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Fermanagh / Re: Help needed /Lilly from Enniskillen
« on: Monday 17 September 18 15:50 BST (UK)  »
I couldn’t resist sending you more simple  Lilly’s from the Tithes Applotment Books 1823-1837 based upon Irish Genealogy Hub’s listing, which are quicker to lookup if you know the parish!   The relevant original books are in the
Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) Belfast
Cleenish parish is about 3 miles south of Enniskillen running east to west, aghevea ia two parishes eastwards.   Inishmacsaint is to the northwest of inniskillen running east to west for more see the map and copy it from with a list of the parishes,   

For locations of the two Denis/Dennis Lilly below
Derins east now spelt Derreens-East is located at 54° 17' 11" N, 7° 42' 53" W. Map
Leeter is located at 54° 27' 13" N, 7° 54' 5" W.see Map

Comment disappointing if you hoped for Enniskillen itself

entries for Fermanagh include
Lilley, Owen-Townland: Aughnaclough Year: 1832-Aghavea-Fermanagh
Lilly, Bernard-Townland: Drummelly Year: 1834-Cleenish-Fermanagh
Lilly, Charles-Townland: Drummelly Year: 1834-Cleenish-Fermanagh
Lilly, Denis-Tl: Leeter Yr: 1834-Inishmacsaint -Fermanagh
Lilly, Dennis-Townland: Derins East Year: 1834-Cleenish-Fermanagh

Lilly, Edwd.-Townland: Derins East Year: 1834-Cleenish-Fermanagh
Lilly, Francis-Townland: Mullynawinna Year: 1834-Cleenish-Fermanagh
Lilly, Frank-Townland: Derryhurra or Derryhora Year: 1834-Cleenish-Fermanagh
Lilly, James-Tl:Cavan Yr: 1829-Magheracross-Fermanagh
Lilly, James-Townland: Drummaren Year: 1834-Cleenish-Fermanagh
Lilly, James-Townland: Drummelly Year: 1834-Cleenish-Fermanagh
Lilly, James-Townland: Minevaigy Year: 1834-Cleenish-Fermanagh
Lilly, John-Townland: Mullymesker Year: 1834-Cleenish-Fermanagh
Lilly, Mathw.-Townland: Leamore Year: 1834-Cleenish-Fermanagh
Lilly, Michael-Townland: Drummelly Year: 1834-Cleenish-Fermanagh
Lilly, Owen-Townland: Farnamullan Year: 1834-Cleenish-Fermanagh
Lilly, Owen-Townland: Mullynawinna Year: 1834-Cleenish-Fermanagh
Lilly, Patrick-Townland: Corrilea Year: 1834-Cleenish-Fermanagh
Lilly, Patrick-Townland: Derins West Year: 1834 Notes: and Company -Cleenish-Fermanagh
Lilly, Patrick-Townland: Greenwoodhill Year: 1834-Cleenish-Fermanagh
Lilly, Patrick-Townland: Minevaigy Year: 1834-Cleenish-Fermanagh
Lilly, Patrick-Townland: Toneylisderritt Year: 1834-Cleenish-Fermanagh
Lilly, Patrick-Townland: Toppin Year: 1834-Cleenish-Fermanagh
Lilly, Patrick, Jr.-Townland: Drummelly Year: 1834-Cleenish-Fermanagh
Lilly, Patrick, Sr.-Townland: Drummelly Year: 1834-Cleenish-Fermanagh
Lilly, Peter-T: Ballintarson Y: 1835-Derryvullan-Fermanagh
Lilly, Thomas-Townland: Corryglass Year: 1834-Cleenish-Fermanagh
Lilly, Widow Townland: Skea Year: 1834-Cleenish-Fermanagh

Down / Re: Toal-Tole -Sloane family.
« on: Wednesday 12 September 18 14:18 BST (UK)  »
Miss Agnes FRIZZLE Donaghmore wife of
 John Tolle b 24th April 1814; m Miss Agnes FRIZZLE Donaghmore
Samuel Tolle b. 1870   CR 
a Samuel Toal father John Toal m 1900 in Co Down see
notes  FRIZELLE family Blaris [Lisburn area] of Huguenot origin who came to Lisburn area from France in 1600s

1900   Samuel  TOAL    m Sarah Ann XXXXX   Newry civil district   Down
1911 9 in Desert (Coobane, Down)
Toal   Samuel 40 Male Head of Family Presbyterian Co Down Farmer   Married-Toal   Sarah 48 Female Wife Presbyterian Co Down
thinks Sarah unlikely to conceive aged 48

1901 census Samuel and Sarah not found
if Mary Brown was a relative of Sarah Ann then the address in 1901 reads
9 in Desert (Crobane, Down)
Brown   Margaret   40   Female   Daughter   Presbyterian
Brown   Mary   60   Female   Head of Family   Presbyterian
Mc Kevitt   Mary   16   Female   Servant   Roman Catholic
Murchan   Owen   20   Male   Servant   Roman Catholic
BUT  Brown didn’t work in emerald ancestors
have run out of time

Down / Re: Toal-Tole -Sloane family.
« on: Wednesday 12 September 18 11:29 BST (UK)  »
no connection, but to trace the remaining family in Ireland please supply first name of children born in ireland
without that aid possible clues might be in
Ros Davies C Down website see
Miss   Hannah   TOAL   .   Donaghmore   mother of Mary b. 13 Jul 1870   CR
John TOLLE .Donaghmore husband of Agnes Frizzle; father of Samuel b. 7 Oct 1870 CR
Joseph   TOLE   .   Donaghmore   married Hannagh Mulhollen 24 Oct 1845 at a Donaghmore Catholic Church   PR
Joseph   TOOL   .   Donaghmore   of Donaghmore townland; a member of Glenn Catholic Church; assisted with the site clearing for a new parochial house 8 Sep 1848   THTMB p28
Joseph   TOLE   .Donaghmore   a resident of Donaghmore townland in 1849   THTMB p33
Miss   Margaret   TOLLE/ TOLE / TOAL   .   Donaghmore   wife of Daniel Kennedy; mother of Edward b. 1871 & John b. 1872 & Francis b. 1874   CR
Peter   TOLE   .   Donaghmore   married Mary Ann Morgan 24 Jun 1847 at a Donaghmore Catholic Church   PR   
Peter   TOLE   junior    Donaghmore   a resident of Frankfort in Maddydrumbrist townland townland in 1849 ; a cottier    THTMB p31

I think is Ardarragh   Newry civil parish, a townland 5km W of Rathfriland.
too many to paste from Ros Davies
Miss   Ellen McMASTER   .   Newry   daughter of John McMaster; aka widow Bruce; aged 30 married John McCalvey 8 Mar 1855   CR
Mrs.   Jane McMASTER   .   Newry   daughter of James Graham; a widow; aged 50 married George McGowan 4 Dec 1854   CR

Antrim / Re: Joy family (Printers and Paper Manufacturers)
« on: Tuesday 04 September 18 10:16 BST (UK)  »
my message included something from another time please ignore completly
"I think it most likely to be of the Downpatrick branch". the tree is your sought family.  Hope you enjoy your visit, and give them warning of your interests gives them time, and helps you.

Ireland / Re: 1924Ulster birth records
« on: Tuesday 04 September 18 10:08 BST (UK)  »
hello Aghadowey, i had looked at the listed interest of op and indeed up the past posts to get a clue closer to a general answer, and just hoped i was contributing something extra for op. Philip had a useful point to make.

Ireland / Re: 1924Ulster birth records
« on: Monday 03 September 18 20:26 BST (UK)  »
its Belfast central library irish reference dept or linenhall library both have nearly complete runs of Belfast street directories. usuall if the ownerof a house  listed dies householder they sometimes have some obituaries otherwise the person dissappears

another way might be find the burial eg in your interests you have the Shufflebottoms you have two main older cemeteries Millfield for catholics and the city cemetery for protestants
Forename   Surname   Age   Date of death   Date of burial   Cemetery    Details    Record image
Wm   Shufflebottom   47   13 July 1967   15 July 1967   City Cemetery - Glenalina Extension   View details   
. the detail shows this gentleman was b about 1920.

Antrim / Re: Joy family (Printers and Paper Manufacturers)
« on: Sunday 02 September 18 10:13 BST (UK)  »
visit the linenhall library
There is a Joy family tree, in the Blackwood Family History manuscript trees Collection in the LinenHall library, Belfast. I think it most likely to be of the Downpatrick branch. Visit if you can give them warning helps, if you cant then I suggest you write to them asking them for photocopying estimates only if they think your knowledge relevant and be prepared to pay the extra for post and packing if you are tempted.  “The Library welcomes all research enquiries, whether made in person, by phone, fax, letter or e-mail. Enquiries from members will be answered free of charge. Visitors from afar, and in particular those engaged in serious research projects, are recommended to make prior contact with the Library to ensure that they receive the best possible service. More complex enquiries should be made by letter, fax, or e-mail. Enquiries of this kind from within the British Isles will normally be answered free of charge, apart from any copying and postage charges. A minimum charge of £2 will normally be made in respect of overseas enquiries. A4 photocopies b&w are 20p.  The Library may be able to assist those with more extensive research requirements on terms subject to negotiation with the Librarian. Contact the Library for further information on or Telephone 028 9032 1707. Their address is The Linen Hall Library,17 Donegall Square North, Belfast BT15GB, Northern Ireland, see their website for contact details or use
The volume references for
JOY      Volume 24p72 Belfast, Volume 66 a 1938 production
Hoping this is includes new information for you, the 1938 sounds like an anniversary of the first newsletter

Also in the library are the Joy manuscripts
 if not start with on the same site is henry joy
Alison muir paper on paper manufacturers in Familia 2004?

Antrim / Re: Jane Lilley married Alexander Dunseath Buckna area
« on: Saturday 01 September 18 13:25 BST (UK)  »
just incase more interests you
from just one of several databases on
1660’s Hearth Money Rolls
 column titles
Record No.   No. in Barony List   County   Barony   Parish   Townland (Modern Spelling)   Townland as spelt in Hearth Money Rolls   Forename as spelt in Hearth Money Rolls   Surname as spelt in Hearth Money Rolls   Surname [Standardised]
9886 79 Antrim Toome Upper Shilvodan Grange Gallanagh Gallanagh James Lilley   Lilley

Tithes Applotment Books
1823-1837 Tithes Applotment Books
based upon the index work of the Irish Genealogy Hub’s
listing for each parish in Northern Ireland,
which are quicker to lookup if you know the parish!

The relevant original books are in the
Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) Belfast

Dunseath, David-Townland: Killenacolpagh Year: 1825-Skerry-Antrim
Dunseath, Thos.-Townland : Brocklamount Year: 1825-Portglenone-Antrim
Dunseath, Thos.-Townland: Ballymatoskerty Year: 1833-Duneane-Antrim
Dunseith, Wm.-Townland: Gortgarron Year: 1833-Duneane-Antrim
Dunsheath, David-Townland: Kildrum Year: 1835-Connor-Antrim
Dunsheath, Thos.-Townland: Connor Year: 1835-Connor-Antrim
Dunsheath, Wm.-Townland: Kildrum Year: 1835-Connor-Antrim

Lilley, Hugh-Townland: Drumaheglis Year: 1825-Ballymoney-Antrim
Lilley, Hugh-Townland: Drumaheglis Year: 1825-Ballymoney-Derry & Antrim
Lilley, Hugh-Townland: Inshinagh Year: 1825-Ballymoney-Antrim
Lilley, Hugh-Townland: Inshinagh Year: 1825-Ballymoney-Derry & Antrim
Lilley, James-Townland: Ballymagarrick Year: 1829-Drumbo-Down-
Lilley, James-Townland: Ballynacree Beg Year: 1825-Ballymoney-Antrim
Lilley, James-Townland: Ballynacree Beg Year: 1825-Ballymoney-Derry & Antrim
Lilley, James-Townland: Bravallin Year: 1825-Ballymoney-Antrim
Lilley, James-Townland: Bravallin Year: 1825-Ballymoney-Derry & Antrim
Lilly, James-Townland: Aghafatten Year: 1825-Skerry-Antrim

1860’s Griffiths Valuation of Ireland using the quick index of 1901 census
looking in randalstown area, the nearest  I could find was
1901 Census 6 in Clohogue (Toome Upper, Antrim)
Show all information
Dunseath   Annie   19   Female   Grand Child   Presbyterian   Co Antrim   Seamstress   Read and write   -   Married   -
Stewart   Jane   70   Female   Head of Family   Presbyterian   Co Antrim   -   Read   -   Widow   -   Cemetery Name   Year   Full Transcript
Lilley   First Broughshane Presbyterian Church   1881   
To the dear memory of Andrew Lilley who died Oct 28 1881 aged 73 And of Mary Stewart his wife who died Dec 15 1886 aged 78 Also of their sons John, James, Aleck, and Wm Wray who predeceased them Their daughter Marry who died March 21, 1914 aged 70

Down / Re: Easter(Esther)McCafferty
« on: Saturday 25 August 18 08:11 BST (UK)  »
have you tried Facebook Group "Sons and Daughters of Newtownards area Genealogy"

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