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The Common Room / Re: What was a pont?
« on: Saturday 17 March 18 18:27 GMT (UK)  »
Never heard of a pant before, but that's what it must be.

Speaking of pants.... I'm just re-reading Thomas Hardy's "A Pair of Blue Eyes". He prefaces each chapter with a literary quotation and I was once more amused at Vol 2, Chapter 5 starting with "He heard her musical pants".

Apparently it is a quotation from Shelley.

lanercost - Thank you. Really great to see that map. Somehow it adds a little extra depth to this tale to actually see the exact location of Stubbs buildings on an old map. I shall be visiting this specific area (I guess Stubbs Buildings will be long gone now) when I visit Carlisle.

You can park your car on the spot where it happened!

The Lighter Side / The Mirfield Murders, 1847
« on: Tuesday 13 March 18 12:42 GMT (UK)  »
This is not my family, fortunately, but it is my home town.

No prizes for poetic excellence.


That really made me chuckle!!!
What about grouse?  Though I think they breed on the moors.  I should know this, living a few miles from Broomhead Grouse Moor.  Though they do shoot pheasants round here too. 

Grouse aren't reared, they are all wild-born.

Back again,

Mike could be right on with pheasant rearing. There is a stack of broody hutches behind them so maybe out to collect any eggs as well.


PS, still shouldn't need 3 trugs for lunch though Mike.

I think you're right - egg hunting. That'll be what the trugs are for.


I doubt that even 5 Yorkshiremen would need 3 trugs to carry their lunch. They would be a little cumbersome for that, they would most likely have had a packed lunch in a shoulder bag or poachers pocket.

Agreed - that's why I wonder whether they've had lunch brought out to them at the rearing field, or chicken field, whichever it is.

Thank you for your thoughts. I've had this photo on another forum and the thought there is that I may be over thinking this! It could be that the men were just posing in the yard of the place they were staying, the trugs were for their lunch and the basket is one a broody chicken would use.  I've requested the original photo from the person who sent me this but no luck. I hadn't noticed they were filling pipes.
They could equally be on a gamekeeper's rearing field, which would explain the shotgun. Pheasant eggs were traditionally hatched under broody hens.

It could possibly be a "trap" or cage from which to release live pigeons for shooting - the forerunner of the clay pigeon trap.

The Lighter Side / Re: Why are the dead so interesting?
« on: Sunday 11 March 18 12:45 GMT (UK)  »
Whip that crack away.

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