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A scan croped to just the badge at the highest resolution available to you may help.



Although a Waikato resident all my life, and done research on Estates and early Drainage Boards, the name Hunga Hunga had no significence to me, previous to reading your post.

Google did not help me, but Papers Past did. Referring the the 1800's Hunga Hunga Estate, Elstow Te Aroha.

If you have not done a PapersPast search I suggest it might be productive, as there are some 400 hits.

Tip; Set your search to 'Hunga hunga' [exact wordsphrasesults can be further refined by limiting the range of years you are searching. The hits available are up to the year 1945. The word Hunga will get you thousands of hits otherwise. Also I like to nominate the date order option, and then 100 per page option.



As the local Brotherhood of the Druids Lodge were called to attend the funeral, it might be productive to enquire if their records of that time survive. I know of others that have. The Lodge members supported their own, and it is surprising what minutes contain regarding benefits being offered to spouses and children, in times of sudden death, plus address for service. Support often continuing for quite some time.

I would suggest that you GOOGLE the Waihi Museum and enquire using the email address posted on their Contact Us page. They may also have other items on Mr Charles Lindsay MORRISON.



A simple Charles Morrison search of our PapersPast site brings up a number of references to Charles, mining accidents etc and one on February 14 1922, when Mary gives public notice that she is applying for a residential site licence under some mining law. No 125423 14/2/1922.

Waihi Daily Telegraph.

Sorry, must dash, but might get back later to dig further and attach a link or two.


PS Back again. For some reason I have been unable to raise a search on CENOTAPH today. However my first PapersPast search for Charles Morrison found few hits in the Waikato. When I returned I just searched for MORRISON limited to the Waihi Daily Telegraph and discovered there was a Mine surveyer and others in that industry. Herewith is links that look like they link to your Charles Lindsay MORRISON.

Mary MORRISON  …….… a license for a residence site, as specified in a schedule of the Mining Act 1908. Morrison Morrison

Miners Union Morrison

Accident in mine Morrison

Happy hunting,


and later in PM reply; part quote re contributors to this thread and research:-

.......I will keep you updated and I would like to take the opportunity to praise the work done by the members in this thread. I would not have seen the link to my friends family, if they had not done the research.

Kind regards,




Greetings from New Zealand.

Thank you for your offer of assistance. As per PM to you, I suggest you email the lawyer at Perpetual Guardian, at the email provided in a couple of places on this thread.



Hello all - thanks for your help.

As far as I'm concerned this forum posting is now COMPLETE.

This morning I contacted by phone, the Perpetual Guardian lawyer, that we were advised to contact, if we had information that we felt could help identify next of kin.

The gentlemam concerned was polite, and business like, as I was expecting. Respecting peoples privacy, but he did assure me that they would be greatful to recieve the family info that was recorded when the gentleman emigrated to NZ. Locating benificeries of an estate for dispersing the residue, can be quite an exercise at times.

Herald part quote :-
Thomas Brugman died in July last year but no next of kin can be found so the funeral home can't cremate the body unless it applies to the High Court to get the Public Trust to take over the process, at a cost of about $200.

Perpetual Guardian has offered to apply to the High Court to execute his estate and put him to rest at their own cost.

As the law stands, if someone dies without next of kin and without a will, someone cannot simply step in to deal with the estate or the body.".

End of quote.

As expected, the Herald reporter possibly assumed too much from the stated offer, of starting the process, of applying to the Court for executorship of the estate. The cost of that filing being approximately $200.

The lawyer did not believe that the offer was "pro bono" but that when the executor had fulfilled their duties, the costs thereof would be viewed favourably if available funds were limited.

Accordingly I forwarded by email Wendy's findings, plus a few notes about the RC forum and team who all pitched in.

I have now recieved an accknoledgment reply, that the material was recived. And a thank you for the effoerts involved.

- Alan.

Added PS.
As we can not discuss the living on line, is the reason for me wishing to complete this thread. However if anyone considers that they have late material of significance I'm happy to forward it.

Just PM me.

New Zealand / Re: Rev. Hohaia NGAHIWI d. Hukanui, Waikato September 13, 1894
« on: Tuesday 13 February 18 06:32 GMT (UK)  »
Hello again.

Today has been a good day on RC, with potential to close two posts as completed.

Just awaiting a second contact, with a POURAU family member.


New Zealand / Re: Rev. Hohaia NGAHIWI d. Hukanui, Waikato September 13, 1894
« on: Monday 12 February 18 23:35 GMT (UK)  »
Hello again.

For the record, more research has revieled that the press of the day gave him an honorary Rev., in fact he was what is called in the Anglican faith, a 'Lay Reader' so not fully ordained.

This has been confirmed by the Rev'd Father Michael XXXXX, Anglican priest and historian.

Thanks for your enquiry. Congratulations on such a worthwhile research.
Hohaia was a licensed lay reader certainly.  A layreader’s  license gave him authority to take Sunday services, particularly matins and evensong, and to teach and train the people, to do baptisms, and take funerals. As well as to have pastoral responsibilities in that community. In his case the licence was first from Bishop Selwyn as bishop of New Zealand, and certainly from his successor the bishop of Auckland (William Garden Cowie).....

End Quote.


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