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Title: James Statton b. bef 1790
Post by: mcsc on Sunday 05 November 17 17:23 GMT (UK)
My most recent immigrant ancestor James Stratton arrived in Virginia, USA in 1806 from Ireland. I believe Co. Antrim/Ulster is his likely origin but I don't have any documentation.  He married after arriving in USA and died soon after in 1809 leaving a baby girl.  One of his brothers was supposed to have gone to USA some time later but his widow and daughter never made contact with other members of the Stratton family.

I know nothing about genealogy research in Ireland and have no chance of making the trip there to do research.  No Ancestry membership either.  I once talked to a Ham radio operator there who knew there were many Strattons still there but no further info.
Title: Re: James Statton b. bef 1790
Post by: aghadowey on Sunday 05 November 17 19:48 GMT (UK)
Before posting any more requests on random boards have a look at this reference topic about searching for Irish ancestors-

Although much later period than you are searching for it will give an idea of surname distribution. 1911 census shows 184 entries for Stratton- with only 23 of them living in County Antrim. Armagh=26, Cavan=2, Down=86, Dublin=3, Galway=1, Leitrim=15, Londonderry=7 (all in same area), Longford=3, Louth=3, Monaghan=12. Tyrone=3. This doesn't take into account where people were born, etc.

You can use resources such as Griffith's Valuation (mid-1800s) to see occurrences of the surname but only head of household is listed.

Unfortunately without a more exact location you will struggle to find records (many are not online) and will struggle to know if any records you do find pertain to your family.