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Other thread with the same information

This is why it is best to stick to one thread.

Ireland / Re: "Relative" on the census
« on: Yesterday at 10:37 »
6.) the limit of one's known relations was their 3rd cousins.

That last is really the important and relevant one.  It comes from the Church.  The reason (by theory) consanguineous marriages between 2nd and 3rd cousins required dispensations and 4th didn't was the average peasant couldn't possibly be expected to know their 4th cousins.  There are dispensations for 2nd cousins-once-removed and for 3rd cousins.  There are not any for 3rd cousins-once-removed. Because people certainly didn't know all of the last.

There was a limit to the amount of relationships a person could keep track of.  Back then, each person knew all their GG grandparents, but probably not beyond that.  That is exactly why I told the story.  The question at hand really falls on the tail end of #6.

I'd say the opposite, they may not have known the exact relationship but they would be aware there was connections between families going back and sideways.
All those grannies warming themselves by the fire would likely be able to list off family trees for their own and their neighbours far better than we could with our charts and sources. Rural communities were dependent on each other from the local women who delivered the babies to the men who dug the graves and everything in between. Most of their conversation was about each other, no celebrity gossip to entertain just what your neighbours were up to and woe betide anyone who spoke ill of someone to the wrong person, if you were new to a area you kept your mouth shut until you worked out how everyone was related. Add to that emigration and you have another reason to know who you might possible be related to who may have gone to America or wherever before you.

My grandmother had a small jug she kept since she was 8 years old, I still have it, she got it from a relation who was impressed she had traveled six miles over the fields to ask a relation (home from America) to be godparent to her new sister. She couldn't tell me how she was related to the woman just that her granny had sent her and said they were related.

Ireland / Re: "Relative" on the census
« on: Yesterday at 00:48 »
IF I'm following this correctly, John and Julia have been followed back as far as the records go and than forward without finding a definite connection between the two resulting lines so everything hinges on the 3 year old of one line spending one or possibly more nights with someone from the other line.
The closer the child's relationship to the people she is with in the census the closer is the relationship between John and Julia.

There is no way to say how close her relationship is unless they tell you which they don't.

Assuming you have all the descendants of both Julia and John perhaps when the early civil records come online you might find an informant on a death cert that could connect the two lines.

Dublin / Re: Found my Mum's only Brother that died.
« on: Friday 20 April 18 22:24 BST (UK)  »
That's lovely, if sad.
I get a great sense of bringing a person back into the family when I find an infant that was lost to memory.
I found an uncle of my mother's she never knew existed, her father never mentioned him which seemed odd until we realized he never met his little brother he was in the Army at the time and was in South Africa when his brother lived his short life.

and yes I echo your appreciation of the people who put the records online

Cork / Re: Blackrock Castle - Civil War Prison?
« on: Friday 20 April 18 18:59 BST (UK)  »
If they were using it would there be men stationed there in the 1922 Army Census?

If you put Cork City in the search you get (am I correct in thinking Blackrock Castle would be within the city?)
Catford Barracks
Cork City
County Goal Cork City

Galway / Re: Rabbit married possibly in USA
« on: Friday 20 April 18 16:16 BST (UK)  »
I was going to say..
Try the link again so, they work fine for me.

got the red warning so instead I'll say I think that 21 year old Bridget could be married to John and have a child.

Ah.. are they both 21
I mean this one

Galway / Re: Rabbit married possibly in USA
« on: Friday 20 April 18 13:20 BST (UK)  »
What was Patrick McSorley's mother's maiden name?
Perhaps she was an aunt from his mother's side.

Fermanagh / Re: Parents of Jane Noble
« on: Friday 20 April 18 12:26 BST (UK)  »
   Do you know this site?  when it states that the record is not yet imaged, does that mean that I could get a copy of the original emailed to me?


The site does not have copies of these parish registers, you can look up the parish here
to see where the register is held. Dublin City starts on page 38.

Fermanagh / Re: Parents of Jane Noble
« on: Friday 20 April 18 09:14 BST (UK)  »
There was a Jane Nobel born in Dublin in 1831
but you would need to be able to prove she is the correct Jane.

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