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Wexford / Re: Anastasia L Doyle
« on: Today at 15:54 »
Hi Angil.
It is happyranter you are likely related to not me. Hopefully he/she will come back and you can compare notes as it does sound like the same family.

Galway / Re: Shamble(s) Barracks, Claddagh
« on: Today at 11:01 »
Aug 1885 in the Curragh The Queens Own Royal West Kent and the King's Liverpool Regiments, the Border Regiment and Lincoln Regiment.

He wasn't in the Inniskilling Fusiliers as they didn't arrive at the Curragh until May 1885

Galway / Re: Shamble(s) Barracks, Claddagh
« on: Today at 10:56 »
There is a newspaper snippet about a Chas Moyle’ s suicide in 1884 at the barracks.
The death of Charles Moyle in September 1884 shows he is in the Suffolk Regiment.

Which barracks, Kildare or Galway?

Galway / Re: Shamble(s) Barracks, Claddagh
« on: Today at 10:51 »
I lost a post, I hate that.

Kildare January 1885, Galway Nov 1885, Barton Regis 1887
Any one know where you would find Regiment movements?

Page 2 of the house hold return tells you 17 is a form number.

Her death cert doesn't help, died 1936 so the photo has to be before that.

You can also learn from the house and building return that the pub had 6 windows at the front.
Sometimes it can help to compare the 1911 with the 1901 buildings return.

I've only done this sort of thing with towns I know and even than it's not easy.

Galway / Re: Shamble(s) Barracks, Claddagh
« on: Yesterday at 21:47 »
They married in County Kildare in the Curragh Camp. (near Newbridge)

What information are you looking for?

Laois (Queens) / Re: Abbeyleix workhouse
« on: Yesterday at 11:59 »
The link Pastmagic posted above says you need to contact Laois County Library about workhouse records but
as you have her parent's names have you looked for her in the parish registers.
she may of course be from one of the surrounding parishes.

Ireland / Re: Irish names/ travellers
« on: Yesterday at 11:46 »
John Grenham has the name Abbott as English in origin.
Doesn't mean there can't be travellers of the name but looking at Griffith's Valuation there were clearly lots who weren't.

Dublin / Re: Marriage 1884
« on: Yesterday at 00:23 »
If your connection isn't on the Lester side it could be through one of the Kinsley children.

Teresa born 1864 married Lester
Elizabeth born 1868 married Willis
Mary born 1870 married Peter Bryce
Alice born 1872 married John Joseph Nolan

I don't see anymore children for them.

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