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Scotland / Re: SA migrant John Carter who may have died back in Scotland 1908
« on: Saturday 08 December 18 13:07 GMT (UK)  »
      Just as a matter of interest, there was an Ann Maria Bashforth baptised on Oct 30th 1853 at Hoyland Swaine, Silkstone, Yorkshire.      Parents William and Mary.      William was a Nail Maker.

      Hoyland Swaine is just south west of Silkstone.       I wonder if they went back there, instead of Scotland.

Lanarkshire / Re: Mclaren's and Nelsons of Kilncadzow, late victorian/early edwardian
« on: Saturday 08 December 18 10:58 GMT (UK)  »
In 1911, there were a lot of Nelsons living in nearby Carluke .... John/ Robert/ Alex/ James/ William/ Robert/ Martin/ Thomas/ Henry/ Joseph for instance.    And that is just the men-folk.

Lanarkshire / Re: Shettleston death in 1912 - where buried?
« on: Saturday 08 December 18 10:12 GMT (UK)  »
Memento Mori, Lanarkshire has lists of burials at Sandymount Cemetery.      The site also gives various other cemeteries around Glasgow.       The Eastern Necropolis, (Janefield Cemetery), for instance, next to Celtic park, is less than a mile from Shettleston.

       Several times, I have walked all round Sandymount  trying to find a grave but it is such a huge cemetery that you really would be extremely lucky to find any particular grave without knowing which section of Sandymount it is situated in.     

        You could google Memento Mori, Lanarkshire anyway.          When you google "Memento Mori, Lanarkshire", choose from the list that comes up, the site which simply says "Memento Mori", which should be top of the list.

Immigrants & Emigrants - General / Re: McArthur Family emigration
« on: Wednesday 28 November 18 09:32 GMT (UK)  »
There is an 1841 census at Colliertree, Airdrie, New Monkland
John McArthur, 40
Margaret, 35
Margaret, 14
Archibald, 6
Jane, 3
Agnes, 1 mth.

There is a marriage for John McArthur to Margaret Watt, 11 June 1824 at Muirkirk, Lanarkshire.

And there is a death for Janet Crawford (maiden name McArthur) at Argyll.      Quite a lot of information on the certificate.     Her father was Donald Crawford, a Weaver and her mother was Mary McArthur.       Children named on the death cert were: Alex, 50; Ann, 48; Donald, 46; Archibald, 41; Hugh, 38; and John, 34.

Janet died at Furnace, Cumlodden, Argyll on 30 Nov 1855 and is buried at Kilmartin.    There were three witnesses.      One is Archibald Gillies, and it says "son of deceased".     

Don't quite know where all the above fit in on your tree, or if this is the sort of information that you are interested in.

Renfrewshire / Re: Anyone know about Strone Villa?
« on: Saturday 01 September 18 15:20 BST (UK)  »
                              Your maps clarify it.      I did have a note saying that the Strone Villa I was looking for was near Kilmacolm Road, so that settles it.      ...There seems to be a Strone on the Cowal Peninsula, Argyll & Bute, and when I tried googles for Strone, I was getting a confusing mixture of information about Strone in Argyll & Bute and Strone in Greenock.    In fact, I had seen a photo of an imposing looking building named Strone that looked very like a castle, and thought for a minute that might be it.      But it was across the water from Greenock.

        It seems that the Strone Villa in Greenock is a much more modest place than a castle.

                   Many thanks for the info about David Arthur at Strone Brae in 1905.     Useful information.




Renfrewshire / Anyone know about Strone Villa?
« on: Friday 31 August 18 22:02 BST (UK)  »
     An ancestor of mine was a nurse at Strone Villa in the Gourock area.     She is on the 1911 Census as a Nurse, although she was actually a qualified midwife.    I am trying to find out what kind of place Strone Villa was.    Head of the house in 1911 was a David Arthur, 80, a retired Manufacturing Chemist, a daughter living with him along with two baby grandsons. 

     Would like to know the address of this Strone Villa and if it still exists.    Is "Strone" the name of a district at Gourock?     

Technical Help / Re: What does 001 mean?
« on: Monday 16 July 18 19:20 BST (UK)  »
        I did have an old Epsom my sister gave me about three of years ago - but since then I have been using an old Dell, which my sister also gave me.    Mt computer is a Dell.       I only use the printer for scans though.   I don't use ink cartridges any more because I just think the price of the ink is a rip-off.    I was spending mountains of money on ink.      No more!

        I was glad  ;D that you said you deleted the 001 every time you scan something.    When making my original post here, I thought that if I admitted I was deleting the 001 for every image, it would look ridiculous.       

Technical Help / What does 001 mean?
« on: Monday 16 July 18 12:27 BST (UK)  »
   I am on Windows 7 at the moment, and I scan photos all the time.     Once I have scanned a photo, I get the Import Pictures box, asking me to name the picture.    So I name it, and click Import.    Next page that comes up has the photo with the tagged name underneath - but with 001 at the end.     What is this 001?     What does it signify?

World War Two / Re: WW2 aircrew brevet
« on: Sunday 15 July 18 23:06 BST (UK)  »
           Wow!    That's fantastic.    He goes away, way up in my estimation now....           

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