaker burial ground at Trewern near Llandewi Velfrey.  Haven't been myself although I had intended to visit it at some time. 
I did see one Quaker style grave stone in the church yard at Carew, but as with all of them only initials and a date though.


Title: Re: Quakers in Narberth
Post by: jonm on Wednesday 18 January 12 15:26 GMT (UK)
The only specific reference to a Quaker in the area I have come across is a few miles south near Saundersfoot. Thomas Stokes, owner of the Hean Castle estate, stated in his will that he was to be buried on his estate in a way "agreeable to the custom of Friends commonly called Quakers" (source: his will dated 1841 on the NLW probate site)

There's a small amount of secondary source material published on Quakers in Pembrokeshire. Have a look at the Quaker Library online catalogue and search for Pembrokeshire. There might be something about the Narberth area.

If nothing of further use comes of your posting on this site, you might want to get hold of the material listed.

Title: Re: Quakers in Narberth
Post by: Morganllan on Wednesday 18 January 12 23:04 GMT (UK)

Glamorgan Record Office have records of Society of Friends in Wales

and according to Dillwyn Miles: "George Fox, the founder of the Society of Friends, came to Pembroke and Haverfordwest in 1657 and, before long, there were Quaker meetings held at Redstone, near Narberth, Puncheston, St, David's, Newport, Jameston and Haverfordwest. By 1661 Lewis David of Llanddewi Velfrey and others were imprisoned for their beliefs and their persecution continued until they emigrated to Pennsylvania  where David had purchased 3,000 acres of land from William Penn. There they settled in townships which they named Haverford and Narberth."

Lewis David is mentioned in the book "Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania" by Thomas Allen Glen

Kind Regards
Title: Re: Quakers in Narberth
Post by: Morganllan on Wednesday 18 January 12 23:27 GMT (UK)
Historical Society of West Wales has an interesting article "Quakers of Pembrokeshire", which includes Fox's visit and lists people attending meetings.
Title: Re: Quakers in Narberth (Linked to Edward Wilson Explorer of Cheltenham)
Post by: inferix on Tuesday 19 May 15 17:07 BST (UK)

There is a link between Hean Castle Quakers and Edward Wilson (Explorer/Cheltenham).

They were a very wealthy Quaker family and scientists (basically all Quakers are or should be scientists).

The Quakers were "proto-scientists" before science got going on it's own !

See: ... and look up his childhood.

"Edward Wilson of Hean castle" ... was yes ... >>> "Edward Wilson of Cheltenham's" grandfater !

I am also a scientist and proud to be doing "Sentient AI" research in "The Alan Turing Suite" of the very Quakers Meeting House that Edward Wilson would have attended in Cheltenham in Clarence Street.

Cheltenham has named their brand new Art Gallery & Museum "The Wilson" in his honour.

The magistrates of cheltenham used to regularly flog the Quakers for being "nonconformist".

In the end they all left the UK and helped found the USA ... what goes around comes around !

"Cheltenham" in the USA is full of Quakers originally from this building in Cheltenham !

And if we can create "sentient AI" (AI people) here .. then that really will be a fitting result !

Good Luck.

The Inferix Project.