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Title: Mary Packeridge
Post by: K Rees on Tuesday 25 July 17 11:23 BST (UK)
Seeking additional clues:

Mary Packeridge m. 12 Jan 1762 John Pococke Compton, Berkshire

I was wondering if anyone has access to the marriage register at that church, to see if it gave any more clues as to the parishes of each person.

I have not found the marriage of a John Pococke (most likely a joiner of Hungerford) to a Mary .......
I suggest they had the eldest surviving child  being John (b. 1769 in London - d. 1804 Frome); then the next three Elizabeth (1772 Hungerford-1797 Frome); Jemina (1772 Hungerford-1854 Froxfield); and George (1774 Hungerford-1843 Bristol). Three, if not all four children were school teachers, and the two males, a little preaching as well.

We have much information on the four children; however, we are not convinced with our research on the father, therefore, seeking more evidence.
Title: Re: Mary Packeridge
Post by: ribbo39 on Tuesday 25 July 17 13:22 BST (UK)
Hi Keith,
I have sent you a personal message.

Have you tried this address for additional info;

There are many Berks parishes listed .

Title: Re: Mary Packeridge
Post by: K Rees on Tuesday 25 July 17 14:01 BST (UK)
Thank you

Yes, and no, but much appreciated.
There was also a John Pocock who married 14 Jul 1759 Mary Matthews  Ham. Norris.

We are sure that our John Pocock died 1791 in Hungerford, as it seems that his sister Mary, then another sister Rachel and brother Edward inherited the joinery business in High Street Hungerford after that.

The son George Pocock returned to Hungerford c1806 trying to convert locals to Primitive Methodism. The other son Rev. John Pocock died 1804 Frome, as a C of E minister.

I need to find when the mother Mary died and most likely Hungerford, but the burials in St. Lawrence don't show that.

This family is documented on the Hungerford Virtual Museum site, but we still have more research to do.


Title: Re: Mary Packeridge
Post by: amondg on Wednesday 26 July 17 09:31 BST (UK)
If your John Pococke died 1791, why would his sisters and brother inherit the family business instead of his children?
I can see that they were not interested in being in the joinery trade, however it is usual for the children to inherit and then sell OR many wills dictate that all property be sold and the proceeds distributed except for the house where the wife lives until her decease.
Title: Re: Mary Packeridge
Post by: K Rees on Wednesday 26 July 17 10:24 BST (UK)
Thank you for your interest, and a very good question.

One possible answer is that we are wrong, in that the John and Mary Pocock, whose chn: Elizabeth, Jemima and George, is another John and Mary Pocock in Hungerford.

In saying that, the Will of Ann Pocock (bd. 14 Sep 1805 Hungerford) bequeaths her spinster sister Rachel messuages and tenements occupied by her (Ann) and her brother Edward; Edward inherited the family business; and she bequeathed Jemima, daughter of her brother John some money. We can trace this Jemima as being teacher and spinster, and died in Froxfield Hospital/Alm House.
  When Rachel died in 1831, she bequeaths to George Pocock, son of my late nephew the Rev. John Pocock; and Jemima, daughter of my late brother John Pocock and Mary his wife.

This George was the son of Rev John Pocock and Martha Davis of Frome, the nephew of George Pocock, teacher of St. Michael's. This George Pocock actually married Rachel Rose Pocock, a daughter of his uncle George . The Jemima is the same as above, now confirming that her brother was the John and Mary, the joiners of Hungerford.

Yes, very confusing, and no wonder, we have a team of family researchers "trying" to get it right. If only Edward Pocock, the above spinsters Ann and Rachels' brother left a Will. But then, he would have given the business to his son, but not the properties, as Rachel still had control.

I need the death of a Mary Pocock, wife of John Pocock, joiner of High Street, Hungerford post 1774 and before the death of their daughter Ann Pocock in 1805.

We will accept any possible thoughts.

I am 99% per cent sure that the daughter of George White, a joiner of High Street, was Elizabeth White who married John Pocock, a joiner. I am also confident who did some preaching. I am sure their son John Pocock was a joiner and he inherited the George White building (s) in High Street, and he also did some preaching (but not in Hungerford). I am sure that  his son John Pocock was an teacher and official C of E preacher who died in Frome 1804; and another teacher son George Pocock of St. Michael's Bristol changed to become a Primitive Methodist preacher and teacher of Prospect Place Academy, and was the same who returned to Hungerford in 1807 or earlier to establish the Ebenezer Chapel, as one of his son's Ebenezer was bap in Hungerford in 1807.

These Pocock chn all became teachers. That is another option. What school if, and in Hungerford, were they educated during the 1780's and became trainee teachers?

Title: Re: Mary Packeridge
Post by: amondg on Thursday 27 July 17 10:52 BST (UK)
PCC Wills on ancestry. Mary Pococke of Hampstead Norris 1765
Brief description Written 18 May 1764
Mary wife of John Pococke the YOUNGER is writing her will, " under agreement on my marriage by John Pococke the ELDER and his wife Mary of Langley". Apparently she had the money and was not long for this world.
Elizabeth, Mary and Roberta  Pococke spinsters of Langley. (sisters of her husband John??)
Charles Head  and his wife Susannah
Cousin Andrew Twitherin of Eastwood Southampton
Brother John Packeridge and his daughters Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah and son Thomas
Brother Richard Packeridge
Sister Elizabeth King widow and her daughter Mary.

This will was proved London 5 April 1765.

Executor her sister Elizabeth King widow.

So Mary nee Packeridge wife of John Pococke the YOUNGER died before 5 April 1765.

This is a very long will just gave highlights other names mentioned.
Images is on ancestry.

Title: Re: Mary Packeridge
Post by: amondg on Thursday 27 July 17 11:13 BST (UK)
She only lived 2 years after her marriage to John Pococke the younger (1762) died 1765, NO children are mentioned.
Check burials Hamstead Norris 1764/1765.

so Ann Rachel Martha and Edward re will of Ann written 29 November 1804 of Hungerford are not her children. 

Did John marry again after 1765 and before 1769?
Title: Re: Mary Packeridge
Post by: K Rees on Thursday 27 July 17 11:17 BST (UK)
Thank you amondg for researching this Will of Mary Pocock, nee Packeridge.
With her death 5 Apr 1765, this now rules her out as being the mother (parents) of George Pocock bp 1774 Hungerford.

My next best clue needs to be anything on Mary Pocock of Hungerford (1774 to 1791); death of her husband John Pocock 1791 Hungerford; and /or death of her sister-in-law Ann Pocock 19 Sep 1805 Hungerford (we have this Will).

Berkshire Directory 1796
Pocock, Anne - Broker
Pocock, John - Carpenter & Joiner
Pocock, Edward - Carpenter & Joiner

(to me these three are siblings)

Church record: Burial record or certificate: burial: 5 December 1796; Hungerford, Berkshire, England, United Kingdom "Burial 10 Dec 1796 - John Pocock"

Title: Re: Mary Packeridge
Post by: K Rees on Thursday 27 July 17 11:19 BST (UK)
Just found another John Pocock who died in Hungerford 1796; in addition to 1791.
Title: Re: Mary Packeridge
Post by: amondg on Thursday 27 July 17 11:42 BST (UK)
This will is also interesting
PCC Wills Elizabeth Pococke 1785 of Chively
Elizabeth Pococke spinster,  mentions sisters Mary and Roberta, and sister Susannah Head (ref will of Mary Packeridge Pococke 1765)
Cousin John Mather? and cousin William Mather?
Cousin Rev John Napleton, cousin Jane Napleton, cousin Frances Napleton
Cousins Mary and Lucy Napleton
Cousin Thomas Eustan/Eustas, cousin Sarah Eustan daughter of Edward
Elizabeth Drillings/Quillings? wife of William
Sarah Brown daughter of Thomas Euston
Cousin Barrington Euston and his children Thomas, Barrington, Mary and Elizabeth.

Again on ancestry, very long complicated will, mentions tenants and properties.

Looks like sisters Elizabeth, Mary, Roberta and Susannah married Charles Head are the daughters of John Pococke the elder of Langley.
Title: Re: Mary Packeridge
Post by: amondg on Thursday 27 July 17 11:46 BST (UK)
PCC Wills Reverend John Pococke of Compton written 12 November 1766
to nephew Napoleon John Napleton , witnesses were Frances Napleton and Jane Napleton.
Proved 7 January 1767 London by Rev John Napleton, he dropped the name Napoleon.

These names are mentioned in the above will of Elizabeth Pococke 1785
Title: Re: Mary Packeridge
Post by: K Rees on Thursday 27 July 17 12:44 BST (UK)

none of these names are striking gold (at the moment), although, I can account for one of the sons of Edward Pocock going towards Chieveley, after spending some time at Kingsclere.