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Thanks Gadget - my points were just me thinking out loud. 

Hope you feel better soon.  I'll have another look over the weekend.

As always,. Your wisdom is appreciated!

The will seems to have raised more questions than answers!  Thinking out aloud .

Is Thomas snr leaving estate to Robert Wynne and Thomas (1820) who is his oldest son or is it Thomas (1849)?  Must be Thomas (1849) which means where is Thomas (1820)?

To become the son-in-law, I am assuming that Robert married Elizabeth and the only match that I can get for that is 1856 Q2 Ruthin 11B 606, although I would have expected it to be Corwen.

Strange that everything should be left to the son-in-law rather than anyone by his previous marriage.  Also based on the 1871 census, what did Thomas (1849) get out of all this.

On the 1861 census I can't work out where Robert Wynne was born (Llanfair as shown in 1871?).  I will order the marriage cert.

Hugh died before 1861 as his wife Elizabeth is a widow and has left children Thomas (my 2xG Grandfather), Edward, Hugh, and John Evans but there is no mention of his wife in the will.  I have all the boys in Tyisa Llyn (and other various spellings!)

Also in the 1861 census there is a Catherine Evans (granddaughter) - whose is she?  There is no mention of her in the will (is she still alive?).  There is  Catherine Wynne in 1871 aged 11 - is this the same person?

1851 Thomas Snr is shown as born in Llangwm whereas in 1861 he is born in Gwyddelwern.

Robert Wynne and Elizabeth have a daughter aged 13 called Elizbeth in the 1871 census but she is not on the 1861 census.

I have also received Thomas Snr's will which does help shed some light!


I have received the birth certs for Thomas jnr but do not think either of them is for the right person.

Both files attached (1 x pdf; 1 x jpg)


Yet again, thank you for your wisdom!

Still on the Evans group, I have Thomas senior born in Llangwm 1790.  I have found two Thomas Evans' around this year (both 1790), shown below.  As the father's name is not mentioned on the parish marriage between Thomas and Elizabeth and with the possibility of not finding the marriage between Thomas and Catherine, how would I confirm which of the following is him?

First name(s):  Thomas
Last name: Evans
Birth year: 1790
Birth date: ? ? 1790
Baptism year: 1790
Baptism date: 07 Jan 1790
Place: Llangwm
County: Denbighshire
Country: Wales
Father's first name(s): Hugh
Mother's first name(s): Elizabeth

First name(s): Thomas
Last name: Evans
Birth year: 1790
Birth date: ? ? 1790
Baptism year: 1790
Baptism date: 19 Nov 1790
Place: Llangwm
County: Denbighshire
Country: Wales
Father's first name(s): Robert
Mother's first name(s): Jane

Thanks Gadget - will keep you updated.

Thank you for teaching me something new!

I haven't used the tithe maps before so have been having a browse looking at some of the other farms that used to be in the family. 

Looking forward to reading and sharing the will when I receive it.  May then have to have a stab at working out the links between Wynne's and Evans's (only after I have written up and added to the tree what you have kindly helped me with so far).

The Common Room / Re: Cause of death = "Died" | Death entry in the Marine Register
« on: Friday 02 November 18 17:47 GMT (UK)  »
He died at Stettin and the register lists his death in the classification "Diseases of the Heart and great Blood Vessels".

Feeling a little bit embarrassed now  ??? as I have had that document for a while now but never noticed the line under the title giving the death classification.  Always learning!!!!

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