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Title: Non-conformity
Post by: mutchall on Friday 11 November 16 00:14 GMT (UK)
One distant relative was originally a Quaker, then baptised in the Church of England, baptised his first lot of Children in the CoE and later registered his children as Baptists at Birmingham.

There are other persons at Kingswinford and Sedgley in the 1660s that were called Anabaptists and Quakers.

KINGSWINFORD, 1663. Thoma Carter, Quaker.
Gulielmu Marshall, Quaker; keeping his children unbaptised.
Franciscu Passmore, Quaker.
1665. Mariam Pearkes vid, Quaker; for absenting from Church. Excom.
SEDGLEY. 1663. Guliel: Corbett, Thoma Phillips, Quaker.
1665. Gulielmum Corbet et eius ux, Anab. et Quakers; Excom.
Thoma Phillips, Anab. et Quaker; Excom.

Is the Baptist faith the most compatible alternative for someone with a Quaker upbringing?

The Independents and Presbyterians were fairly strong in the areas I'm searching, would they be considered as different from the Quaker faith as the Church of England?
Title: Re: Non-conformity
Post by: Westy11 on Monday 09 January 17 01:56 GMT (UK)
Some Quakers joined the Plymouth Brethren.  In the 19th century, there was a diversification of theological beliefs in the Religious Society of Friends, and this led to several large splits within the Quaker movement.

Wikipedia has an article that is illuminating however I haven't checked it for its veracity