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When you say your George Hood was buried by the Quakers but "not in membership" are you certain he wasn't baptised a Quaker and that's why you can't find him.

I have come across several instances of people baptised as Quakers, marrying a non-Quaker, baptising children as Quakers with a note saying "not in unity" then being buried by Quakers "not in membership".  Marrying a non-Quaker may also be a reason for him not being accepted in 1836.  Just a thought as I've been following your very interesting thread.

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Nicholai Aerson 1570ish
« on: Saturday 26 January 19 21:34 GMT (UK)  »
There were some Arsons in the Hawnby/Bilsdale area, not far from Kirkdale, from at least early 1500's.

There are various spellings Arson/Areson/Ayreson etc


The Lighter Side / Re: Is this a record?
« on: Sunday 02 December 18 21:03 GMT (UK)  »
Some of the trees on Ancestry are hilarious in their absurdity.  I've no idea why people would waste their time typing in such rubbish on a public website.  Obviously name collectors who have never actually researched the people in their tree.

I have almost 60,000 in my tree but each person is sourced before they go in.  Having most of my ancestors from North Yorkshire has been very useful as the Dade records from the 1770's - 1812ish have been invaluable


Durham Lookup Requests / Re: Blackhill Cemetary, Consett
« on: Thursday 18 October 18 19:45 BST (UK)  »
Thank you very much for the further burial entries, which are very much appreciated.  Again these were the people I was looking for so your help in finding them has been great.  I will do as you recommend and look at Family Search.  They were from Yorkshire so it was a surprise to find them buried in Durham

Thank you

Durham Lookup Requests / Re: Blackhill Cemetary, Consett
« on: Thursday 18 October 18 09:10 BST (UK)  »

Thank you so much for the burials, it is very much appreciated.  They are the ones I was looking for.  Thank you for offering to look for any Stocktons.


Durham Lookup Requests / Blackhill Cemetary, Consett
« on: Wednesday 17 October 18 19:42 BST (UK)  »
If anyone has access to the monumental inscriptions in Blackhill Cemetary, Consett I would be very grateful for any information there may be on the names Bulmer and Stockton

Many thanks

The Lighter Side / Re: What has Rootschat done for you?
« on: Sunday 23 September 18 18:07 BST (UK)  »
I just checked and I joined Rootschat in 2004.  It is by far by favourite website.  I look forward to sitting down at the end of the day with a cuppa and reading the posts, helping where I can and learning such a lot from the experts.


Yorkshire (North Riding) / Re: Robert Banks Fletcher
« on: Tuesday 04 September 18 19:19 BST (UK)  »

David Fletcher's father George shown 1851 in Hovingham with his birth recorded as Snarlesworth.  This I believe is a corruption of Snilesworth near Hawnby and his baptism record:

Bapt 19/10/1775 Hawnby, Yorkshire Geo s/o Geo Fletcher Snilesworth


The Lighter Side / Re: silly sad old fool
« on: Saturday 21 July 18 20:44 BST (UK)  »
My grandparents had chamber pots.  They were called gazunders - because they gazunder the bed!!


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