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Title: Pritchard family in shropshire
Post by: worzelle on Wednesday 04 December 13 21:38 GMT (UK)
hi everyone, i am a new member researching prichard family in shropshire, specifically ketley & wellington.  i've got back to late 1700s with my grandads being John 1890, Joseph, Richard, Thomas, John 1775. anyone else researching the same tree?
Title: Re: Pritchard family in shropshire
Post by: Baudoux on Tuesday 13 May 14 12:19 BST (UK)
I too are searching Pritchard.  I don't have much to go on, but I do have a Thomas Pritchard and children Rowland Robert (1887) and John Thomas.  My ancestors come from the Donnington Wood area.  I know it is not much to go on, but I thought you might pick up on the names.
Title: Re: Pritchard family in shropshire
Post by: dizzybella on Tuesday 13 May 14 14:15 BST (UK)
I have a John Pritchard b1876..married Ada mulhall 1896,s said this lad walked from Shropshire to M/cr to find work -pipe fitter/engineer
Title: Re: Pritchard family in shropshire
Post by: panic on Monday 23 June 14 09:44 BST (UK)
My gggg-grandfather married a pritchard and so did my Uncle. I haven't looked into it yet, but have wondered if they are distant relations ;D
Title: Re: Pritchard family in shropshire
Post by: panic on Thursday 10 July 14 08:15 BST (UK)
An update - the Pritchard in question is Ann Pritchards born most likely 1780's

Got back to mid 1800's with my aunt's Pritchard line (to Henry Pritchard in Staffs), and found a couple of ancestry public trees connecting the two Pritchards, I just need to see if I can prove the evidence myself :)
Title: Re: Pritchard family in shropshire
Post by: andrew davies on Sunday 31 August 14 16:19 BST (UK)
I have taken the Pritchard's back to 1638 :) but an struggling to find Enoch born 1831 in father Thomas mother sarah got the family in 1851 and Enoch is still alive but I cant find any trace after that either in uk or abroad and definitely no marriage or death  :'(
Title: Re: Pritchard family in shropshire
Post by: panic on Tuesday 02 September 14 18:24 BST (UK)
So if after 1851 he's not in that household. Maybe he married, and possibly had a child

Jane Pritchard bapt at Wellington, Christ Church on 16 Dec 1855 parents Enock & Mary Pritchard of Watling Street

Title: Re: Pritchard family in shropshire
Post by: panic on Tuesday 02 September 14 19:35 BST (UK)
Or do you mean you can't find his baptism?

Enoch son of Thomas & Sarah Pritchard
Baptism 28 Dec 1831 at Wellington, All Saints
Abode Ketley, Father's Occupation Miner
Title: Re: Pritchard family in shropshire
Post by: Garen on Sunday 05 October 14 01:22 BST (UK)
I too have Pritchards from Wellington. Henry Joseph Pritchard was b. 1816, Bank, Wellington - I have his descendants and his wife's family (Gill, Spittle), but have been fighting to get further back.

Henry's father was John Pritchard and I believe his mother was Adelaide Aston (marr Wellington 1814), appearing in various records - I think - as Adey, Addey, possibly Edy and on one record, seemingly, Hadegum (?). They seem to have resided at Coal Pit Bank.

John Pritchard, if I've got the right one, was b. 1791'ish in Wrockwardine. He appears in census returns married to a Sarah (b.1794) - and I'm actually starting to wonder if this is Adey rather than a second marriage. Though why she'd become Sarah, I don't know - I could be totally wrong!

Children of John and Adey Pritchard  include: Salome (1815), Henry Joseph (1816), Susannah (1819), John (1822 - marr Emma Clayton?), Prudence (1823-1825).

Other Coal Pit Bank Pritchards include: Ann (1819-1821), Edward (d.1824), Eliza (1822-1828) Maria, Rebecca, Steven; also Edey (1803-1827), Harriet (1826, dau. of Ann Pritchard).

Adey/Edy - if the same person - may be the daughter of Stephen and Rose Aston, b.1794 (they also had a Salome, b.1785).

Any of these names tie in with anyone else's info?

Thank you, best - Garen
Title: Re: Pritchard family in shropshire
Post by: bitzar on Saturday 14 May 16 05:33 BST (UK)
Hi Garen

Just wondering if you can add any more from your post from October 2014.  The Sarah (who you thought could by Adey) on the 1851 census is still known as Sarah in 1871 living with John and Emma.  Presumeably the same John and Emma who were John Snr and Sarah's neighbours on the 1851 census.

Title: Re: Pritchard family in shropshire
Post by: Garen on Monday 16 May 16 11:35 BST (UK)
Hello bitzar

I haven't really looked further into Sarah Pritchard since my post, but here's what I have ...

Sarah appears on the 1841, 51, 61 and 71 census returns - widowed and with John and Emma in 61 and 71. Going by her census ages she seems to have been born Shifnal c.1795. (Adey was born c.1794, baptised in Wellington, about 7.5 mi from Shifnal).

A Sarah Pritchard died 30 Mar 1876, age 80, at Coal Pit Bank (aka Ketley Bank), so this is probably her.

A possible marriage:
John Pritchard (widower, collier, of Oaken Gates) marr. Sarah Fletcher (née Johnson), Shifnal, 1838. Oaken Gates is close to/part of Ketley Bank/Coal Pit Bank.

Or ... Adey and Sarah could be the same person (in which case marr. 1814, Wellington).

I think I'm favouring the theory that Sarah is Sarah Fletcher, a second marriage for John (b.1791) and John Pritchard's (b.1822) step-mother.

Would be interested in your thoughts - do you have a connection here?

Many thanks - Garen.
Title: Re: Pritchard family in shropshire
Post by: bitzar on Monday 16 May 16 17:01 BST (UK)
Hello Garen

I've recently picked back up on 'The Pritchard's' after taking a few years off.  I believe we've been in contact before many years ago and I think we sit about the same generation from Benjamin Pritchard c.1852 - Walter Ebenezer being my gr grandfather.

From what I've looked at over the last few days I think I'm with you re John's remarriage to Sarah Fletcher.  I cant see Edy suddenly using the name Sarah.  Although, is Edy a name that is common in Salop?  Do you think it's pronounced like Eady or Eddie?!  Forget it, I'm Australian and wouldn't understand it anyway probably, lol.

Do you know which parish church they attended in Wellington or the area?  Thought maybe I could try to track a burial record for Edy through alternate means.


Melbourne, Australia
Title: Re: Pritchard family in shropshire
Post by: Garen on Monday 16 May 16 22:23 BST (UK)
Hello Steven - yes, I think we were in touch a few years ago :-) I'm descended from Walter's sister, Alice Pritchard.

I think it's Eadie ("Eedie") - she's also recorded as Adelaide, Adey, Addey, Ady, Edy and Hadegum (!?).

There is a death for an Edey Pritchard at Coal Pit Bank in 1827 - but the age is recorded as 23 (so b. abt. 1804). But if this age is wrong, maybe exactly 10 years out, then that could be our Edy Aston (b. c.1794).

Interestingly, 7 days after the burial of Edey Pritchard, there is the burial of a Steven Pritchard, "infant". Edy Aston's father was Stephen Aston.

John Pritchard seems to have died Dec 1851, age 60.

All these baptisms, marriages and deaths seem to be recorded at All Saints, in the centre of Wellington. I've been accessing the parish records through FindMyPast.
Title: Re: Pritchard family in shropshire
Post by: bitzar on Tuesday 17 May 16 03:03 BST (UK)
Interesting Garen

I would suppose that maybe the age 33 looked like a 23 on paper?  It must be her, surely, and most likely little Steven.  The year fits well with Harriett baptised 1826.

Have you found Salome Pritchard and Walter Walters arrival into Australia?  Prob between 1839-1842 and I would guess Sydney, but only a guess because they settled in Newcastle.  I haven't found it yet.

Regards, Steven.
Title: Re: Pritchard family in shropshire
Post by: Garen on Tuesday 17 May 16 10:16 BST (UK)
Hello Steven

It does look very much like a 23 (attached). It's one of those things where she was also buried on the 23rd, and you wonder if brains weren't quite in gear that day. Having said that - the name Edey isn't at all common (even with its variations) and I see no similar name being baptised in Shropshire c.1803.

A Harriett Pritchard, infant of Coal Pit Bank, was buried 10 Jul 1826, but I can't tell if she was the daughter of John and Edey (bapt. 25 June 1826) or of Ann Pritchard (bapt 11 Jun 1826), both of Coal Pit Bank.

I didn't know Salome and Walter went to Australia! Intrigued ...

Best - Garen

Title: Re: Pritchard family in shropshire
Post by: bitzar on Tuesday 17 May 16 17:30 BST (UK)
Well Garen, that would def read 23.  Maybe it was just one of those days!

I discovered by accident one day when I was on Trove (Old Australian Newspapers On-line) checking for Walter Ebenezer Pritchard, a match with WALTER, and EBENEZER, and also SALOMIE.  Of course this rang a bell.  Looking into it more it was a funeral notice in Newcastle, NSW for Salome Walters.  Salome had a son Ebenezer too.  I found her death which noted father as John and kind of worked backwards as you do and then the whole ASTON thing fell in front of me.  I never knew about the Aston's until very recently.

I'm currently doing some research on the Walters in Australia, a bit tricky as the surname changes a bit as does Salome.  I am yet to find their arrival though.  I do know though that Salome probably arrived about 75 years before our Pritchard's.

Until later

Title: Re: Pritchard family in shropshire
Post by: Garen on Tuesday 17 May 16 20:29 BST (UK)
Wow - that's really interesting to have Pritchards in Aus. so early (and not transported?). I found that Salome/Walter marriage, but wasn't sure if it was Salome from Wellington - one of the witnesses at the marriage was Isabella Pritchard, who I haven't yet placed, and there was also a Salome Pritchard who died in Dudley in 1850.

By the way (sorry if you already know this) - if that is John Pritchard's death in 1851, and I believe it is (age and residence matches the census records) - his death was not a natural one. There are two other names buried on the same day as him at All Saints, 54 year old Thomas Hayward and 14 year old Thomas Rigby. All three died when the rope holding the basket lowering them down the Cow Wood Pit at Red Lake snapped and they fell to the bottom. It was discovered that the rope had been partially cut with a sharp instrument of some kind.

If that is his second marriage to Sarah Fletcher/Johnson (it must be) then John Pritchard's father was Joseph Pritchard, who may have died in 1823. I think Sarah's first husband was George Fletcher.

How far did you get with the Astons? I have Stephen Aston b.abt. 1747, d. 1829, and he married Rosamond Holmes in Shifnal in 1774. She was b. 1752 to Robert Holmes and Anne (possibly Typton) and died in 1838.

All best - Garen
Title: Re: Pritchard family in shropshire
Post by: bitzar on Wednesday 18 May 16 03:17 BST (UK)

Even though I'm researching Walter and Salome, I'm still sceptical.  Hence the research.  I'm going to ask Uncle Neil, if he remembers anything about family in Newcastle because Mum certainly doesn't know anything about it.  The Walter family here also don't know. Argh...  Garen , if you've been the marriage of Walter and Salome, does it mention the father of Salome?

My brain just had a spark... Did you know that Edith Salome Pritchard was known as 'Edy', Aunty Edy O'Brien.

Rgds, Steven.
Title: Re: Pritchard family in shropshire
Post by: bitzar on Wednesday 18 May 16 03:41 BST (UK)
Hi Garen

The Salome Pritchard d.1850, could you find her on the 1841 census?

Extremely interesting reading about the death of John Pritchard.  Was anyone ever named as the culprit at the inquest?

If John was remarried to Sarah Fletcher then I'm assuming the marriage cert is where Joseph is written.  It makes sense that it's Joseph.

I haven't gone any further back on the Aston's except for Stephen and Rose/Rosamond and their children.  I noticed that one of the children's baptism notes her as Rosamond so I have assumed that's is actually her name.

Title: Re: Pritchard family in shropshire
Post by: Garen on Thursday 19 May 16 11:51 BST (UK)
Hi Steven

No father mentioned on the parish record for Salome & Walter's marriage - it's pre-1838 so doesn't include that info. Just the witnesses: Isabella Pritchard and Michael Mansell (Mansell probably not connected as he appears as a witness on other marriages).

Looking into the Salome Pritchard who died in Dudley in 1850, I notice there was a Saloma Pritchard b. Dudley 1849 - no age available on death, but this could be the same person. Also I can't find anyone of that name in 1841.

There are two sons for Walter Walters and Salome baptised in Wolverhampton: John in 1835, of Horsley Fields, and William in Apr 1837, of Bilsten Street. Walter is a miner in both. Do you know the dates/names of any children with them/born in Australia?

Edit: A William Walters of Bilston Street was buried Wolverhampton Nov 1837, age 7 months.

Trying to place this Isabella Pritchard, witness at Walter and Salome's marriage - can't find anyone of that name/era born Shropshire. There is an Isabella (b. Scotland) who is the wife of a Thomas Pritchard who was b.1801 in Red Lake (Wellington), living in Wolverhampton in 1851.

There are two Wellington born Thomas Pritchards - 1802 (Joseph and Ann) and 1803 (Robert and Mary). Joseph and Ann also seem to have had a John Pritchard b. Wombridge 1791.

So ... a theory here is that Thomas is our John Pritchard's brother, and his wife, Isabella was the witness at Salome's marriage to Walter. Isabella might be Isabella Pitt (marr Thomas 1823, Wolverhampton). Needs a bit of shoring up as there are some other candidates to eliminate.

With that death of John Pritchard - I've included a paragraph on it in my Pritchard write-up (here (, second paragraph after the first image). As you'll see - I put my own suspicions (perhaps unfairly) on the pit chartermaster, due to an incident 5 years later!

Rosamond Holmes was b.1752, Shifnal (d.1838) to Robert Holmes and Anne. Robert was a twin son of Thomas Holmes and Eleanor Dainty (marr 1720), and Thomas, in turn, was the son of Robert Holmes and Elis[abeth] or Sarah (first child, Priscilla Holmes, 1681, Shifnal).

Best for now - G
Title: Re: Pritchard family in shropshire
Post by: bitzar on Friday 20 May 16 10:46 BST (UK)
Hi Garen

To Walter and Salome, also a daughter:

Sarah Agnes WALTERS, baptised Trevethin, Monmouth 01 Aug 1839.

Passage to Australia.... don't to when or where to.

Emma 1842 Newcastle NSW.  Registered as WATERS.  Daughter of Walter and NAOMI.  (If you peak it out... parents names, Walterensalomeeeee.  Probs sounds similar.  NOT CONFIRMED THOUGH.

Henry T 1844 Newcastle NSW.  Registered as WATERS.  S/of Walter of NAOMI.  T was for Thomas and this is what he was known by. DEFINITE son of Walter and Salome.

Harriett WALTERS 1846 Newcastle NSW.  d/of Walter and Salome.

Walter Stephen 1848 Newcastle NSW.  Registered as WATERS.  s/of Walter and Salowe. NOTE MIDDLE NAME OF STEPHEN.

Ebenezer WALTERS 1850 Newcastle NSW. s/of Walter and Salome.

I am confident that the only 3 children to survive to adulthood are Henry THOMAS, Walter Stephen, and Ebenezer.

Australian records prior to 1853 are not always great unfortunately, given that things were still fairly basic.  Newcastle was Penal and industry was in the early stages.  Coal was huge and Walter was also noted as miner in Newcastle too.

Like I said the other day, I'm confident that these are the correct people but not 100%.  Whoever gave the info at Salome's death said her father was John.... correct!  Eldest child named John.  Son Walter's middle name is Stephen.

Walter and Salome are NOT buried together, so the cemetery states.  Newcastle Sandgate opened in 1881 but after Walter died.  I haven't purchased the certs because I wasnt 100%, I suppose I should just do it.


Title: Re: Pritchard family in shropshire
Post by: bitzar on Saturday 21 May 16 12:07 BST (UK)

I ended up buying the certs.  Looks like its them.  Salome Walters father is John Pritchard, Miner.  Her mother is noted as UNKNOWN... bugger.  Born Staffordshire, close I suppose.... and married Wolverhampton.  Issue fit including eldest son John who I thought had died because he doesn't appear with his 3 other bros on the funeral notice for their mother.  Maybe because the 3 other bros were local in Newcastle and he lived thousands of km's away in Far North Queenland, known to Australian's as FNQ.

I NEED to find their arrival....................


Title: Re: Pritchard family in shropshire
Post by: Garen on Tuesday 24 May 16 15:56 BST (UK)
Hello Steven - apologies for my delayed reply.

Thanks for the info on Walter and Salome Walters in Aus. I agree - it's almost certainly Salome Pritchard from Shropshire. I've had a good look around and I can't see anyone else who fits (unless unrecorded!).

Do you have any ages for Salome - either in life or at her death? If that matches 1815 then I think it's enough to say YES.

I looked up the baptism for Sarah Agnes Walter(s), 1 Aug 1839, and it gives Walter's occupation as miner and their residence as Garndiffaith (baptism at Tallywain Church, Pontypool, Monmouthshire). Could this be Walter Walters visiting his family before they left for Australia?

Best - Garen
Title: Re: Pritchard family in shropshire
Post by: bitzar on Wednesday 25 May 16 03:06 BST (UK)
Hello Garen - No need for apols, we all get busy,

The only other ref to Salome's age I have is at her death on 5th March 1887, aged 73.  That fits fairly much within a year of her baptism in 1815 so I'm fairly confident.  Cause of death was heart disease, which is still in our Pritchard line today.

I'm going to fly up to Newcastle in a few weeks to have a look around, I might take mum if she's interested (normally I'm the only one who is).  Salome's husband Walter was actually buried at the Cathedral cemetery in 1881.  Cemetery's at church's aren't that common in Australia, unlike England. I'd doubt there would be a headstone and even if there once was in the late 1960's the local council decided to turn the cemetery into a park and pulled out all the headstones, kept any ornate or heritage ones and recycled the rest............   


I did read online that on the stone steps in the park they have tried to list the names of most of the burials in the church grounds going back to 1804 (That's very early for NSW).

In regard to their shipping from UK.  If they were in Wales in August 1839, were there departures from Wales?  Maybe Liverpool??  It would have to be between August 1839 and 1842 when Emma was born in Newcastle NSW.

I really would of thought that I would of heard before that we had relatives in Newcastle that were Pritchard relatives.  I guess relationships drift through the generations and being so far away and it was the 1800's.

Title: Re: Pritchard family in shropshire
Post by: bitzar on Tuesday 07 June 16 09:50 BST (UK)
Hi Garen

Looking at this Thomas and Isabella Pritchard (I'm not sure if there is more than one Isabella because there is also one who states she is born in England).  If this is our Thomas and Isabella, there is a tree on Anc* back to 1645, Samson Pritchard.

Title: Re: Pritchard family in shropshire
Post by: Garen on Monday 13 June 16 11:26 BST (UK)
Apologies for my silence, Steven! I hadn't realised my inbox got clogged with spam and I went over my message limit - so stopped getting notifications for this thread - plus a busy work patch.

I will have a look at the Pritchard tree you mentioned later today.

Looking at my earlier notes, there is a very "interesting" confusion with a John Pritchard bapt. in Wombridge in 1792. On the 27 May 1792 two John Pritchards were baptised, both Wombridge, and both with a father Joseph Pritchard, but both entered in different books. One son of Joseph and Ann, and one son of Joseph and Mary.

The Joseph and Ann also had a Thomas Pritchard bapt. Sep 1802 in Wellington (who could possibly be husband to Isabella).

Joseph and Ann (poss Davies) also had a John bapt. Wombridge 21 Aug 1791, and Joseph and Mary also seem to have had a John bapt. Wombridge in Feb 1805.

Needs untangling!

Edit - now had a look at the tree you mentioned ... They have John Pritchard b. 1791 Wrockwardine, son of Joseph and Ann, marrying Elizabeth Turner at Newport, Shropshire 27 Dec 1821, children: Matthew (1829) and Comfort (1836). A witness at the marriage is Dinah Pritchard.

If that's correct, then not our John, so not the Thomas we're looking for, and not our ancestry.

But - they've got the wrong John, I think. Looking at John and Elizabeth on the 1851 and 61 census it gives John a birthplace of Preston, Shropshire (Preston Upon the Weald). There is a baptism for another John Pritchard bapt. at Preston on the Weald in March 1791 - parents Matthew and Elizabeth, other children include John, Robert and Diana (prob. the witness on brother's marriage).

I'll keep looking!
Title: Re: Pritchard family in shropshire
Post by: bitzar on Monday 13 June 16 16:13 BST (UK)
Hey Garen.

I think there are actually 2 sets of Thomas and Isabella's!  I think the Isabella we are looking for is the one born in Dundee, Scotland.  If you check the IGI for children of Thomas and Isabella the two family blend into one because all the children are baptised at the same church.  BUT, if you check the census the children are definitely with two different families.

I found the death of Isabella in 1852 at Wolverhampton, I think the correct one.  It's possible Thomas appears in the next couple of census with his brother Joseph, and Church Clerk, and also a widower.  Joseph's age fits with the baptism in 1796 as another son of Joseph Pritchard and Ann Davies.

I too noticed that Jos and Ann baptised a 1st John in 1791.

I cringe at the mistakes in tree's on Anc* and that other's just copy those mistakes from one tree to another.  That's one of the reasons that I've made mine private.  Not that mine is perfect either.

Until next time,

Title: Re: Pritchard family in shropshire
Post by: Allen Pritchard on Friday 11 August 17 07:43 BST (UK)
Any help to anyone researching Pritchard family? A family member, John Pritchard was b.1823-24 Wellington. Family moved to Pig Street, Kingswinford. He is the earliest member of our family we know of.
Title: Re: Pritchard family in shropshire
Post by: Baudoux on Saturday 25 November 17 18:22 GMT (UK)
I am still trying to find out information on Rowland Robert Pritchard (1887).  He died in 1953.  His spouse was Elizabeth Harris (1892).  Elizabeth is a cousin of Mine.  The connection is through my
Humpherson Line.  Rowland and Elizabeth were married April 2, 1918 in St. Matthew's Church
in Donnington Wood/  Rowland and Elizabeth had one daughter, Marjorie (1920.  Marjorie was
married to John "Jack" Bamford.

I have no idea who Rowland's parents are.  Maybe someone can provide me with further


Doris B.
Title: Re: Pritchard family in shropshire
Post by: bitzar on Wednesday 06 December 17 20:43 GMT (UK)

It looks like Rowland Robert PRITCHARD's birth was registered Q4 1887 at Shifnal, Salop, mmn HAYWARD.  On the 1891 he appears with older siblings and parents Thomas bc1840 and Louisa bc1844.