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Kirkcudbrightshire / Re: Heron family
« on: Yesterday at 22:39 »
What a mixture of women and children!

1901 census has Jean with his new wife, Jane Barclay, down in Wigtowshire...not too far from his wife Alice who by now is married to Peter Rowan (in 1891). Missing in the Rowan household in the 1901 census is eldest daughter from Alice's marriage to Jean...that is because Josephine is showing with her father and new wife  ;D Confusing for sure!

Peter Barclay 54 China merchant b. Stevenson, Ayrshire
Elizabeth T Barclay 58 wife b. Ireland
John Carven 33 pedlar b. Subj), France (Nat Brit)
Jane Carven/Barclay 21 daughter
Josephine Carven 13 niece b. Dumfries...daughter with Alice
Peter Carven 11 Months nephew b. Dundee
Adam Gilcher 67 pedlar b. Subj), Germany (Ger)

Address: Ship Inn, Mochrum, Wigtownshire

1911, you would think the family would be in the Edinburgh area with the death of son Noel in Feb 1911 and the birth of daughter Isabella in Sept 1911 there.


Kirkcudbrightshire / Re: Heron family
« on: Yesterday at 22:25 »
Have you followed up on possible Poor Relief Applications for Jessie and her children? Worth checking whether there are records for the family at the Mitchell Library. Glasgow poor relief records are some of the best kept.  If you are lucky to find some, they would likely give you a lot of background info you are not likely to find elsewhere.


Kirkcudbrightshire / Re: Heron family
« on: Yesterday at 22:22 »
Certainly a rogue with the women who came into his life   ::)

Janet Morrison did marry John Rigby. The marriage entry shows as:

John RIGBY and Jessie MORRISON
644/8 1189
Blythswood Glasgow

The three marriages I mentioned ealier are also on the official registers for you to check. The English marriage to Alice would need to be ordered, the others you can view online on Scotlands People.


Kirkcudbrightshire / Re: Heron family
« on: Yesterday at 18:24 »
Alice looks to have had two daughters with Jean Baptiste and then married Patrick Rowan in 1891. I wonder what she showed on her marriage registration to Patrick.

The daughters with Jean Baptiste show as:

Josephine CAROEN 1887 in Dumfries
Isabella CAROEN 1889 in Dumfries

This birth certs will also let you confirm marriage details for parents as additional corrobaration of the 1885 marriage.

Havem't found them yet in 1891.


Kirkcudbrightshire / Re: Heron family
« on: Yesterday at 18:09 »
How many marriages do you think he had? His name is unique enough to stand out in Scotland at that time. Are these all his marriages?

1885 - Alice Simpson Heron - Berwick upon Tweed
1891 - Janet/Jessie Morrison - Glasgow
1901 - Jane Barclay - Port William

Bigamous marriages?

This looks like Janet or Jessie Morrison in 1901. All born in Glasgow:

Jessie Caroen/Morrison 36 char woman
John Caroen 8...likely the John we had moving to the US.
Maria Caroen 6
Jessie Caroen 3
Robert Caroen 3 Momths
Jeanie Morrison 57 mother
William Fitzsimons 35 border
Mary Fitzsimons 26
James Fitzsimons 22 Months

Address: 11 George St, Glasgow/ Blackfriars


Kirkcudbrightshire / Re: Heron family
« on: Yesterday at 17:26 »
A possible death cert for Jean Baptiste in Cupar Angus. Death showing in 1922, aged 63. Have you viewed this? This could let you confirm wife/ves' names hopefully.

Can't easily see a Scottish death on the indexes for Janet Morrison/Caroen.

Could this be a son to them? Emigrated to the US in 1910, died at the age of 102. From his WW2 draft card, he gave his birth place as Glasgow. Birth not yet jumping out for me.

Which of his children are you descended from?


Kirkcudbrightshire / Re: Heron family
« on: Yesterday at 17:23 »
Hi there and welcome to RootsChat  :)

There is one marriage showing for Jean BAPTASTE A Caroen. He is showing as having married a Janet Browning Morrison in 1891 in the Partick area of Glasgow.

You can view the image of the marriage reg here


George, you have enough here to order your father's birth cert from Scotlands People. This is the way to start your research. It will include your father's parents' details including their date of marriage and where they married (assuming they were married). With this info, you can move back with more confidence.



....which would give a birth around  1936, so too young to be the mother..

Certainly too young to be mother. I thought that death may be for a sister to William. This Isabella's mother's name is indexed as McPhee.


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