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My other Shropshire / Gwyddelwern link are the Bodley family - do they appear anywhere with you?

Thanks Gadget for the link - I was also looking at the nls side by side maps.

Just in case there is any connection with your aunty, the family I was looking at were Price Oliver Davies, his wife Margaret Hannah Hughes and their children Olive Marjory Davies and Norman Price Davies. Price's father  and my great grand father were brothers originally from Gwyddelwern.


Have checked it on the modern maps and it still exists so I am happy to stick with it.  Thank you again for your help.


Thank you Carol,

I feel a little bit silly now!  I went to the top of the same page trying to work out the addresses there but didn't think to move to the next page!

The address now seems to be Oak Mill Cottage, Twmpath, Gobowen - what do you think?


Good afternoon and thank you for any help that can be given.

I would be grateful if someone is able to transcribe the address in the attached extract please.  The original transcriber has it down as "Ball Mill Cottage Pi? Governess". 

Ref: Ref: RG101/5214C/015/42

Thank you,


Thank you (again) MaxD - I had only looked at the first set.

Thank you, MaxD - much appreciated.

Where did you see about the sprained ankle (or am I being blind?)?

Is there a way of me finding out more about why he was discharged or is it a case of the record doesn't exist?

Thank you again,


Good morning and thank you in advance for any help that can be given.

The brother of my Great Grandfather is Charles Georrge Eustace (b. 13/12/1881 Chaddleworth, Berkshire).

He attested on 19 October 1901 to the 139th Battery Royal Field Artillery at Monmouth, Wales but less than a year later was discharged in Kildare on 31 July 1902 as unfit.  There is a description on his discharge sating that he had lost the third joint of his third finger on his left hand but this can't be the reason as this is also described on his attestation.

I have attached a page from the discharge in the hope that someone might be able to explain further why he served such a short time (all it says is medically unfit along with the Kings Regulations which I do not understand).  I would also be grateful if anyone could tell me anything else about the 139th Battery and what they would have been doing during his short service

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