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Thank you everybody not only for the transcription but also for the explanations and links.  Very much appreciated.  I have several miners in my tree but hadn't come across this role before.

Thanks again.  Nic

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Colliery Foreman - can't make out what type
« on: Friday 09 February 18 16:09 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you in advance for any help that can be given.

I have attached an extract from the 1911 census and can see that it says colliery foreman above ground, however, I cannot work out what type of foreman it is. I would be grateful if someone has a second opinion please.



Hi Carol,

Thank you for the head's up about naming those still alive.  I wasn't aware of it but in hindsight it is a sensible rule and one that I will try to adhere to from now on.

Thanks for the info regarding the certificates.  Yes, I did know about that great PDF service from the GRO although I think it is still a pilot.  Much of my research is based on having the actual certificates so a few pounds saving is very welcome after having spent several hundred over the years.



Sounds a good bet, thank you.  Bernard is Hull 1945 9d 329, mother's maiden name Hadfield.  I will order a copy of the certificate.  Ernest's will makes sense now!

Thank you Carol,

So do you think I should be looking for a previous marriage between Margaret and Ernest Nicholson that led to the birth of Bernard Nicholson and assume that she divorced Ernest and then remarried hence the different surname?

Thank you for your help.


Since the kind help on this thread, I have ordered the Will for Ernest Nicholson which has thrown up more questions than it answers!

Ernest's will contains the following: All my possessions to my son Bernard Nicholson the property known as Belle Vue, Waxholme, Withernsea, East Yorkshire to be let (not sold) the rent to be paid for his use to his mother Mrs Margaret Lavinia Dixon 

I would be grateful for any help tracking down when Bernard was born and who Mrs Dixon was.  Both of these names are new to me.  Interestingly, Bernard is living in Paignton, Devon.

As always, thank you in advance for any help that can be given.


Thank you so much Jebber and Cidedrinker

Jebber: I have just ordered the wills to see what they might contain.
Ciderdrinker: Is it still possible to get a certificate even if the marriage was in Egypt?

Thanks again,


Good morning and thank you as always for any help that can be given.

I confidently ordered the death certs of my great grandparents only to find that I may have made a mistake somewhere. 

I have checked back through what I do know.  My grandparents are Kenneth William Patterson and Barbara Mary Nicholson married 9 December 1947.  On their marriage cert (attached) Barbara's father is shown as Ernest Nicholson, Army officer retired, of 50 Hull Road Withernsea.

On the 1939 register I have Barbara M Nicholson living with Ethel M Nicholson and Ernest Nicholson, army pensioner.  I have assumed that this is the correct Barbara living at Bellevue, Waxholme Road. She is 13 in 1939 and then 21, 8 years later when she marries so seems likely.

I have then ordered Ernest's birth and death certs based on the date given for his birth in the 1939 register.  Ernest's death cert (attached) shows him as a retired cabinet maker of Bellevue, Waxholme Road (same address as 1939).  In the 1911 census I have him as "Chair maker (Manf. upholsterer & cabinet maker)" and 1913 marriage cert as "chair maker" so it isn't a huge leap to see him as a cabinet maker on his death cert.  Also the addresses and dates match.  The witness on Ernest' death cert is his Son Stanley William Nicholson (baptism details attached)

My problem is with Ethel.  On the marriage cert her maiden name is Grant.  On the 1939 register her DoB is 14/03/1893.  I couldn't find a death cert based on this date but I ordered one (attached)based on 14/03/1894 (exactly 1 year difference), however this states that she was a widow of Ernest Nicholson (retired gas board worker) and that her address was 48 Kirkfield Road.

As gas board worker and cabinet maker seem too far apart and there is a year difference in the birth dates do I have the same person?  The different addresses on the death certs are only about a mile apart and only a few houses away from the informant Joan Kathleen Nicholson (daughter in law). I can't find any details as to who Joan married to become a Nicholson (it doesn't seem to be Stanley).

Any help identifying whether I have the correct Ethel May would be appreciated (I think that I do - it is just the cabinet maker vs gas board worker that is throwing me!), as would any help identifying who Joan Kathleen is.

Many thanks,


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