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The Lighter Side / Re: I have found myself
« on: Monday 16 October 17 14:15 BST (UK)  »
Good news that you found yourself!
Even better that you managed to get your two selves to be one again!
I would also love to do that, but don't know how - I used to live abroad and was pwhh;
I now live in the UK again and had to become pwhhh because new email, new address and new computer wouldn't let me login to the old name.
Any help, anyone?
pwhh & pwhhh

Technical Help / Re: findmypast login page
« on: Wednesday 29 March 17 13:29 BST (UK)  »
Thanks all for your input.
I'm using IE11, and all was fine until last week.
Maybe I'll have to think about getting a different browser...
I also had the same problem last week on laptop, but that seems OK now.
Very odd.
Thanks anyway.

Technical Help / findmypast login page
« on: Wednesday 29 March 17 13:04 BST (UK)  »
Is anyone else having problems with findmypast login?
For the last week, it throws me out (although button ticked to stay logged in) and the login page refuses to open correctly.  I just get a box halfway down the page which doesn't respond to "click here". (See attached)
Managed to get in yesterday by resetting password, but today same problem.
Their Live chat suggests clearing cache, but that doesn't work.
Is it just me?
Any ideas welcome.

Buckinghamshire Lookup Requests / Re: Ludgershall parish registers
« on: Thursday 19 January 17 16:58 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks to all of you for your help.
I'd wondered whether the two Williams might be the same, so might have to resort to checking signatures.
Thanks all.

Buckinghamshire Lookup Requests / Re: Ludgershall parish registers
« on: Thursday 19 January 17 13:17 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks for the input, all of you.
Yes, I think I will try the FHS.
If he was 24, unlikely to be a widower, agreed, but I haven't found an age for him.

Buckinghamshire Lookup Requests / Ludgershall parish registers
« on: Wednesday 18 January 17 18:16 GMT (UK)  »
Is anyone going to Aylesbury RO?
I'm looking for a kind person who might check a marriage for me:
a William Gregory married Mary Twitchin on 8 Dec 1814 in Ludgershall.
I'd love to know whether William was by any chance a widower...
Many thanks,

Sussex / Re: Help with two Isaac Austens/Austins please
« on: Tuesday 15 March 16 15:44 GMT (UK)  »
I see that your post is a year old, but are you still looking?
I am also looking for the Sedlescombe chap, and so also have this brick wall!
Not sure whether it will help, or maybe you've found it already,  but for what it's worth, the younger of the two Isaacs seems to be in Ticehurst in 1851 (HO107/1639), under "Isac Austen", lodging with a family called Elliott.  Whoever filled in the schedule believed that Isaac was Unmarried.  If the head of the household, however, I suppose he might not have known.


Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: holocaust Paperwork in German
« on: Tuesday 02 February 16 17:21 GMT (UK)  »
I can read German if you can post the image.

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