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Title: 1861 Census help
Post by: LadyJayne on Friday 09 February 18 20:54 GMT (UK)
Hoping someone could help me find William and Sarah Coulman/Coleman, they both appear in the admission and discharge records between 1862-1865 for Newington, but I can't find them in the 1861 census returns.   It is possible that they were in the workhouse but I don't seem to be able to find the piece number to enable me to check.  Both were born aound 1800 or so. His occupation is a bricklayer. Many thanks. :)
Title: Re: 1861 Census help
Post by: Milliepede on Friday 09 February 18 21:29 GMT (UK)
Whereabouts are they in 1851?

Any street address for them on the admission records?
Title: Re: 1861 Census help
Post by: davidft on Friday 09 February 18 22:10 GMT (UK)
1851 Census ?

If its the right William then

William Coulman 51 Bricklayer, born Stechney, Lincolnshire, England about 1800
Lydia Coulman 28 Bricklayers wife, born Newington, Surrey, England

are living at 20 York Street, Newington

However a few queries with this i.e.

1. Why is it Lydia and not Sarah
2. Would there really be such an age gap
3. The condition as to marriage on the original is unclear and I am not sure what it says

And then going to the 1841 census the nearest is

Wm Coulman 40 bricklayer
Mary Coulman 35

living at Flint Street, Newington and both claiming to be born in county (surrey)
Title: Re: 1861 Census help
Post by: LadyJayne on Saturday 10 February 18 17:58 GMT (UK)

1841 Census - This is the correct William living with his wife Mary (maiden name unknown)  I can only assume he re-married a lady by the name of  Sarah

1851 Census - Yes, this is the right William that I already have the information on. It's been a puzzle to me too that in this census Lydia is given as his wife. I do have his death certificate which isn't really helpful as he died in the workhouse and the informant is in attendence. The death certificate dose'nt give many clues just that he died of paraplepia? no mention of his wife and after having another look at these workhouse records I did find Sarah Coleman(sic) who died a few years later. Many thanks for help.

No street address given in the admission records.  ???
Title: Re: 1861 Census help
Post by: jonw65 on Saturday 10 February 18 20:24 GMT (UK)
According to Historical Streets Project, Newington Workhouse is missing from the 1861 census  (sorry, the Rootschat Shrink Link appears unable to shorten this),_1861_Census_Street_Index_U-Z

If someone can prove them wrong, then great. But just looking at the "U-Z" streets in Newington in this list we can see that, like elsewhere, there are bits and pieces missing in 1861.
Title: Re: 1861 Census help
Post by: LadyJayne on Sunday 11 February 18 09:50 GMT (UK)
Thanks John, now I know why I couldn't seem to find the correct Census piece for Newington workhouse. Just my luck it's missing. ??? many thanks for the link though. Very useful.