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Hi again, getting both frustrated and confused with Leanita/Nena and her Aunt Lillie, just where and why/how did Leanita or family find funds to afford houses in Portreath, why in her name, Uncle William/Willie stole/took the ownership from her?
Then we have the Miss L Goninon who flew on Trans Canada Airlines London to Montreal 15th August 1953?

Also a Miss Lilyie Goninon aged 71 and a Miss Leonata Goninon 48 who flew from Kindley Fields, Bermuda to Montreal 15th August 1954 again on Trans Canada Airlines?

 :) Lovely when you look at the Newspapers in Butte, Montana like this one:-
8th May 1949

Mrs Elizabeth Goninon wife of Richard Goninon of 3046 Phillps died late Friday night at Butte Hospital, Mrs Goninon was native of Cornwall England and for last 35 years resided in Butte.
Mrs Goninon is survived by her husband Richard, a daughter Miss Lenata Goninon, one Sister in Law Miss Lillie Goninon, Brothers in Law John Goninon of WINDSOR Ontario, William Goninon of Detroit, and Garfield & Edward Goninon both of England

Montana Standard 24th April 1950

Richard Goninon a native of England and a resident of Butte past 46 years died early Sunday morning at a local hospital, the family home in 3046 Phillips.
Mr Goninon was a member of the Butte Miners Union, he is survived by his wife Olga J Goninon, a daughter Miss Lenata Goninon in Canada, Sister Lillie in Canada, four brothers John of Windsor, Ontario, William of Detroit, Garfield & Edward in England
The body is at White's Funeral House

To be honest this Leanita/Nena knows so much about the Beckerleg/Passmore family their must be something in it, or was it just through the communication of Merina and her?

I sent her a personal message on Saturday but have had no reply.
More than likely my Passmores were people that Leanita/Nena knew when she lived in Camborne.
Marina/Merina Passmore died in 1945.
Same, just wondering why someone born 1909 was communicating with someone 34 years older?

The 1941 poem was titled "Elaine"


 . . . . . and these poems can be found where?

FindMyPast newspapers.

May I just say two beautifully worded poems written for two seperate reasons.

EDIT Her address was 1669, Goyeau Street, Windsor, Ontario.

Nena Goninon from Canada , had two poems published  .
The first in 1942 and the second in 1947.  The second says that it from a Cornish lady , gives her full address and says it is copyrighted in Canada.
Once again possibly the "other" Nena Goninon of Ferndale, Michigan 12420 looks to have written the words and melody of a song 15th March 1939 ( Google Books)?

The info I have here in Canada which was given to me directly does not match the info posted on this chat about the Goninon family.

Hi again Nancy, for whatever reason I have attempted to PM you and failed about the results we have located that were obviously wrong from your knowledge and the book by Leanita. We have a Leanita b 28th December 1909 Registered March qtr 1910 who is not the one on the maiden voyage of the Titanic 10th April 1912 aged 4 accompanied by her Aunt Lillie who was the sister of a Richard, both must have been survivors as Lillie cared for Leanita nick name Nena for many years, Leanita had a brother Percy who was younger than her, so not the Percy we found b 1908 who died in Canada aged 20 whereas your Percy died on the morning of his 21st birthday.
If you wish us to hopefully locate another Leanita/Percy with an Aunt Lillie sister of a Richard in Camborne area let us know, possibly our Leanita Goninon is the one who died 1991 Vancouver aged 81 not yours who died 1992 Vancouver?
All the best

Hi again Sarah Sharp married Clement Bailey 4th December 1870 Christ Church Biddulph Moor both Widowed

I just found the death of a John SHARP quarter december 1861 district Congleton

The GRO Index suggests he was 18

Hi just in case John was not the child of Sarah, or not a Bailey:-

24th June 1861 Biddulph St Lawrence

Joseph Sharp 27 occ Stone Mason
Sarah Bayley 23  occ Worker in Silk
Grooms father Enoch Sharp
Brides Father David Bayley
Both Stone Masons

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