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Title: Minton family
Post by: g eli on Tuesday 02 January 18 20:56 GMT (UK)
Lucy Minton was christened in Newark Nottinghamshire,in 1798 the daughter Of James (1773-1817) and Mary Minton.At some time she moved to London and married Robert Crooks 6 Aug 1827 at St Peter le Poer. Robert was a widower and a likely first marriage was to Frances Minton on 20 May 1806 at St. Georges Hanover Square, there is a death for Frances Crooks Mar 1827 at St Peter le Poer. If this was the correct marriage and death I feel sure there must be some family connection, but I can't find it.I don't know where James and Mary were born,or how old Mary was when she died. Frances was 47 at her death so born about 1780.
Lucy also had an older sister Catherine Mary born about 1795 but I only know about her marriage and death.
Any help in connecting Frances and James would be appreciated.
Title: Re: Minton family
Post by: ciderdrinker on Wednesday 03 January 18 13:18 GMT (UK)
Siblings for Lucy bapt Newark
Caroline 18/20 Mar 1799 and Eliza 28 .4.1800

The only marriage I can see is a James Minton and Mary Adamson 25.2.1794 at St James Westminster.

Frances Minton seems to be baptised as Louisa Frances Minton St George Hanover Square 11/31 Mar 1782 d of John and Angelique Minton.

They had Thomas Harrington 13.6./6.7.1778,Ann Aubert 14.6./4.7.1784,Charles 25.3/5.4.1787,Edward 31.8./25.9.1789,Charles Shower 12.10/8.11.1790,Clarrissa 10.4/17th 1792,Frederick 3 Oct 1795,? Louisa 21.12.1799

The couple married at St Marylebone 18.8.1773 John Minton and Angelique Blanchet.

Will see what else I can find

Title: Re: Minton family
Post by: g eli on Wednesday 03 January 18 23:06 GMT (UK)
Thank you ciderdrinker,I had found the baptism of Louise Frances, but was unable to find any other children. May I ask where you found them.
The gap between Marriage and the baptism of Thomas Harrington allows for another child and James could fit.
Now to find out what I can about the other children.
Title: Re: Minton family
Post by: ciderdrinker on Thursday 04 January 18 10:31 GMT (UK)
Yes the baptisms were on FindMyPast .
I did look for Wills but can't spot any and there are a couple of burials at Bunhills Cemetery that could be John but there is more than one.
I did spot a Voters list on London Lives
John Minton Molton St St George Hannover Square  1780.

Title: Re: Minton family
Post by: g eli on Thursday 04 January 18 18:12 GMT (UK)
Thank you ciderdrinker.I think the John Minton on Molten St may be the right one, since he is a Wine merchant and Angeliques father was also a wine merchant.
Title: Re: Minton family
Post by: g eli on Friday 05 January 18 06:12 GMT (UK)
Had an interesting time researching John and Angelique and their children, but Louise Frances did not marry Robert Crooks ,she married William Taylor.So back to the drawing board.
Title: Re: Minton family
Post by: ciderdrinker on Friday 05 January 18 11:06 GMT (UK)
So le'ts try another tack.
That marriage of 1794 James Minton and Mary Adamson.(on FindMyPast)
Let's assume that Mary like her surname suggests is a nice Scottish lass and she wants to name her children in the traditional Scottish naming pattern.
So first daughter after herself ,second after her mother and third after her mother in law.
Her first child is Mary Catherine ,presumably after herself and her mother.The second daughter is therefore after her mother in law.
So any James Minton with a mother called Lucy?
Yes there is

James Minton son of Thomas and Lucy Minton sometimes Ann Lucy baptised at St Martins in the Fields 13.4.1776.

A couple of years out but maybe he wanted to be over 21 when he married in 1795 so he didn't need his parents consent.

Other children Charles 8.11.1763,Susanna 13.1.1766,Nancy 29.12.1769,Catherine Louisa 15.9.1771,Thomas 25.10.1772,John 5.7.1774 and then James 1776.

Thomas Minton dies at Knightbridge in the parish of Kensington (Probate 9th Feb 1793 )and leaves a PCC Will with a nice little surprise.
He is really concerned about his youngest child ,his daughter Frances who must be provided for until she she goes into service.
She must have been born 1776-4.3.1791 when the Will was made.

Thomas wants his lease hold property given up and his household items sold to pay  his debts and funeral expenses before going to pay his eldest son Charles 1 shilling and the rest to support his daughter Frances until she goes into service .
Then if there is any money left it is to be divided equally between his children-Ann Catherine Thomas James and Frances.
His executors are his son in law Thomas Simpson and Catherine Minton.
On the 24th a codicil is added giving some furniture to Catherine in compensation for running his business when he was not able to.

Ann Minton married 7.1.1788 Thomas Simpson at St James Piccadily.

I can't find Frances baptism or Thomas or his wife's burial.Not sure where the records for Kensington would be.
There are references to a Thomas Minton of Knightsbridge on the London lives website.
Thomas victualer of the Two Brewers Knightbridge is a witness at the inquest into the death of William Taylor in 1779
His on Thomas junior seems to be enrolled as a carpenter  in the Carpenters Guild to a Joseph Yalloway 4.7.1786.

Possible baptism for Thomas senior 31.5.1743 at St Anns Soho s of William and Ann Minton.
Daughter Sarah at St James Westminster 1.10.1739

There is a possible Will for William of Tooley St St Olaves Surrey 1768 again PCC which names his daughter Sarah Hewitson wife of Ralph as chief beneficiary and her daughters Ann and  Mary.(who get 20).
Nephew Edward Minton son of brother Edward gets his watch.

Made 17.2.1767.

Sarah married Ralph Edward Hewitson 22.5.1763 at St James Westminster

I'd like to think John Minton  of John and Angelique was another son but I can't see a baptism.

What do you think?


Title: Re: Minton family
Post by: g eli on Saturday 06 January 18 19:16 GMT (UK)
Thank you ciderdrinker for your hard work, this lead does look promising.I had wondered about Thomas and Lucy being James parents, given the Lucy name, but had put it on the back burner because, of James's 11 children none had the name Thomas. Two James, one Samuel, the rest were girls. His 2nd wife's father was Thomas too.
I hate mysteries but I love following up clues, it has taken me 10 years to connect James first family to his second and it has only been recently that I have had any success.