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Antrim / Re: Pinkerton Family, Ballymoney
« on: Saturday 16 March 19 20:15 GMT (UK)  »
thank you Hallmark for the encouragement but sadly not for me, over to the Pinkertons

Down / Re: Jane gibson baptism/birth
« on: Saturday 16 March 19 20:12 GMT (UK)  »
Not forgetting the Banbridge Gibson  I noted in Griffiths Valuation Forde Samuel Tullynacross   Magheralin   Down
I turned to Dathit twosome
It was not uncommon for children missing their immediate baptism event for many reasons lambing ,summer harvest., returning to her birth home for the birth etc  Samuel and Margaret probably found around Feb or March 1951 they were having another child due in July 1851, and asked the priest could they have  Jane baptized asap and had her baptized 25 March  1851 possibly at the age of 1 or older 

Assuming that Samuel was a native of Magheralin himself and not Banbridge
from the 1823-37 Tithe Applotment books  no Gibsons in Magheralin found
from  Griffiths Valuation more options aris
Following are the exact matches:
Gibson    William   Taughlumny      Magheralin   Down
Gibson    Thomas   Ballymacbredan   Magheralin   Down
so the chances are Samuel is a native of Magheralin , he might well be living with father or older brother who could be a William or Thomas  one could follow  online via the PRONI website at either or both in the valuation continuation books eg who takes over the homestead I have crossed out those books thathave no one relevant in 1901 census
Ballymacbredan   -   Ballymacbredan   Magheralin   Down   1866   1878   
Ballymacbredan   -   Ballymacbredan   Magheralin   Down   1879   1888   
Ballymacbredan   -   Ballymacbredan   Magheralin   Down   1888   1901   
Ballymacbredan   -   Ballymacbredan   Magheralin   Down   1901   1908   
Ballymacbredan   -   Ballymacbredan   Magheralin   Down   1909   1919   
Ballymacbredan   -   Ballymacbredan   Magheralin   Down   1920   1929   
Taughlummy   -   Taughlummy   Magheralin   Down   1866   1878   
Taughlummy   -   Taughlummy   Magheralin   Down   1879   1893   
Taughlummy   -   Taughlummy   Magheralin   Down   1894   1908   
Taughlummy   -   Taughlummy   Magheralin   Down   1909   1920   
Taughlummy   -   Taughlummy   Magheralin   Down   1920   1929   

the 1901 census has no one living in Ballymacbredan or Taughlummy   Magheralin the only Gibson left are

24 in Ballymacateer (Magheralin, Down)
Rowan  Alice  65  Female  Aunt  Church Ireland  Co Down  Hose Keeper  Read write  -  Not Married  -

Gibson  Thomas  45  Male  Head of Family  Church Ireland  Co Down  Farmer  Read write  Irish  Married  -
Gibson  Mary Anne  31  Female  Wife  Church Ireland  Co Armagh  Farmers Wife  Read write  -  Married  note Mary Ann might be a neice of Alice Rowan
Gibson  Samuel  14  Male  Son  Church Ireland  Co Down  School Boy  Read write  -  Not Married  -
Gibson  Mary A R    Female  Daughter  Church Ireland  Co Down  Baby  Not read  -  Not Married  -

church records Ros davies website
has 3 posssible churches , look up each for her record findings
Magheralin 20:13/59   Church of Ireland;Holy & Undivided Trinity   
in Magheralin village, new Forge Road; click here for a photo and more information
Magheralin   Church of Ireland   St. Saviour's; in Dollingstown   .Magheralin
Catholic; St Patrick's   in Magheralin village, on Waringstown to Magheralin Road; click here for a photo and more information   

Antrim / Re: Pinkerton Family, Ballymoney
« on: Saturday 16 March 19 09:50 GMT (UK)  »
its hard to grasp the strands of the Pinkertons, so a short contribution
1660s see
2192 164 L'Derry N. W. Liberties of L'Derry City of Londonderry Outside Walls at the  Bishop's  Gate Without Bishop's  Gate James Pinkerton Pinkerton
7026 246 Tyrone Strabane Lower Camus Strabane Corporation Strabane Corporation William Pinkerton Pinkerton

1740 list of protestants see
1616 Pinkerton Pinkerton David Dunluce Upper Ballymoney
1385 Pinkerton Pinkerton Elias Dunluce Upper Ballymoney
1614 Pinkerton Pinkerton Jas  Dunluce Upper Ballymoney
1615 Pinkerton Pinkerton Joh Dunluce Upper Ballymoney
1434 Pinkerton Pinkerton John  Dunluce Upper Ballymoney
1619 Pinkerton Pinkerton Rob Dunluce Upper Ballymoney
1433 Pinkerton Pinkerton Sam Dunluce Upper Ballymoney
2235 Pinkerton Pinkerton Jas Kilconway Finvoy
1763 list of protestants see
394 Pinkerton Pinkerton Sam Dunluce

1796  Flax growers
223 Pinkerton Pinkerton David Dunluce Upper Ballymoney 1
226 Pinkerton Pinkerton John Dunluce Upper Ballymoney 1
227 Pinkerton Pinkerton SamuelDunluce Upper Ballymoney 1

1825 Tithe Applotment books see Irish Genealogy Hub
Pinkerton, David Townland: Ballynamoney Year: 1825
Pinkerton, Robert Townland: Ballynamoney Year: 1825

Pinkerton, Saml., Sr. Townland: Forttown Year: 1825
Pinkerton, Samuel, Jr. Townland: Forttown Year: 1825

Pinkerton, Robert Townland: Land Head Year: 1825

Pinkerton, David Townland: Seacon No. 3 Year: 1825
Pinkerton, Jno. Townland: Seacon No. 3 Year: 1825
Pinkerton, Robert Townland: Seacon No. 3 Year: 1825
Pinkerton, Samuel Townland: Seacon No. 3 Year: 1825
Pinkerton, Widow  Townland: Seacon No. 3 Year: 1825

Griffiths Valuation 1861 see askaboutireland
Pinkerton Robert  Ballaghmore Ballymoney Antrim
Pinkerton Robert  Claughey Ballymoney Antrim
Pinkerton Samuel Coldagh Ballymoney Antrim
Pinkerton Robert  Dunaverney Ballymoney Antrim

Pinkerton Samuel Fort Town Ballymoney Antrim

Pinkerton Robert  Greenshields Lower Ballymoney Antrim
Pinkerton Samuel Greenshields Lower Ballymoney Antrim

Pinkerton James  Moneygobbin Ballymoney Antrim

Pinkerton Adam  Seacon Lower Ballymoney Antrim
Pinkerton Andrew Seacon More Ballymoney Antrim
Pinkerton James  Seacon More Ballymoney Antrim
Pinkerton Saml., Jr. Seacon More Ballymoney Antrim
Pinkerton Samuel Seacon More Ballymoney Antrim

Pinkerton James  Tullaghgore Ballymoney Antrim
All of these come with map refs , you can see the boundary of the homestead and usually a blg or blgs inc a barn etc If you then look up the website or go to google you can normally see the area in sateliite and moving to max magnification if you can click on a road nearby you can find yoursekf in Street scene and then master the camera so you can go up the road looking for amonor road to the homestead and sometimes see part of the original building

Valuation continuation books exist to follow up each online at PRONI and you can then trace the family name changes  up to 1922 etc

That can be backed up by the 1901 and 1911 census
1911 17 in Ballynacree Skein (Seacon, Antrim)
Pinkerton William 64 Male Head of Family Irish Church Co Antrim Farmer Read and write - Single - - - -
Pinkerton John 70 Male Brother Irish Church Co Antrim Farmers Brother Read and write - Single - - - -
Pinkerton Jane 68 Female Sister Irish Church Co Antrim - Read and write - Single - - - -
Pinkerton Ellen 66 Female Sister Irish Church Co Antrim - Read and write - Single - - - -

 someone could build the history of the Pinkertons in ireland

Antrim / Re: McElheron in Ballymena area
« on: Sunday 10 March 19 18:59 GMT (UK)  »
more entries from the Tithes in Co Antrim , no mcHaron foumd so heres a sprinkling of possible close sounding entries
McHerron, John-Townland: Loughkeeland Year: 1833-Ballyculter-Down
McHerron, Michal-Townland: Ballymacknamee Year: 1827- Ballytrustan -Down
McHonan, James-Townland : Ballycreagath Year: 1825-Dunaghy-Antrim
McHonan, Mathew-Townland : Moneyduff Year: 1825-Dunaghy-Antrim
McHonan, Thos.-Townland : Ballycreagath Year: 1825-Dunaghy-Antrim
McIlhanney, Thomas-Townland: Knockan Year: 1826-Banagher-Derry
McIlhenon, Hugh-Townland: Bright Year: 1834-Bright-Down
McIlhenon, John-Townland: Bright Year: 1834-Bright-Down
McIlhere, Ambrose-Townland : Baltitun Year: 1834-Finvoy-Antrim
McIlhere, Archd.-Townland : Leshichian Year: 1834-Finvoy-Antrim
McIlhere, Daniel-Townland : Leshichian Year: 1834-Finvoy-Antrim
McIlhere, Patrick-Townland : Leshichian Year: 1834-Finvoy-Antrim
McIlheron, Arthur-Townland: Ballygilbert Year: 1834-Carncastle-Antrim
McIlherran, Patk.-Townland: Antrim Gardens (Scotch Dr. North) Year: 1833-Antrim-Antrim
McIlherron, John-Townland: Bonny Before Year: 1816-Carrickfergus-Antrim
McIlhonn, Chas.-Townland: Corkey Lower Year: 1832-Loughguile -Antrim
McIlhonn, Danl.-Townland: Tully Year: 1832-Loughguile -Antrim
McIlhoon, Francis-Tl: Sescansuel Yr: 1830-Bodoney Lower-Tyrone
McIlhuran, John-Townland: Leminighmore Year: 1824-Ballintoy –Antrim
McIllhearin, Chas.-Townland: Clooney Year: 1826-Layd-Antrim
McIllhearin, Chas.-Townland: Nocknakarry Year: 1826-Layd-Antrim
McIllhearin, Jas.-Townland: Clooney Year: 1826-Layd-Antrim
McIllheran, Archd.-Townland: Rananagh Year: 1826-Layd-Antrim
McIllheran, Chas.-Townland: Rananagh Year: 1826-Layd-Antrim
McIllheran, Denice-Townland: Aughahaugh and Legflugh Year: 1826-Layd-Antrim
McIllheran, Hugh-Townland: Layd Year: 1826-Layd-Antrim
McIllheran, Widow Townland: Aughahaugh and Legflugh Year: 1826-Layd-Antrim
McIllherin, Danl.-Townland: Dunurgan Year: 1826-Layd-Antrim
McIllherin, Dunken-Townland: Tavanahan Year: 1826-Layd-Antrim
McIllherin, Hugh-Townland: Rananagh Year: 1826-Layd-Antrim
McIllherin, Randy-Townland: Clooney Year: 1826-Layd-Antrim
McIllheron, Alexr.-Townland: Coskib Year: 1826-Layd-Antrim
McIllheron, Archd.-Townland: Glassmullan Year: 1826-Layd-Antrim
McIllheron, David-Townland: Eagle Hill and Owna Year: 1826-Layd-Antrim
McIllheron, Dunkin-Townland: Tavanagh/Brack/One/Norkat Year: 1826-Layd-Antrim
McIllheron, John-Townland: Legg and Faughill Year: 1826-Layd-Antrim
McIllheron, Randy-Townland: Calishnaugh Year: 1826-Layd-Antrim
McIllheron, Randy-Townland: Cashlen Year: 1826-Layd-Antrim

Ireland / Re: Cornmiller in Ireland
« on: Sunday 10 March 19 08:54 GMT (UK)  »
Maiden Stone, what clarity and display of knowledge. my nose would have been out of joint initially to receive it, but that is how the very best of family history can become foolproof. Annette good luck encorporating what you already have or can find further informations on.

re Irish Tithe Applotment books, :- i have not come across any further description of land or water use  other than the quality of the land ie good pasture, bog, mountain

Ireland / Re: Cornmiller in Ireland
« on: Saturday 09 March 19 22:10 GMT (UK)  »
You have worked very hard to acguire your information. I cheekly relaid out your info into a draft tree to be able to query and hopefully insert new bits things only to find confirmations of what you had found. I find I don’t understand the reason of McKay unusual movements in Ireland. You don’t move the mill you have built etc

James MacKey (deceased) a Miller later a Corn Miller  m ? Winifred? census1871 Winifred McKay b1790 ireland lodger with Charles in  England 1881.  the Griffiths Valuation in 1852 for Lissagadda Lorrha Co. Tipperary with Winifred McKay listed probably the widow of James McKay.  Winifred McKay is over in Lancashire by 1861 as a hawker living with Margaret Madden in the town, 1871 with Charles and family and she died in 1880 and from the newspaper obituary it stated widow of James McKay a Corn Miller.

children in particular order and at this stage could include speculations
1. John a brother to Charles McKay/ MacKey ak to Annette128
 John son of James and Winifred [who is Winfred?] b  at Boyle, Roscommon in 1825 [does this mean birth] this is the nearest I can find to Sligo just over the borders,

2. William? a brother to Charles McKay/ MacKey ak to Annette128’ William no baptism found he marries in Preston to Bridget Murphy nee Slyman (she is from Kilteeven or Gallen Co. Mayo) on this marriage entry the father James is noted as "traveller"  when does he come to the town

3. Charles McKay/ MacKey b c1829 Sligo [where does it say SligoIreland.  Not found 1851 at all, 1871, 1881 just state Ireland census 1871 gives 1830.   Genes Reunited gives four possibilities
Charles   McKay   1831   Limerick, Ireland ...   No   Nicholas treeholder   
Charles   McKay   1830   Sligo Ireland ...   No   Lynne treeholder   This lynne has John b 1831 and anotherMckay
Charles   McKay   1830   Lisnaent Ireland ...   No   Leonard treeholder   1861 census gives at ref 107 in handwritten version a Charles McKay  aged 30 m Margrett with Ann and Joseph aged 5and 1 occupation Marine something   b Ireland Lisnabut, lisnacut, lisnaout,lisnarut      Address Leachall St Lancashire address but the family doesn’t match 
Charles   McKay   1829   Sligo Ireland ...   No   David treeholder

m1. 1853 St Johns RC Chapel Rochdale Ellen Flinn put down as Mackey his father is noted as James MacKey(deceased) a Miller.

1871 Union Street Rochdale [Wardleworth parish
children from 1871 census
3.1. John F McKay b 1858 Lancashire m Mary had family james W 1877 howard st rochdale
3.2. Martin McKay b 1860 Lancashire lodger in Castleton Rochdale1881 warehouseman cotton
3.3. Margaret McKay b 1862 Lancashire
3.4. Charles McKay b 1864 Lancashire didn’t find Charles in 1881
1871 census shows lodgers Winifred McKay above and John McKay b1831 but doesn’t say brother

m2. 1871 Manchester cathedral Mary Farran or Mellor [ census 91 gives b1843 Cheshire   father is noted as James McKay a Corn Miller but not as deceased.
Census 1891 Marys the widow house  Cronkeyshaw Road Rochdale [Wardleworth parish
3.5. Winifred McKay b 1876
3.6. Alfred McKay  b1878
3.7. Harry McKay b 1881
3.8. Ellen McKay b 1883
 “So I was thinking if James was a corn miller, would it be a proper mill, or would he be a farmer, if someone can give me some more insight that would be great thank you for taking the time to read this query!”
In my farming family 1820-1830, the mill was marked as a separate structure on the 1st OS map of that time, but by OS 1st revision 1860 it had become a disused building and shown. However in all my FH searches I have never come across a person selling the product of such an irish mill in England.  Most of McKays settled around Rochdale and worked in the cotton industry. there was a cotton industry in Ireland that struggled unsuccessfully against the machinery introduced around these very times. if the McKay mill had been a small cotton mill they would have needed the market to sell their product and so might have had  travellers. later the linen industry was headed by sales anyway across all waters. Anyway i hope others join in your search

Ireland / Re: Cornmiller in Ireland
« on: Friday 08 March 19 14:18 GMT (UK)  »
in the Ireland 1901 census there are 2839 entries for known surnames whose occupation was classed as Corn Miller  [twowords]
in the Ireland 1911 census there are 2373 entries for known surnames whose occupation was classed as Corn Miller  [twowords]

however unlike your English experiences ther are just very minor part survivals of Irelands census history before 1901 t its commencement  in 1821. there are substitutes eg
Griffiths valuation four sources 1. for quick index.   2. for detail and map ref ..  3. since 1863. 4 the same at national Archives Dublin for tippe

if he the son travelled to sell his fathers corn or flour, he is more than likely to be identified sinply as a [commercial ] traveller.
why don’t you allow us to help identify your two individuals further in Ireland records if you want further help it does depend on the time period and surviving records
good luck anyway

Ireland / Re: Looking for the father of Thomas Connolly
« on: Friday 08 March 19 09:26 GMT (UK)  »
your stuck with  Scotlands people. useing my subscription elsewhere I can find no trace for the irish connection at first. I did find the Edinburgh family extending to at least 8 children born 7 from the 1901 census and one Ann b 1891 Newington from I did find the spelling also included Connoly  I did find apart from the census,   James, as b~1883 was registered by familysearch as b 24 Jun 1881 St George Edinburgh. the other children were all registered Newington [South] Edinburgh. the 1901 census for Scotland did list staying withe family, Thomas layden b 1856 ireland brotherinlaw Blacksmith married
going backwards on Layden name, in 1911 census ireland , its distribution was only found in
so Bridget Layden might have been b Ireland in one of 5 counties . I tried unsuccessfully  the free and
I cant help further, you will need every lead you can find eventually
Lots of luck

Antrim / Re: Andrew T. Stewart (1801-1853) / Ballycastle area
« on: Thursday 07 March 19 15:21 GMT (UK)  »
Ballycastle Area is in Culfeightrin civil parish and Rathlin [Island}
1823-1837 Tithes Applotment Books based upon the index work of the Irish Genealogy Hub’s listing for each parish in Northern Ireland, The relevant original books are in the
Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) Belfast this record is limited and has one line reports on land used.  No entries on Rathlin for either spelling
rearranged by townland
Stewart, Andw.   Townland: Ballypatrick Year: 1831    Culfeightrin –Antrim
Stewart, Archd.   Townland: Drumahoolen Year: 1831    Culfeightrin –Antrim
Stewart, Danl.      Townland: Drumahoolen Year: 1831    Culfeightrin –Antrim
Stewart, Wm.      Townland: Drumahoolen Year: 1831    Culfeightrin –Antrim
Stewart, John   Townland: Goodelan Year: 1831       Culfeightrin –Antrim
Stewart, James   Townland: Gortnagleery Year: 1831    Culfeightrin –Antrim
Stuart, Alexr.      Townland: Gortnagleery Year: 1831    Culfeightrin –Antrim
Stewart, John      Townland: Knockbane/Torr Yr 1831    Culfeightrin –Antrim
Stewart, Alexr.   Townland: Slapin Year: 1831       Culfeightrin –Antrim
1863 Griffiths valuation three sources 1. for quick index.   2. for detail and map ref ..  3. since 1863
no entries on Rathlin for either spelling
Stewart   Mary      Ballypatrick   Culfeightrin   Antrim
Stewart   Mary      Cushendun   Culfeightrin   Antrim
Stewart   Francis      Drumnakeel   Culfeightrin   Antrim
Stewart   Andrew   Goodland   Culfeightrin   Antrim
Stewart   Jas.      Goodland   Culfeightrin   Antrim
Stewart   John      Goodland   Culfeightrin   Antrim

The Goodland townland runs SW from the coast linei to the east of Fairhead
nteresting the placename Goodalan was first recorded in 1734 in Stewarts Survey 9
see  read more at it cups Murlough Bay from just the east side of Doon in the west, past the Boat port and the net port to Gottier pointjust this side of Ruebane Point to the East

Jean M. Sidebotham has written an article A Settlement in Goodland Townland, Co. Antrim
in Ulster Journal of Archaeology Third Series, Vol. 13 (1950), pp. 44-53 Published by: UlsterArchaeological Society

I found a connection to a George Stewart also spelt Stuart in his own records  baptized 1785 see however he joined up either in 6 miles down the coast at Cushendun or gave  Cushendun as the nearest big village/small town near him. Ballycastle woukd have been about the same distance eastwards from Goodland
over to you to sign in this great website
I am unable find the connection to Lighthouses ie irish lights. The lighthouses everyone knows about, are on Rathlin island but all came much later eg east 1856 the others later.
If it is the right relative he moved to Bayleek, Clifden as Chief Boatman in Charge on 31st December 1860.
thats a possible start what do you think

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