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All relevant details for the 2005 death entry are shown in reply 1.  You say you are using Ancestry - do you have a subscription or are you just using the free index?

how do I search for all Mary Ann's marrying a Leadbeater please on freeBMD?

I can't see how that is going to confirm her maiden name or whether she was previously married

The simplest way would be to buy a copy of the 1972 marriage cert as it will give you her previous marital status and also her fathers name.  Her fathers surname is her birth surname so you can then search for her birth

Lincolnshire Lookup Requests / Re: Boston Baptist?
« on: Yesterday at 23:38 »
I am looking for the children of Baptist?James Scott in Boston - Elizabeth about 1814, William about 1819 and Mary about 1832, there may be more children.  Thomas wife maybe Mary from a marriage in 1810 at the parish church in Boston.

What do you mean by Baptist?  His religion or his christian name?

Who is Thomas?

Looking just at the 1861 census entries for Ensoll - the  London ones were born in London and the Hereford ones were born Hereford

Which particular Ensoll family are you researching and have you actually found any connection between the counties from baptismal or marriage records of the ones you are researching?

Do you mean the example I gave in reply 4?  If so - it was from FamilySearch.

Sussex / Re: rebecca waters
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Are you taking your info from the 1841 census?  Rebecca 25 and Sophia in the same household as William aged 60?

Sussex / Re: rebecca waters
« on: Yesterday at 01:57 »
Itís all very vague.

How do you know she was Sophia Waters sister if you have no baptism for her showing her parents names?

You need to establish for definite her father was William otherwise you could research the wrong person.  Did she marry in 1841?  If so - who to?

Where has Susannahís name come from?

Sussex / Re: rebecca waters
« on: Yesterday at 00:42 »
William waters possibly her father

Is this from her marriage cert

Henry's birth seems to have been registered as Dawson

Henry Dawson mmn      Robson     June qtr 1842 Houghton Le Spring 24  163

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