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Antrim / Re: Missing Tithe Applotment Books. Antrim:
« on: Yesterday at 23:39 »
Perhaps no one living there had enough land to pay a tithe.

Thanks for letting us know.
Is there an address for James on the will?

That thought has often crossed my mind but I think it was only all the births that were online that time, even if they could just upload each year of births as the new year comes in that would be great.

Shouldn't complain really, it all free, waiting is hard though.

Not looking good for November   :'(  :'(

I've waited all summer for this, I was so looking forward to it. Ahaaaaaaaaa

Longford / Re: Granard Workhouse
« on: Friday 19 October 18 17:15 BST (UK)  »

Would there have been an infirmary there also?

Yes, the Workhouse hospital was used by a great number of people.
He may not have been in the Workhouse itself.

Revd. Cuthbert Fetherston H 17 Feb 1847

I think the H is what is being transcribed as tt in the parish records

Listed again for probate in 1848

1846 Slater's listed as Featherstone

Is this one name study yours?

I think if he is buried in Hacketstown he will be in this cemetery

I think there might be some variation in spelling
This marriage for Frances Ann Fetherstoutt (transcribed as) in 1845.
Her address is Rectory Hacketstown, father Cuthbert is a Clergyman
that said Cuthbert could be husbands father, but I think the line on the original is linking her to the Clergyman.
As both parties have the same surname the point is the spelling

I didn't look at all the 11 marriages for Hacketstown before 1847 but the few I looked at are all signed by Cuthbert Fetherstoutt or a variation of.
He doesn't appear on the 1848 marriages.

Your thread has already been moved, so just carry on.

There are COI records for Carlow here but I don't see his death

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