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Title: Ivan Roe
Post by: m23to53 on Sunday 01 May 16 10:37 BST (UK)
Ivan Roe was an author and journalist, 1913 -1976 or 1917-1976, depending on the source you look at.
He would appear to be the Ivan Rose in the death registrations 12/11/1917 to 1976 in London.
However, his entry in 'Authors and Writers Who's Who' 1948/1949 says he was born London in 1913 and married a Dorothy Allen. And in the 1939 Register there is an Ivan Roe, journalist, born 12/11/1913, living with a Dorothy Allen in the Stratford area of Warwickshire.

But there is no Ivan Roe born in 1913 and I have been unable to find an Ivan Roe-Dorothy Allen marriage, at least in G.B.. But there is an Ivan G W Roe whose birth is registered 4th quarter 1917 in Brentford - which could mean a London connection. His mother's name was Padden and I believe he was one of the four children of George William Roe who married Mary Padden in 1906. But that is the only record I can find for him!

So it possible that he is the Ivan G W Roe birth and later dropped his middle names. But before i splash out on the birth certificate which may or may not help, can anyone help me identify which is the correct birth date or what happened to Ivan G W Roe.

many thanks
Title: Re: Ivan Roe
Post by: dawnsh on Sunday 01 May 16 11:57 BST (UK)
He may have knocked a few years off his birth date in the 1939 register to make her look less of being 'the older woman'

12 November seems to be the consistent date and a birth registration in Brentford 1917 where the mothers maiden surname is Padden ties up with what you know about his parents and siblings.
Title: Re: Ivan Roe
Post by: Amanda Hall on Thursday 08 March 18 12:23 GMT (UK)
Hello John,
I have just joined RootsChat and have spotted you have queries about Ivan Roe. Ivan Roe the writer was my great uncle (my grandmothers brother). Are you related to Ivan too, or are you interested in his writing? I may be able to help you with some of your queries although I have only recently started family history as a hobby so my research does not go very far with this branch of the family as yet. It would be good to exchange information on Ivan Roe with you so that we can both expand our research. I am building a family tree on , are you on this website as we could merge information?
Regards Amanda
Title: Re: Ivan Roe
Post by: dawnsh on Thursday 08 March 18 16:26 GMT (UK)
Hi Amanda

Welcome to Rootschat  ;D

John was online earlier today, before your post, but should receive an email notification that you have posted and hopefully come back soon.

Title: Re: Ivan Roe
Post by: m23to53 on Thursday 08 March 18 16:57 GMT (UK)
Hi Amanda,

My research is on Ivan Roe as a writer, part of my ongoing attampt to identify writers of fiction from the first 60 years of last century, and hopefully find a few pieces of biographical information to describe them.
I now believe that your Ivan Roe was born 12 November 1913 (as per his entry on the 1939 Register where he is living Stratford with Dorothy Roe), possibly in London though I am still unable to find a possible birth registation (or a marriage to Dorothy Allen either), and died in London in 1976, even though his death registration says born 1917 - which could have resulted from a misreading of handwriting?
Dorothy was born 27 January 1911 according to the 1939 Register and i wonder if she could be the Dorothy Gertrude Roe born that date who died  in 1993?

Do you have any information which would confirm my dates for Ivan Roe, or even disprove it? I am not sure if I have more information which would be of use to you.  I do belong to Ancestry, though only for research not tree making.  If you could identify your tree i could contact you via that?


Title: Re: Ivan Roe
Post by: Amanda Hall on Thursday 08 March 18 17:33 GMT (UK)
Hi John,
See if you can find my Ancestry family tree - its called "Hall" family tree- as I have transcribed into his lifestory the obituary that I have for him (I have the paper original just not actually uploaded it to the gallery yet). This confirms his death date 1st Nov 1976 in his 59th year (died aged 58). This would make his birth year 1917 ( I have not got access to 1939 register so have not seen that entry you mention). I am still trying to find out more about Dorothy his wife. His parents and siblings born in and around Wolverhampton area so his birth in London at first seems an anomaly, but his father was a builder and I remember my grandmother (Ivans older sister) saying he worked on the original Wembley Stadium which was erected 1922/3 so the family could have moved there due to work for a while - again further research needed. Ivan worked in Birmingham as a writer journalist but I believe he did then move to London to live (probably as his book career took off). My Granny also told me he was fluent in Russian language. He also wrote under the pseudonym of Richard Savage for crime thriller novels and short stories (published in newspapers?), he used his real name for non genre books.
Hope this gives you something to go on .....please update me if you find out more. I will add to my Ancestry entry as my research develops.
Regards Amanda
Title: Re: Ivan Roe
Post by: m23to53 on Friday 09 March 18 12:57 GMT (UK)
Hi Amanda.

Believe I have finally positively identified him. There are three Ivan Roe born in 1917 - Ivan C died in 1935, Ivan Roe of Derbyshire died 1999, and Ivan G W Roe registered in Brentford.
He must be the latter, his birth registered as Ivan George William Roe, son of George William and Mary (nee Padden) Roe, with two sisters and a brother - I assume Muriel was your grandmother? Its the lack of those middle names in later life which threw us as we assumed he was born just plain Ivan Roe! And no other trace  in  Ancestry etc. of a Ivan G W Roe.
I assume the 1913 on the 1939 Register may be the result of  a badly written crossed 7?

There is a Roe family tree on Ancestry (run by ANC783) which includes him.

Incidentally, have not managed to find your tree as I need a full name of an individual in the tree  to find it . searching for just Hall brings up loads of results!

Title: Re: Ivan Roe
Post by: Amanda Hall on Friday 09 March 18 20:42 GMT (UK)
Hi John

Yes that's right, you have found him as Ivan George William Roe and you have his parents correct and siblings too. Muriel was my grandmother.
If you would still like to search / follow my research on Ancestry try looking for my name Amanda Hall or search my grandmother Muriel Mary Winifred Roe. When you find her facts page click on siblings and you will find Ivans entry. Hope this works!
I would be very keen to read your biography of Ivan when you have completed it, maybe I could add it to his entry on Ancestry?
If you have a full list of all his works I would be interested to compare with the list I have so far compiled, I am trying to collect his books for family posterity.
Yes, I had spotted the Roe tree family on Ancestry too but as they have no original source work on there I have not taken it further at this stage, but its on the "to do" list to make contact as they appear to stem from Ivans other sister Marjorie and so they may have some interesting family memories to share.
Regards Amanda