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Title: The Trenwith family, Cornwall
Post by: Jamesharrislondonuk on Wednesday 30 December 15 14:25 GMT (UK)
Hi everyone,

I'm researching the Trenwith family in Cornwall (and beyond) and would welcome any information to point me in the right direction. 

My Great Uncle completed a vast amount of genealogical research over many years on the Trenwith family when he was alive, much of it completed before the days of the Internet.  He spent alot of time in Somerset House and (obviously) Cornwall, but also travelled to New Zealand and Australia (among other places) in the name of research. 

I am now putting his research online for anyone to look at in the spirit of free collaboration (

There is obviously a lot of information to put onto the website and I want to join-up a lot of areas of his research that he may not have had the time/resources to pursue.

I am particularly interested in:

The origins of the Trenwith Tree. 
A lot of information can be found on the Internet and I am keen to understand the 'missing' link where it appears the male line of the Trenwith family dies out.  From what I have found so far the Trenwith family descends from the Baille family after the War of the Roses. 

My Great Uncle's Trenwith research goes all the way back to 12th/ 13th Century but appears unable to link the Baille/ de Trenwithe family tree with the Trenwith's of his vast tree which continues to present day.

William Arthur Trenwith
I have a couple possible links from the original cornwall family that lead to this Australian historical figure, but need to confirm a number of details.

I am very much interested in any information pertaining to the Trenwith family genealogy and any related families - the more information the better.

The information collated by my Great Uncle is quite huge so there are endless multiple points from which to research from. 

To see the Trenwith research I have managed to put on to the Internet please go to ( and have a look.  (As there is so much information it is taking along time to get everything accurately uploaded - apologies for the slowness)

Any pointers or assistance would be greatly appreciated, and I am ready to collaborate/help too

Many thanks in advance

James    :)
Title: Re: The Trenwith family, Cornwall
Post by: whiteout7 on Saturday 20 February 16 09:40 GMT (UK)
William Arthur Trenwith: The Unionist

William Arthur (Billy) Trenwith (1846-1925), bootmaker, trade unionist and politician, was born probably on 15 July 1846 at Launceston, Tasmania, second son of convict parents William Trenwith, shoemaker, and his wife Beatrice McBarrett

Do you have this?
The convict:
William Trenwith, one of 160 convicts transported on the Earl St Vincent
Convicted at:    Cornwall Assizes
Sentence term:    Life
Departure date:    20th April, 1826
Arrival date:    13th August, 1826
Place of arrival    Van Diemen's Land

Record of conduct,190,118,F,60

Other Records that may pertain to him
Title: Re: The Trenwith family, Cornwall
Post by: roadrunner 2 on Monday 22 February 16 11:14 GMT (UK)
Hello James  Greetings from Cornwall.
                  have found links for the Trenwith Name
          Penzance, Isles of Scilly and S. Africa.
    the following from Local Press.
    Ossie Trenwith born1921 Randfontein,Transvaal, S Africa.
    Of Penzance died 11 Feb 2008 aged 86 .
    list 2 brothers and 3 children

   There is a photo of him with 2 brothers at Penzance Cricket Ground
  will forward Census details1841/1891 which gives names ages from 1 -70 +
Regards Doug

Title: Re: The Trenwith family, Cornwall
Post by: angelajohnston on Thursday 05 January 17 11:25 GMT (UK)
Hi James - my mother was a Trenwith, the last in her line descended from John Trenwith, Richard Rowe Trenwith and Robert Watson Trenwith.  Richard was the only one in his line to stay in Scotland, the others all went to New Zealand.  I have quite a lot of information going back many years but my main quest is to establish who were the parents of William Trenwith, convict, transported from the UK and who died in Melbourne and was buried in a paupers grave in 1873.  I cannot for the life of me find any trace of his ancestors.  His son was an influential politician and unionist in Melbourne after leaving Launceston in Tasmania to move to the main land.  He did not attend his father's funeral and obviously didn't acknowledge him as William died in the Immigrants Home in Melbourne.  All records of his state his parents as unknown but I have copies of his convict records which are very interesting if you are at all interested.  Regards  Angela
Title: Re: The Trenwith family, Cornwall
Post by: sylvester8153 on Wednesday 12 April 17 12:18 BST (UK)
I am a direct descendant of William Trenwith and William Arthur Trenwith. My Grandmother's maiden name was Trenwith. There is some doubt if William arthur is the son of William the convict. There is also a half brother named James Hickling whose father Joseph Hickling was also a convict.