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The marriage certificate has your William, and Mary Jane, living on Sand Street.
I believe this may be Strand Street ;D
The marriage was in January 1861, a few months before the 1861 census.

If it is, then this may be them on the 1861 census?
Although I don't understand the transcription of in-laws surname as "Lrong"?!

However, I can't find any other William Kelly, living on Sand/Strand Street?
And, both William and Mary Jane are indeed minors, as stated on the Marriage Certificate.
And William is a plasterer, again as stated on the Marriage Certificate.

London and Middlesex / Re: Registry offices
« on: Today at 11:17 »
Romford is now covered by Havering Registration District.

Bethnal Green is now covered by Tower Hamlets.

London and Middlesex / Re: Registry offices
« on: Today at 11:09 »
If in doubt, simply contact the GRO? ;D

Personally, I use FreeBMD to find Births, Marriages and Deaths.
I then order certificates through the GRO (9.25 including P&P).
Ordering through a District Registrar usually costs 10+ with P&P added.

Under the laws of England/Wales a person can call themselves anything they like! ;D
Just as long as there is no intention to deceive or defraud.

I am divorced - my ex-wife still uses her married name (i.e. my surname).

The Lighter Side / Re: old pubs
« on: Yesterday at 20:45 »
There isn't an Old pubs guide as such now as I've mentioned before unless your interest lies in London.  I've looked in various places for any mention of The Ship Inn Brotherton. There are 5 publicans from the census but would anyone have any idea how i might find the others in the 1890s

There are at least 2 sites you could use:

From ManxNoteBook (and therefore from Manx Families, A.W.Moore) re Kelly:

This family is known to be a very old one in the Island, but there is no regular record of it before John (born 1699, obit 1762). He married (1) in 1743 Christian (born 1702, obit 1757, buried at Peel) daughter of Vicar General Seddan, and had issue William (born 1743, obit sans progeny) and Ann (born 1746) who married Vicar General Christian.

There was no Kirk Douglas?! ;D
Douglas was then a small fishing port, and parts were in Kirk Braddan, and parts in Kirk Onchan parishes.

Your marriage was on 26 June 1802 in Kirk Braddan.

Do you have them in any censuses? Was a birthplace mentioned?

Worcestershire / Re: Place name in Great Malvern
« on: Yesterday at 15:50 »
There is an advertorial in an edition of the Abergavenny Mail, dated 21st February 1914.
Page 3, Column 2, towards the bottom headed "Malvern's Opportunity".

"On 24th January 1906 Mr T. Bullock of 4 Sydenham Place, Newtown Road, near The Institution, Great Malvern . . . . ."

Maybe a clue there?

Worcestershire / Re: Place name in Great Malvern
« on: Yesterday at 15:21 »
That would be Newtown Road? Newtown was/is a suburb of Malvern.

But it's a long road, and I can't see Sydenham Place?

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