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Title: emond selkirk
Post by: Emases on Sunday 24 June 12 03:08 BST (UK)
I am looking for information on Robert Emond, whose sister was Mary Emond,  his mother Betsy (Elizabeth?). Robert was born around 1795 in Selkirk.  His father died when Robert was young.

I am interested in knowing if he had other siblings, and who his mother Betsy was married to?  Are there any MIs for the family in Selkirk?

Please let me know any information you might have that may be of assistance, preferably with details of the sources if possible?
Title: Re: emond selkirk
Post by: Seoras on Sunday 24 June 12 04:47 BST (UK)
Hi Emases ,and welcome to RootsChat.Bear with us we will try to sort you out.Can I ask where you got the information you have from.At the moment the only Robert Emond I can find born around 1795 in Selkirk is 25th May 1794 to Robert Emond and Mary Renwick.There is another 1790 to William Renwick and an Elspeth.Elspeth is a form of Elizabeth but I have only had a quick look,give us as much info and sources as you can.
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Post by: JustinL on Sunday 24 June 12 08:05 BST (UK)

Was Robert born in Selkirk town or Selkirkshire?

What are the sources for the information you have?

I am fairly certain that the entire Church of Scotland parish records for Selkirk have been filmed by the Mormons and are searchable via the IGI. However, these records are incomplete as many of the locals turned to the Secession church from the mid-18th century. The introduction of a baptism fee in the 1780s (1783 I think) drove yet more people away from the Established church.

Did your Robert go on to marry and have a family? There is a high probability that he named his children in accordance with Scottish custom; in which case he would have named his eldest son after his own father.

The 1817 census of Selkirk ( shows three families.

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Post by: alan14578 on Sunday 24 June 12 20:13 BST (UK)
emases  There are 3 cemeteries in Selkirk ie The auld kirkyard, brierylaw and shawfield. all with Emonds. They have  all  been transcribed and CDs produced by . The oldest being the Auld Kirkyard and shows a Patrick Emond dying aged 70yrs in 1809 and wife Agnes Heatley with son James. and another Jannet Emond dying 1786 aged 63yrs wife of Adam Nicol. In the 1809 Militia list there is a Robert Emond a baker  in Selkirk. There are still numerous Emonds in Selkirk.
Title: Re: emond selkirk
Post by: Emases on Tuesday 03 July 12 15:41 BST (UK)
Robert married but had no children after marriage.  His mother Betsy was alive in 1829/1830 and lived in Selkirk.  I know of a William (a male relation). 

Are there any records of burials of Mary, Betsy (Elizabeth) or William between 1829 onwards.

Sources are newspaper reports and personal correspondence. 
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Post by: lv426 on Friday 05 June 15 15:26 BST (UK)
Hi, i am not sure if this is too late or doesn't help but my family line has a Robert Emond born 16 Apr 1794

His father was also Robert and married to Margaret nee Renwick all from Selkirk

Robert the son later moved to Australia.

I hope this helps?