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Title: Ann Porter born Whitchurch c1773
Post by: BoslemBoy on Monday 07 August 17 16:30 BST (UK)
Ann Porter might - or might not be - my Great (x4) Grandmother.  The daughter of George and Martha Porter, she was baptised in the parish church in Whitchurch on 23rd January 1773.  Four siblings look to have been baptised: Thomas, Martha, Mary and George (with the two girls looking to have died, probably of the same illness, in 1779).   I have not been able to locate a marriage for George Porter and Martha (1760s) and so do not know Martha's maiden name.

Critically, for this search, I cannot find anything more about this Ann Porter.  Over the years of my researching I have begun to wonder if she is my ancestor.

The birth of James Porter, illegitimate son of an Ann Porter, was recorded in the parish register of St Bertoline's, Barthomley, Cheshire (17th September 1804).  A note was appended to the record to say that she was from the parish of Audley, less than three miles away across the county border and in Staffordshire.  No doubt this was to do with trying to avoid any sort of poor law responsibility.

I can find no further information about this Ann Porter, neither in records generally, nor in Barthomley and Audley records specifically.  I have no difficulty thereafter with James Porter (1804-1847) and my links to him, but nothing further on his mother.

Whitchurch is just 20 miles from Audley, and a similar distance from The Potteries.  There are Porters in the 1851 Census living in The Potteries and born in Whitchurch.  That is why I think it possible that these two records of an Ann Porter could relate to the same person.

Does anyone know anything of Ann after her 1773 baptism?  Can she be ruled out as the mother of James (1804, Barthomley)?  Any help would be welcomed.
Title: Re: Ann Porter born Whitchurch c1773
Post by: emeltom on Monday 07 August 17 19:22 BST (UK)
Unfortunately I can't help re Ann but I have found a possible marriage for her parents.

George Porter married Martha Moreton in Wrenbury 31 Dec 1764. He was from the parish of Wrenbury and she was from the parish of Ightfield which is about 8km from Wrenbury.

Title: Re: Ann Porter born Whitchurch c1773
Post by: BoslemBoy on Monday 07 August 17 20:24 BST (UK)
Dear Emeltom

Many thanks for this marriage record - it looks promising (if I can only link in to this particular Porter line!).

Title: Re: Ann Porter born Whitchurch c1773
Post by: wb54 on Friday 20 October 17 18:29 BST (UK)
hi boslemboy,
                          did see find this
                            ann porter marriage 1788.
                             date 27 july 1788.
                            place Astbury.
                            John Heathcote.
                            Cheshire, England.

                            it might help? good luck,

Title: Re: Ann Porter born Whitchurch c1773
Post by: BoslemBoy on Friday 20 October 17 20:15 BST (UK)

Thanks for this.  The marriage bond gives both as being 21.  That's a bit of a catch-all age but a bit distant from the 14 or 15 she would have had to have been.  There is a 1773 Ann Porter who married Joseph Arnott at Prestbury in 1794 but we are straying well away from Shropshire here (especially as she lived at Rainow).

There are some potential Shropshire marriages:  1788 John Ebrey at Wem, 1791 Thomas Jenkins at Prees, 1796 George Moors at Prees.  There was another 1773 Ann Porter baptised in Prees but she couldn't have married both of these gentlemen.

Of more interest is that I've just come across two apparently illegitimate births to an Ann Porter, mother, in Whitchurch:  Charlotte, baptised 06/04/1798, and Jane, baptised 29/12/1799.  If I can discover more about either of these two girls then it might allow me to rule out the Ann (unless she left the girls behind, headed north, and had a third illegitimate child in Barthomley in 1804). 

Cherchez la femme?  The search goes on.