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Sligo / Re: any information on my great Grandfather William Davis
« on: Monday 17 September 18 13:35 BST (UK)  »
Hi Louise

My parents first visited Ireland in 1982 and met another couple from NZ on the boat across to Ireland. There was great surprise all round when my parents were in Sligo and were taken "up the mountain" to visit Eileen, only to find the other couple were also visiting.

Sorry I could not tell you now who the other couple were. My mother and I again visited Eileen in 1999. We also visited Annie Goulden nee Boyd who was another cousin of my mother's. I am not sure if I knew that Ivy had married a Goulden. I was told that someone on the Livingston side had married a Goulden but not from the same family as Annie's husband Phillip Goulden. Annie was my maternal grandfather's cousin on the Clarke side (Skreen). Ivy Goulden is a year older than my mother.



Sligo / Re: any information on my great Grandfather William Davis
« on: Monday 17 September 18 07:39 BST (UK)  »
So to answer your question; yes the details appear to be correct. I have the same dates and spouses for Olive and Eileen.

Olive Black 1948-2016 married John Fraser 1948-2014.
Eileen Thompson 1918-2015 married John Black 1910-1979.
Mary Anne Crean 1885-____ married John Thompson 1898-____.

I can't seem to find a way to copy text details from my tree (other than screenshot) so will have to type it:

Eileen born 1918, b Claragh, Lavagh, Ballymote, Achonry Parish. (If that makes sense)
         died 26 Mar 2015, Barnabrack, Beltra, Dromard.

Sligo / Re: any information on my great Grandfather William Davis
« on: Monday 17 September 18 07:30 BST (UK)  »
By the time I get to that 3rd generation, Eliza Davis and Daniel Crean, my written notes are getting more sparse and are not as up to date as my Ancestry tree.

For instance Thomas Crean (1872-1953) married Mary Jane Craven and I think I have one more son for his older bother James Crean born 1870.

I do not have a date of death for Mary Ann Crean or her husband John Martin Thompson but I do have more children in my Ancestry Livingston tree than the one daughter in my notes .



Sligo / Re: any information on my great Grandfather William Davis
« on: Monday 17 September 18 07:07 BST (UK)  »

 Next two generations.

Ann LIVINGSTON (1807-1885)
Ann born c1807 was probably the oldest daughter of Thomas and Ann Livingston.
Ann married (probably c1830) James DAVIS son of William DAVIS and Catherine ARMSTRONG of Rathbarron. James Davis was born c 1811 and died in Coolaney on 3 July 1876 aged 65.

The Davis family lived at Green Rd, Coolaney.

Ann died 1885 aged 78.

Eliza Jane DAVIS  (1838-1907)
    m Daniel CREAN on 7 Mar 1859 in Killoran. 
In 1901 census Daniel & Elizza Crean at Carrickbonagher, Co Sligo
Eliza Jane died 23 Feb 1907. Daniel Crean died 22 Dec 1923
   James Crean (1870-1958) Cloonacurrah. Married Elizabeth Black. 1911 =5 sons, 4 daughters.
   Thomas Crean (1872-1953) Carrickbanagher. Married 1910 Mary Jane. 8 chn born >1911
   William Crean (1874 -?)
John Crean (1875-1914) Pennsylvania USA. Married Margaret Davis, dau of William Davis and Jane Craig. One son John born 1910 (another son John b1906 died 1906)
   Joseph Crean (1881-?)
   Robert Crean (1883 - ?)
   Mary Anne Crean (1885 - ?) married 1911 to John Martin Thompson. One daughter.
   Frederick Crean (1887-1889)
   Richard Crean (1889-1971) Collooney. Married 1936 to Anne Irwin. One daughter.



Sligo / Re: any information on my great Grandfather William Davis
« on: Monday 17 September 18 06:57 BST (UK)  »
Starting at the end of the list of names with my ancestors:

Thomas Livingston (1782-1871)
Thomas Livingston (born circa 1782) is the earliest Livingston in our family tree as at 2012. The earliest record we have is the mention in the O’Hara Estate (Sligo) records of 1846 which says that a Thomas Leviston has sown “cabbages and 2 acres of potatoes and 3  acres of oats” on the land at Rathbarron, Sligo. There is no record of Thomas at Rathbarron prior to 1800 and neither does he appear anywhere in the Tithes in 1825 so either Thomas did not rent land prior to 1848 (i.e could have lived in a town) or he was not in Ireland.

Ann (1794-1877)
Ann Livingston, a farmer’s widow who died at Rathbarron on 11 Jul 1877 aged 93 was probably Thomas’s wife. Ann was born c 1794. George Whyte was present at her death. (George Whyte married Ann Livingston, granddaughter of Thomas, daughter of my 2x gt grandfather John Livingston).

The next generation are the ones I listed back on ?page 3 of this thread. Ann Livingston and James Davis



Antrim / Re: Templeton Family (Ballylinney/Carnmoney/Mallusk)
« on: Saturday 15 September 18 04:45 BST (UK)  »
Hi Allister

I was just looking through the Tithes for Templepatrick and there is a Joseph Templeton there in 1833. I have been looking at the Kelso's again but have not made much progress since last year. There are quite a few in the Tithes for Templepatrick, starting with an Alexander Kelso but whether he is the Alexander (grocer) son of George or the Alexander (stone mason) son of Ephraim is not clear. Maybe another earlier Alexander Kelso existed.

Matthew has found an 1825  land record following on the Will of an Ephraim Kelso who presumably died 1825.

Book 808 / Page 448 / Number 545183
Memorial of indented deed of release dated 28th Nov 1825 between Joseph Barron of Ballynabarnish and David Biggar [Bigger] of the Trench, farmers, executors named in the last will and testament of Ephrahim [Ephraim] Kelso late of Craigarogan deceased on the one part, and George Kelso of Craigarogan, farmer, of the other part. 



Antrim / Re: John William Andrews married Letitia Jane Coulson - 1899 - Belfast.
« on: Saturday 08 September 18 07:00 BST (UK)  »
Thank you Dathai

John A C Kelso in my tree had no further information, so now I can update him. I am interested in the early Templepatrick Kelsos as there have been a a couple of marriages to my Templepatrick families.

John's father Alexander Kelso was born 1825 son of another Alexander Kelso born 1803. David Kelso born 1808 married an Elizabeth Kelso. Information on this family is in Gilby's post on the Windyhill Thoburn family. Not sure how to post the thread but here goes.

Alexander Kelso born 1803 was in turn the son of George Kelso of Kilgreel born c 1775-1777.


Linda (NZ)

James Hamilton (mayor) was the brother of Kate and Samuel Hamilton who came out to NZ in the 1920s. Neither Sam nor Kate had any family but were very close friends and neighbours of my grandparents.  They also had a brother David Hamilton in NZ who did marry and had a son named Whitty.

Samuel Hamilton emigrated to Melville, Hamilton, NZ in 1920 via Canada along with my gt Uncle George Washington Searles Dougherty and his wife Kathleen nee Switzer.

Kate emigrated from Londonderry early in 1922 with my grandparents, Oswald George Livingston and wife Wilhelmina Foster Dougherty. Both families lived with the Hamiltons in Melville until they built their own homes. My grandparents lived next door.

Another brother was Joe Hamilton. Previous post is probably related to him.

I cannot give you many dates as I do not have the Hamiltons in my family tree. My cousin, who lives just outside Hamilton(confusing)  has previously posted a photo of both Kate and Sam's headstones that he took some years ago.


Linda (NZ)

Antrim / Re: McCrums or Simm Campbells of Carnmoney/Ballycraigy
« on: Sunday 08 July 18 08:11 BST (UK)  »
Hannah Lynn, sister of my 2 x gt grandmother,married William McCrum (1820-1865) of Kilgreel, Templepatrick son of Samuel McCrum and Agnes Marshall.

Hannah's son James Carson McCrum b1863 died in Canada so is not the James McCrum who died 1900 in Roughfort, Templepatrick. I have looked through the basic records I have of this family (siblings of William) and cannot place the James who died 1900, nor any other the other names from the McCrum family of Carnmoney but I have not myself researched this family.

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