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Perthshire / Re: Elis(z)abeth Sinclair bn Crieff 1849 - age 12 census 1861 Dunblane
« on: Monday 30 October 17 19:37 GMT (UK)  »
John Sinclair and Elizabeth Hally's gravestone picture can be found on they are buried at Dunblane Cathedral.

Armed Forces / Re: Adolphus Griegson/Grigson 50th(Queens Own) Regt. of Foot
« on: Wednesday 12 September 12 17:45 BST (UK)  »
I think I may have found a brother for Catherine Burke.

On the 1851 Census that Catherine and Adolphus are residing at Ashton Barracks, there is also a Edmund Burke, Private, musician in regimental band. Est year of birth 1833 and born at Chatham, Kent. Which is where Catherine was born abt 1831.

Might just be a coincidence but it does look promising

Armed Forces / Re: Adolphus Griegson/Grigson 50th(Queens Own) Regt. of Foot
« on: Wednesday 12 September 12 17:31 BST (UK)  »
Just a wee update.

I now have a copy of Adolphus Henry Grigson and Catherine Burke's marriage cert.

They were married on the 18th April 1849 at the parish church in the parish of St. James, Dover, Kent.

Adolphus's father is William John Grigson and Catherine's father is Edmund Burke a sergeant of the 4th Regiment.
I have had a look on FindMyPast for Edmund Burke's service records but haven't been able to find anything that matches him. Any help on this would be appreciated :)

Note : The subject of the Adolphus Grigson is also being discussed on the Northamptonshire forum.

Northamptonshire / Re: Brackley Parish records Baptism GRIGSON
« on: Sunday 09 September 12 16:47 BST (UK)  »
Well Geoff, looks like mgeneas has answered the "who's the father according to the official baptism records"........Big Thanks for that mgeneas :)

I really would like to say that Thomas W and William J are the same person and I don't know if we'll ever find out for sure. They are definitely part of the same family that I'm 100% sure of. Maybe there are still some facts out there that remain to be discovered.

I also have a copy of Adolphus's death cert, originally thinking that it would provide information on his father and mother. But alas English death certs don't show this information unlike Scottish death certs. Which is a real pity as this could have been a real help.

I agree Geoff that there do appear to be a lot of Grigsons about but the name Adolphus seems to be very rare. I don't know if I'm looking in the wrong places but I have only been able to find the 2 Adolphus Grigson.
Another fact that keeps on cropping up with the Grigsons is that a lot of them are printers and print compositors. This strikes me as strange but then maybe its the equivalent of living in the countryside and being an agricultural labourer throughout the generations.

Northamptonshire / Re: Brackley Parish records Baptism GRIGSON
« on: Saturday 08 September 12 16:50 BST (UK)  »
Hi Geoff, Is there a way to see a copy of the original baptism record for Adolphus?

If this does state that the father was Thomas William Grigson. We can presume that we are either looking at 2 different Adolphus Grigsons one whos father is Thomas and the other having William as his father. (Adolphus Grigson appears to be such a rare name that I doubt this to be the case)

OR.....could Thomas William Grigson and William John Grigson be the same person?

Northamptonshire / Re: Brackley Parish records Baptism GRIGSON
« on: Thursday 06 September 12 19:58 BST (UK)  »
Hi Geoff & Sandy. I thought that I had this family almost cracked but not now. I'll explain further down the page.

Adolphus W Grigson and Catherine Burke are missing from the 1861 census due to Adolphus serving with the 50th Reg. of Foot over in Ireland and then Ceylon when it was taken and then returning home for them to appear in the 1871 census. Adolphus returns to be a printer back in civi street.

In the 1841 census, Adolphus(age 17) is staying with Thomas William Grigson and Pheobe Grigson (Willington). Pheobe being Thomas's 2nd wife. In the parish of St. Pancras, Middlesex. Along with James(age 15), Samuel(age 3) & John(age 1).
I had originally thought that Adolphus and James were from Thomas's first marriage and as later on in 1851 Census James is listed as the son of Thomas and I presumed that Adolphus was his son also.

I have just today received a copy of the marriage cert for Adolphus and Catherine Burke and it lists Adolphus's father as William John Grigson, occupation "Drawings Master" (well I think that is what it says).

It would have been better and tidier if it had Adolphus's father as Thomas :) but who said this game was easy.

SO.....My thoughts are that Thomas William Grigson(who Adolphus was staying with in 1841) is possibly the brother of William John Grigson (Adolphus's father according to his marriage cert)

Armed Forces / Re: Medals
« on: Thursday 30 August 12 21:09 BST (UK)  »
Hi Ken,

thanks for the link to the service records site, we will certainly give them a try and hopefully find his service records.

On the QSA Medal his rank is Pte (private) and on the KSA Medal it is the same as you have, Corporal.

Seems strange that his rank would be different on the QSA Medal roll from what is on the actual medal. Or is this not so strange ?

Armed Forces / Re: Medals
« on: Wednesday 29 August 12 19:32 BST (UK)  »
I do know that John served in India as I have seen in the past, masonic lodge(Im not sure what you would call them) certificates. For different lodges in India that he was I presume a member of.
I would presume that these would be from after the Boer war to before the 1st world war. I'll have to get a hold of them again to see the dates and any other info that they may hold.

Armed Forces / Re: Medals
« on: Wednesday 29 August 12 19:21 BST (UK)  »

mmm45 - thats right he was wounded at Magersofntein on the 11th Dec 1899. And thanks for the suggestion of what he may have been doing during WW1. I have looked on FindMyPast. com for his service record but they dont seem to have it. Any ideas on where else I may be able to find a record of where he served ?

Neil - Sorry for the confusion, I was just mentioning that clasp(Cape Colony) as it had the earliest date associated with it(1899) of all his clasps.
Can you please check for me the QSA medal roll again as our medal also has the clasp for Transvaal on it along side the 3 you have quoted.



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