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Hertfordshire / Re: School Lane, Bushey
« on: Tuesday 21 February 17 13:36 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks Lindylou

I will be in touch. by email, with the information I have about H H Stone. Yes, there is that connection, and would be pleased to share the information with you. Will be emailing in a couple of days, when I can sort the details out.


Hertfordshire / Re: School Lane, Bushey
« on: Monday 20 February 17 17:59 GMT (UK)  »
Unable to send message as it says your inbox is full -

Hope this message gets through OK. And hope this information helps, I don't know how much infiormation you already have, so apologies if I am duplicating anything you already know!!

Herbert Henry STONE was the son of James STONE and Sarah WELLS. Born  1884  at Merry Hill Lane, Bushey, Herts (Appears to have been registered as Albert Henry STONE)

Baptised at St James Bushey, 12 September 1886?

James STONE and Sarah married 2 March 1884 at St James, Bushey. James was a widower, previously married to Annie Smith (26 Aug 1849 St James Bushey - they had 10 children, Ann died 1881) . Sarah had previously had 5 illegitimate children, one of who was my great grandfather - Robert James WELLS.  James & Sarah had 3 sons, as far as I can research so far.

Herbert was at........
1891 census - at London Road Bushey
1901 census  - School Lane. Bushey
1911 census - 68 Russell Place, School Lane, Bushey - employed on the greens of Sandy Lodge Golf Club.

Somewhere on my computer, I have details of his military history  including his award of the Military medal, and a photo, but will need to delve into the files, as I have not touched them for a while.

Also. Daisy Dobson was a cousin of his - via Sarah Wells. .

If you can send a private message with your email, I will forward various papers to you.


Hertfordshire / Re: School Lane, Bushey
« on: Monday 20 February 17 17:28 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Thanks for the post - I have quite a bit of information on Herbert Henry Stone, the Wells and Stone connection. Also a photograph which was sent to me by a Dobson relation/link to the family. Will send by private message. It is a complicated family tree with various intermarriages.

I have been tracing my family tree -on and off - for the last 30 years, but am only just getting back to doing more research.


London and Middlesex / Re: George W Phillips - Brickwall - Islington/Clerkenwell
« on: Friday 20 November 15 16:10 GMT (UK)  »

Thanks for the reply.

William Duncombe Moorby  was George's wifes brother in law. Georges wife was Louisa Elizabeth Ashby .

George and his wife named one of their sons William Duncombe Phillips... although on many records this has been misinterpreted as Duncan rather than Duncombe!

I can trace Louisa's tree back several generations luckily!

Thanks once again.

London and Middlesex / Re: George W Phillips - Brickwall - Islington/Clerkenwell
« on: Friday 20 November 15 13:57 GMT (UK)  »
Have come back to this brick wall after a few years gap, partly due to the 1939 register coming online.

Although I have not found George Phillips birth yet, nor his entry on 1861/1871/1881 census, I have a "birth date" - 10 September 1858 - and he is a retired taxi driver, living with his 2nd wife Beatrice.
Living at 10 Wakefield Road, Tottenham, North London

But there are still so many George Phillips to check through - it is still something to work with! Thanks to all who have helped in the past!

Hertfordshire / Re: School Lane, Bushey
« on: Thursday 02 April 15 17:28 BST (UK)  »
Hi to all those who have helped with this.

Salem Cottages have now been identified. I contacted the Local Resources centre at Bushey Museum and received the following reply;-

"They were on Sparrows Herne rather than Clay Hill on the south side, about halfway between the war memorial on the corner of School Lane and the old police station.   There were eight cottages, presumably a terrace, and like the Black Cottages the other side of the police station, I would imagine they were pretty basic.   They were demolished in about 1960 and replaced by a modern block of flats.  "

Have checked Google maps and pinpointed the place.

Both mysteries solved. Now - time to move onto the next item on the genealogy "to do" list.

Thanks again


Derbyshire Lookup Requests / Re: Frederick G Quarry of Ripley - Burial
« on: Wednesday 01 April 15 16:25 BST (UK)  »
I have now received a reply from Derbyshire Record Office. Frederick Quarry was buried in Ripley Cemetery - grave number 190. The interesting thing is that he is in the same grave as Percy LAMBERT, who died 1919. His wifes sister married a Lambert, so another line to follow.

As to the war memorial, I have contacted the Derbyshire war memorial website and have supplied information about Frederick, which has been added to the web page.

Thanks to everyone here who has helped, also the Debryshire Genealogy Facebook page. Your assistance has been greatly appreciated.
Now, more lines to follow up!

Hi Gwil

Thanks so much for your post and for the very detailed information.

Herbert was born in 1885 in Bushey, Hertfordshire, so he would have been 30 when war broke out.. The address I have for him, at the time of his marriage in 1917, 6 Salem Cottages,Clay Hill, Bushey. I have always wondered why he ended up in a "Welsh" regiment.

This information fills in the gap in his WW1 service, which helps a great deal as his papers didn't  survive, as was the case with 90% of my ancestors!

I will certainly follow up the War Diaries.

Once again, thank you so much, it is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards



My ancestor Herbert Henry STONE was a pre-war Regular soldier in the South Wales Borderers (No: 7222). It is believed he was on Reserve when the First World War broke out., and was with the 1st Battalion SWB, entering a Theatre of War on 26 January 1915.

Later, he was a CSM with the 12th Bn SWB at Bourlon Wood in November 1917 and awarded the MC

But, according the Medal Roll, it says that between these two events ,  he was with the 1/Garrison Battalion RWF and the 14 Battalion RWF - army number 33629.

Any guidance on how to "fill the gap" of  his time with the RWF , would be appreciated. There are no Army service records for him apart from his attestation papers in 1902.

(I have a lot of information about the movements of the South Wales Borderers and especially his time with the 12th SWB from the History of the SWB in the First World War. )


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