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Title: D Rowlands
Post by: Smurph110 on Monday 21 August 17 10:21 BST (UK)
Hope you can all help.

I'm trying to find D Rowlands originally from Glamorgan South Wales.  He may very well have grown up in and around Seven Sister, Neath.  I'm not sure if he is alive or deceased I'm afraid and I have absolutely no idea where to start with this search. (i'm VERY new to this) There are a great many D Rowlands in South Wales - where on earth do you start?

I do know that his parents were Ivor Morgan Rowlands  and Miriam Rowlands (nee Davies: 1907 -
 2000) who were married in 1937.  Miriam was also married to a Charles Howard before Ivor. He has an older sister called Edwina May Rowlands born 10th April 1941 deceased 4 September 2000 and 2 half sisters called M and G.  He was the youngest so will have been born after 1941 but I'm not sure of the date.

D Rowlands would be my uncle.

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Title: Re: D Rowlands
Post by: RayDen on Monday 21 August 17 12:39 BST (UK)
Only likely births for a D Rowland with mother Davies that I can find are:

Surname    First name(s)    Mother    District    Vol    Page

Births Jun 1943   
Rowlands    mmn Davies    Pontypridd    11a   810    

Surname    First name(s)    Mother    District    Vol    Page
Births Jun 1959   
ROWLANDS    mmn DAVIES    Cardiff    8b   199    

The Cardiff one is unlikely, however there are multiple marriages for Rowlands/Davies in Pontypridd area to isolate the 1943 birth.

Have found parents marriage and Edwina birth.  Also found the Charles Howard marriage (1933) and the birth of G, but she was born 1933 and registered as Davies so not Charles Howards child.


Title: Re: D Rowlands
Post by: Smurph110 on Monday 21 August 17 12:42 BST (UK)
Thank you so much.  That's a great place for me to start looking. 

I've noticed that once you get started it's incredibly addictive!
Title: Re: D Rowlands
Post by: dawnsh on Monday 21 August 17 21:24 BST (UK)
Hi Smurph110

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Title: Re: D Rowlands
Post by: dawnsh on Monday 21 August 17 21:51 BST (UK)
I had a look at the birth index for Edwina, her birth seems to have been registered in Neath District in which case, there's a possible birth for your chap in 1949.

But this birth has a different first name, maybe David is a middle name.

Any way if you do an internet search for this chap, his name is unique in the birth index after 1937, I found a possible address still in Neath.