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Title: Cornwell
Post by: Redroger on Sunday 30 August 15 16:04 BST (UK)
I recently promised a newish Rootschatter details of my Cornwell family tree, but told him there would be a wait as I was just setting up a new computer on which I would be putting all my Family History.

Though that side of things is progressing (slowly but it is progressing) I have recently dropped my Netbook which I am currently using, onto my printer and have had to reset all the printer heads etc. More importantly somehow or other most of my emails became deleted so I am having problems putting things back together. If the person concerned would like to get in touch with me, or any other member to whom I have promised information, please do so either by reply, or by personal message.
Thanks, Redroger
Title: Re: Cornwell
Post by: WhiskyMac on Sunday 30 August 15 18:58 BST (UK)
Sorry to hear about your dilemma Redroger ........

Computers, email, internet all great when it works.
A big headache when it doesn't.

Hope all will be well soon.

Title: Re: Cornwell
Post by: Peter Cornwell on Monday 31 August 15 08:40 BST (UK)

Echo Whiskeymac's sentiments. But 're-set printer heads' warrants respect ! I cannot recall if it was me you refer to but I do share an interest in any CORNWELL family originating in Cambridgeshire & the Isle of Ely so would be interested in details of your tree whenever ready.

Peter Cornwell
Title: Re: Cornwell
Post by: Redroger on Saturday 05 September 15 19:08 BST (UK)
Think it was Peter. Will keep your name on my list when I get round to it.
Title: Re: Cornwell
Post by: jbml on Friday 15 January 16 00:04 GMT (UK)
I was another one with Cornwell links, Roger.

In my case it's through Sarah Cornwell, who married Ambrose Frost ...
Title: Re: Cornwell
Post by: Redroger on Friday 15 January 16 11:45 GMT (UK)
Did the acknowledgement get posted? For no apparent reason my machine switched itself off. Looks when I got back as though it had switched itself into airplane mode, but I certainly didn't activate anything. Anyone else had this?  O/S W10 Anyway I will be back making further Cornwell postings. I understand there are events taking place in Newham to commemorate the centenary of Jack Cornwell's death at the Battle of Jutland.
Title: Re: Cornwell
Post by: Selina on Thursday 28 January 16 16:54 GMT (UK)
There were a couple of photos in last night's Cambridge News of Harvey Cornwell playing for Cambridge United in case anyone is interested.

Click on 'View Gallery'.   Photo No. 2 - H.C. is sitting second from left - 1924/25.
Photo No. 3 says 'star forward Harvey Cornwell challenges Histon Institute Goalkeeper' 3 September 1932.

Presumably connected to Harvey Cornwell's furniture shop on Mill Road, Cambridge.

Title: Re: Cornwell
Post by: Peter Cornwell on Friday 29 January 16 09:18 GMT (UK)

Thanks for the link. I cannot vouch for ‘Harvey’ CORNWELL’s (my fourth cousin) considerable prowess as a footballer though local newspapers of the time regularly reported on his sporting exploits. What I can say is that after military service in WW1 he first found employment as a sawyer before setting himself up as a dealer by 1921. He was then living in Leek Street, off the Newmarket Road, but moved to East Road by June 1923 where he built a thriving business over the next ten years. By 1931 he was established as a furniture dealer on the Newmarket Road. I remember the shop there, opposite Coldhams Lane, remained for some time after I moved to Cambridge in 1979 and can also recall smaller premises up Mill Road. He died in September 1966.
Title: Re: Cornwell
Post by: Redroger on Sunday 31 January 16 18:36 GMT (UK)
I think that Harvey Cornwell is about 4th cousin to me also.
Title: Re: Cornwell
Post by: Toni Cornwell on Tuesday 13 September 16 20:31 BST (UK)
hi, the Harvey cornwell you are talking about is my great granddad (my granddad and dad are also Harvey cornwell) and I just read out the post to my dad and he said it wasn't his granddad who had a furniture shop on Newmarket road that was coopers who are still there, he said his main ones were in burleigh street and he never had a shop in mill road it was my granddad,my dads dad who set up the shops in mill road and then my dad took over them. I don't know if this helps anything. my dad is Harvey Reginald cornwell and my granddad was Harvey Samuel cornwell.
if anyone wants to know anything relating to them I can try to help or ask my dad :)
Title: Re: Cornwell
Post by: Selina on Tuesday 13 September 16 22:18 BST (UK)
I am not related to the Cornwell family but when I was a child I often went to Catlins Auctions Rooms in Corn Exchange Street with my mother and remember a father (Harvey Cornwell) and son there.  I expect that would have been around the mid 1950's.  I think the auctioneers name was Britain.  Perhaps your Dad remembers the place - long gone!

Years later I would look around the shop in Mill Road when I was up that way but I don't recall the one in Burleigh Street.

Several furniture and antique dealers were always at Catlins - one called Charlie often had a tin with a sweet in it for me - he had a shop near New Square.  All nice people.

As you say Coopers was the one on Newmarket Road and is still there.

Title: Re: Cornwell
Post by: Redroger on Wednesday 14 September 16 16:46 BST (UK)
I think Selina that probably makes you unique as the only person of Cambridge origin who is NOT a relative of the Ayres/Cornwell clan! However, the usage of surnames as Christian names seems to be quite frequent in the clan, as does the name Samuel which was my grandfather's name (and one of mine). Surnames Harvey, Stuben (Stubbing) are often used through several generations. On a personal note I found out that the name Melinda was traditionally given to the first girl born in each generation, after I had omitted to have my daughter so named. I was sent to the dog house believe it or not. No Melinda in the next generation.
Title: Re: Cornwell
Post by: Peter Cornwell on Friday 16 September 16 09:31 BST (UK)
Toni Martine,

Welcome to Rootschat. Many thanks for sorting out the respective branches of your family's furniture businesses in Cambridge over the generations. I was positive that I recalled a CORNWELL premises in Newmarket Road at one time. It just goes to show how unreliable memories can be. Thanks again for your post.