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Clare / Re: McMahon Family Killaloe 1950
« on: Monday 25 September 17 16:50 BST (UK)  »
I'm not trying to trace living McMahon relatives These cousins hold the key to who the parents of my great grandfather Patrick McMahon were.  I cannot find a marriage record for him and his wife Julia Gleeson so cannot trace their parents.  I've been going through the McMahon obituaries in the Nenagh Guardian in the hope of finding other McMahon relatives mentioned as mourners.  This is the first obituary that mentions McMahon cousins.  So they and Julia Bury have the same McMahon grandparents and it is the name of these people that hold the key to my being able to trace back another generation.  Thank you for the phone number in Nenagh I will definitely call them and see if they can help me.  By the way, I live in the UK so cannot arrange to go see the parish marriage records for Killaloe and Ballina for 1882 which is when I believe my great grandparents got married Kind regards Janice

Clare / McMahon Family Killaloe 1950
« on: Monday 25 September 17 00:05 BST (UK)  »
Looking for a McMahon family who lived in Killaloe in 1950 They were listed among the mourners as cousins who attended the funeral of Julia Bury nee McMahon who died in Feb 1950 and was buried in the family burial place Templekelly Ballina Tipp. Julia was the daughter of Patrick McMahon (1860-1928) and Julia Gleeson (1856-1946) and was born in William St Nenagh in 1900.  Would be very grateful for  help in tracing these McMahon cousins.   

Clare / Re: 1882 -1900 Killaloe Parish records
« on: Sunday 09 July 17 23:32 BST (UK)  »
I've found the births of all the children in the civil records but not the marriage of their parents This means that I can't trace the family back further than 1883 I was hoping the parish records would give me some names of other family members who acted as the childrens' sponsors If I could then find these sponsors in the civil records or in the 1901 census then I might be able to go back a further generation

Tipperary / Re: Nenagh Family Roots
« on: Sunday 09 July 17 23:23 BST (UK)  »
Yes it is by Noel Farrell I've found his website and tried to contact him by email and telephone without success I tried to obtain a copy via my library but again no success I was hoping someone had a copy that they were willing to let me have

Clare / 1882 -1900 Killaloe Parish records
« on: Thursday 06 July 17 23:45 BST (UK)  »
Killaloe Parish records are available up to 1880 on the NLI website but my gt grandparents were married about 1882 and their children were born 1883-1900 So where can I find the Parish records for these dates ?

Tipperary / Nenagh Family Roots
« on: Thursday 06 July 17 23:01 BST (UK)  »
Trying to obtain a copy of this book but it seems to be out of print Does anyone have a copy that they want to sell Many thanks

Clare / Re: McMahon/Gleeson Marriage abt 1882 Scarriff
« on: Friday 21 October 16 23:38 BST (UK)  »
Hi yes Mary husband was Daniel.  Have you found a marriage record for them as I was told her father was Michael Blackall. Do you know what the graveyard is called in Killaloe as someone has told me that Templehallow is Killaloe and that Ballina is Templekelly.  Do you have different info on William Street to what appears on the 1901/1911 census - if so then yes it is of interest.  Many thanks for your help

Clare / Re: McMahon/Gleeson Marriage abt 1882 Scarriff
« on: Thursday 20 October 16 22:40 BST (UK)  »
Thank you for your help Sadly I know little about my gt grandparents.  When my dad was baptised in 1920 in Nenagh one of his sponsors was a Joseph McMahon but my dad didn't know what relation he was (if any)  The only other relative I know about is a first cousin of my gt grandfather Patrick McMahon called Mary Delaney who died in 1909 in Nenagh.  Mary was born in 1864 in Killaloe and her parents were Biddy McMahon and Michael Blackall.  Biddy and Michael were married in 1856 in Newport Tipp.  Biddy would be my gt grandfather's aunt as she was his father's sister. There seems to be a connection to Killaloe and also to Ballina Tipp as Patrick, Julia and their children are buried in 'The Family Plot' in Templehallow Ballina.  Someone on a facebook site told me that their McMahon family had come from Corrofin Clare, had moved to Killaloe in the 1860s and then to The Grange Ballina.  She thought that one brother had moved to Nenagh but had never been able to find out who as on the 1901 census there are several McMahon families in Nenagh

Clare / Re: McMahon/Gleeson Marriage abt 1882 Scarriff
« on: Thursday 20 October 16 14:56 BST (UK)  »
This Julia didn't marry a McMahon.  Thanks for looking :)

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