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The Common Room / Re: DNA Mirror Tree?
« on: Tuesday 08 May 18 09:11 BST (UK)  »
davidft, thank you for your reply.  I find it hard to navigate Ancestry but should have checked first.  Thanks for the link.


The Common Room / DNA Mirror Tree?
« on: Sunday 06 May 18 15:57 BST (UK)  »
Please can someone explain what a DNA Mirror Tree is (on Ancestry Public Trees)?

Most of the trees I see are lazy and often don't make sense.   I've just seen one in which a man is meant to have had three sisters born when he was aged in his 60s (from the same parents).


Kent / Re: Borough Green near Wrotham
« on: Thursday 26 April 18 10:01 BST (UK)  »
Yes, hanes teulu, he was born in Kent, but his family was removed to his father's place of settlement in Sussex when he was a toddler.

Thanks for pointing out the apparent discrepancy though, and for your interest. (We must keep on our toes at all times!).


Kent / Re: Borough Green near Wrotham
« on: Wednesday 25 April 18 14:56 BST (UK)  »
Thanks Milliepede

Yes, that's the first thing I did, but can find no connections.  Very common name too - Richard and Ann Williams nee Martin.

As it's near Chatham, I thought there might be some military reason, that's all.


Kent / Borough Green near Wrotham
« on: Wednesday 25 April 18 10:12 BST (UK)  »

I understand that Borough Green near Wrotham was a tiny place in the early 19th century.  Can anyone suggest why an ex-soldier with no (apparent) connections should go to live and die there in the 1840s?  He was paralysed, and lodging with an ag. lab. and his wife.  I suppose he used his army pension to pay them to look after him?  I am wondering whether there was a hospital or similar for veterans in the vicinity?

He came from outside Kent and, although he gave Wrotham as his residence on discharge in 1813, was living elsewhere very soon afterwards and was certainly not living there before at least 1828.  (Of course, he may have had some connection with the place which it will be impossible for me to discover. :( )


The Common Room / Re: Why were people given birth certificates?
« on: Tuesday 24 April 18 17:23 BST (UK)  »
If someone born in the days before surnames appeared in birth registrations asks for a Short Birth Certificate, it can be issued in the surname of either parent (whichever is used by the individual in question).  You see, it is not a copy (as a full birth certificate is), just a certificate compiled from information shown in the register.

The plot thickens!


Jayson and Milliepede

Thank you both for your replies - 'from' makes sense and is not an interpretation I had managed to 'see'.


Technical Help / Re: How to insert a snipped image into a Rootschat post?
« on: Tuesday 24 April 18 15:13 BST (UK)  »
Thank you all so much - I have managed to post an attachment by following your instructions.
Great help!!


Please can someone help me to read the 6th word (between 'Hospital' and 'the') in the 'Rank or Profession' column of a 1847 Death Certificate.

Image should be attached.

Thank you,

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