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Down / Re: Davis or Mairs of Warenpoint
« on: Thursday 12 July 18 20:44 BST (UK)  »
Did the baker have a brother or father  William who was a teacher in Warrenpoint 1824  or viceversa  see

Antrim / Re: Burial
« on: Thursday 12 July 18 19:01 BST (UK)  »
very well done John, all i can add is from Griffiths primary valuation
Mc Ilhenny   Alexander   Ballyeaston   Ballycor   Antrim map ref  22b house with small garden valued at fifteen shillings pa again problem with the particular version of Griffiths original map.

Down / Re: McAvoy / Macken Kilkeel
« on: Tuesday 10 July 18 21:34 BST (UK)  »
quick start

Thr great Ros Davies starts the
archived website gives
McAVOY   family   Kilkeel   originally from Queens County , Leix   O'L V1 p4
Nicholas   McAVOY   .   Kilkeel    married Ann Macken 24 Nov 1845 at Massforth Catholic church   PR         
she gives St. Colman's Catholic Church Massforth, Ballymageogh Catholic Church- Upper Mourne 3km NW of Kilkeel on Rostrevor road
Baptisms & marriages are available from 1839; has baptisms 1845-1863 with free indexes but pay-per-view for details.
Graveyard attached, gravestone inscriptions available UHF Vol 10, oldest grave 1810; UHF has baptisms 1837-1900 & marriages 1839-1900 & deaths 1869-1900

Tithes  that marriage date should have produced a parents name or two. without that I cant connect  to the 1830 records
Tithes Applotment Books  823-1837 based upon the work of the Irish Genealogy Hub’s
listing for each parish in Northern Ireland.  The relevant original books are in the
Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) Belfast

it’s a very simple one line entry which sometimes connects to Griffiths valuation

Macken also spelt many ways eg Mackan I didn’t check Mackin
Macken, Edward   Townland: Ballynahatton Year: 1830   Kilkeel   Down
Macken, Hugh   Townland: Ballynahatton Year: 1830   Kilkeel   Down
Macken, Stephen   Townland: Ballynahatton Year: 1830   Kilkeel   Down
the 3rd townland traveling sw on the coast from Kilkeel itself
Macken, Nicholas   Townland: Dunavill             Year: 1830   Kilkeel   Down
the 2nd townland traveling SW on the coast from Kilkeel itself

McAvoy, spelling in 6 townlands within only Kilkeel civil parish

McAvoy, Bernard   Townland: Attical Year: 1830   Kilkeel
McAvoy, Hugh   Townland: Attical Year: 1830   Kilkeel
McAvoy, Patrick   Townland: Attical Year: 1830   Kilkeel
a townland 3 townlandsnw upwards in middle mourne area the eastern townland neighbor of Ballymageough
McAvoy, Widow Nancy    T’land: Aughnaloopy Year: 1830   Kilkeel
atownland 2 up northwards from kilkeel.
McAvoy, Hugh   Townland: Aughrim Year: 1830   Kilkeel
a townland one closer than  Attical  &Ballymageough
McAvoy, James   Townland: Ballinran Year: 1830   Kilkeel
a townland neighbor to the east of Aughnaloopy
McAvoy, Hugh   Townland: Ballymageough Year: 1830   Kilkeel
McAvoy, James   Townland: Ballymageough Year: 1830   Kilkeel
right up in the mourne mountains 3 townlands north west of Kilkeel

Antrim / Re: Burial
« on: Sunday 08 July 18 15:32 BST (UK)  »
as you are there, heres my offering
not straight forward
Second Ballyeaston Presbyterian Church [the church with burial  records 1842-9 and 1901-18]
19 Trenchill Rd, Ballyeaston, Ballyclare BT39 9SJ
ie West of Ballyeaston village
400 yards away from
First Ballyeaston Presbyterian Church
Lower ballyboley Road,  Ballyeaston, BT39 9SH
ie East of Ballyeaston village
which in turn is going 400 yards further eastwards is the start of Ballyalbanagh Road

1901 Census from
Your Eliza is not Lizzie Davidson living in 1901 at 41 in Ballyalbanagh (Ballycor, Antrim)
Your Eliza is not Elizabeth Davidson living in 1901 at 34 in Ballyeaston Town [ballyclare]

the most likely person in 1901 census is
2 in Ballyeaston (Ballyclare, Antrim)
Davison   Eliza   75   Female   Head of Family   Presbyterian   Co Antrim   -   Read and write   Irish and English   Widow   -
Davison   Robert   25   Male   Grand Son   Presbyterian   Co Antrim   Farm Servant   Read and write   Irish and English   Not Married   -
Although name entered for each as Davison I think in a different hand, the final signature is E liza Davidson.  Whose property included a fowl house

Griffiths valuation continuation books for Ballyeaston see VAL/12/B/1/4A (1864 - 1866)
John Davidson has crossed out entry for 3a John Davidson crossed out, replaced with James Gilmore/Gilmour has 5 acres no building
time reasons left out some books
Griffiths valuation continuation books for Ballyeaston see
VAL/12/B/1/4E (1897 - 1904)p164
12 Wm Thos Davidson has house valued £1 pa
15Ba Robert Davidson living with note change 1898 building valuation £1 ten shillings pa looks like left to son by landlord rather than widow
VAL/12/B/1/4E (1897 - 1904)p164
17 Brown Davidson has6 acres no bldg
Griffiths valuation continuation books for Ballyeaston  Village of Ballyeaston

Ballyeaston  Village of Ballyeaston
Brown Davidson Lic’d  under
VAL/12/B/1/4E (1897 - 1904) p175
44.17 John Davidson Ho Office 
44.18 Archibald Davidson Ho Office and garden

44.17   15Ba Robert Davidson crossed out Davidson in 1907 Ho Office 
44.18 Archibald Davidson Ho Office and garden

that lead me back to the griffith primary valuation

Davidson   John   Ballyeaston       Ballycor   Antrim
has 3 acres land at 3A. sadly the particular map used has no map refs for the townland , the original might be seen at Ballymena Hdgs library or the current valuation office, Belfast

Davidson   Hugh   Ballyalbanagh   Ballycor   Antrim has  map ref 66   21 acres and a house valued £1 five shillings. No other houses are visible, as unexpected
 I think this map ref works showing a the top end of 2nd unnamed road going northwards of the Lower Ballyboley road at 50 lower Ballyboley Road. in an easterly direction spiral northwards showing a large barn sitting over a house
going to a satellite view the google map direction is ttps://,-5.9704554/Lower+Ballyboley+Rd,+Ballyclare+BT39+9SL/@54.7891346,-5.9736499,43m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m9!4m8!1m0!1m5!1m1!1s0x4861a576996a875b:0x5e208b266bfa7f3b!2m2!1d-5.9975339!2d54.7742634!3e0

Also ref 57Bc John Davidson is living in a modest house valued at 5 shillings pa. I can find 57B but not 57Bc the townland suddenly is constricted just below its most northerly neck where a place name exists Whitefordstown this a mile and a quarter, northwards, the road divides the north westroad immediately becomes the s w part of John Davidson little house area.   His homestead that bldg. marked with a c might be indistinct within the constricted neck small bulge  above the constricted neck

I close with a peep at the Tithes Applotment book Tithes Applotment Books
1823-1837 to find no listing appears for Ballycor   The relevant original books are in the
Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) Belfast it would be worth checking no listing exists.

Antrim / Re: Leech/Leitch/McIvor/McVeigh
« on: Wednesday 04 July 18 21:36 BST (UK)  »
good source Raymond, i triedthe following tack
Using the list below look up the civil parish in
and you should get more information eg townland if missing

Ballykelly is in  Tamlaght Finlagan

My purpose was to isolate  the Leech and McIvor to the same civil parish for a likely place the couple met, but  that hasn’t worked. if you went to surrounding civil parishes some clue might be available, but I don’t have the time to do the geography .  if you end up brickwalled then consider it as a wild possibility
McIver, Hu.   McIver, Hu.   Desertlyn    Derry
McIver, Hu.   McIver, Hu.   Desertlyn    Derry
McIver, Danl.   McIver, Danl.                                     Kilcronaghan   
McIver, James   McIver, James                                   Kilcronaghan   McIvor, Daniel   McIvor, Daniel   Kilcronaghan   McIvor, James   McIvor, James   Kilcronaghan   McIver, Townland: Bay Year: 1828   McIver, Townland: Bay Year: 1829   Maghera   Derry
Leech, Cathrine   Leech, Cathrine Tamlaght Finlagan   Derry
Leech, James   Leech, James      Tamlaght Finlagan   
Leech, John   Leech, John         Tamlaght Finlagan   Derry
Leech, William   Leech, William   Tamlaght Finlagan   Derry
McIver, James   McIver, James     Tamlaght O Crilly   
McIver, Patk., Sr.   McIver, Patk., Sr. Tamlaght O Crilly   
McIver, Peter   McIver, Peter       Tamlaght O Crilly   
McIver, Peter, Sr.   McIver, Peter, Sr. Tamlaght O Crilly   Derry
McIver, Wm.   McIver, Wm.         Tamlaght O Crilly   Derry
McIver, Bryan   McIver, Bryan   Lissan   Derry & Lissan
McIver, Dennis   McIver, Dennis   Lissan   Derry & Lissan
McIver, Michl.   McIver, Michl.   Lissan   Derry & Lissan
Leech, James   Leech, James   Tamlaght   Derry & Tyrone
Leech, William   Leech, William   Tamlaght   Derry & Tyrone
McIver, Hugh   McIver, Hugh   Arboe   Derry and Tyrone
Leech, Widow Townland: Drumbrock Year: 1826 Year: 1827 find parish   
Leech, Widow Townland: Nedd Year: 1826   1827 find parish   
Leech, Widow Townland: Oghill Year: 1826 1827 find parish

perhaps I should have done it for griffiths valuation in 1858   

Leech   John   Glack   Tamlaght Finlagan
Leech   James   Glack   Tamlaght Finlagan
Leech   Mary   Glack   Tamlaght Finlagan
Leech   Patrick   Glack   Tamlaght Finlagan
Leech   Susan   Glack   Tamlaght Finlagan
Leech   James   Dunbrock   Tamlaght Finlagan see he had a farm of 43 acres but not good soil and an above average house
Leech   Susan   Glack   Tamlaght Finlagan
Leech   James   Glack   Tamlaght Finlagan
Leech   John   Glack   Tamlaght Finlagan
Leech   Mary   Glack   Tamlaght Finlagan
Leech   Patrick   Glack   Tamlaght Finlagan
Leech   James   Dunbrock   Tamlaght Finlagan

Antrim / Re: Burial
« on: Wednesday 04 July 18 20:29 BST (UK)  »
Ballycor Civil Parish
contains both, heres a starter
C.I. Ballyeaston (Connor diocese)
[In Ballycor and Rashee parishes] [Earliest records destroyed in Dublin]
Marriages, 1845-93.
Baptisms, 1866-; marriages, 1894-; burials, 1888-; preachers’ books, 1888-.
P. 1st Ballyeaston
Baptisms, 1814-1924; marriages, 1813-90; marriage Notices, 1933-2002; indexes to baptisms, 1814-1924; census, 1813.
P. 2nd Ballyeaston
Baptisms, 1821-61, 1865-7 and 1883-1967; marriages, 1826-41 and 1845-1936; marriage notices, 1938-2002; burials, 1842-9 and 1901-18; committee minutes, 1869-1941; session minutes, 1862-1956; communicants’ lists, 1847-58; accounts, 1893-1903; seat list, c.1870; list of stipend payers, 1873-91.
R.C. [Ballycor parish was part of the Roman Catholic parish of Larne and Carrickfergus – see under LARNE and then became part of the Roman Catholic parish of Ballyclare – see under RALOO]
 You can look these last ones yourself in
Sometimes the C of I buried other denominations.

Below is the 1901 census  of names living in Ballyalbana or Ballyalbanagh see your relative is listed in it, he or she should be one of the them. The census will give you denomination etc
Mc Clean
Mc Gookin
Mc Ilwain
Mc Ilwaine
Mc Murdie
Mc Tall
Good luck onwards

Ireland / Re: Irish Potato Famine Research
« on: Tuesday 03 July 18 10:29 BST (UK)  »
Judy, so few that I only found 3 entries to my complete surprise, the mathematical reduction of finding neighbours as people didn’t travel that far in those days is reasonable. You have an advantage in one of the names is scarce.  However the source is flawed with known errors , nevertheless here is the first, and my my favourite
McColvill, Robt.-Townland: Belaughey  Rasharkin Antrim Year: 1834- Belaughey appears to be a variant name for Bellaghy - Antrim which is around the fork where Killagan Road forks off the Bellaghy road with the village Cloughmills further east . who has a neighbour
s bordered on the north by  Finvoy civil parish 
ie Williamson, John Townland : Drumlee Year: 1834  Finvoy Antrim Drumlee is a horizontal sliver with ite most easterly point not far from the current B16 road which stops at the village of Dunloy the distance is about 5 miles apart If this is the right area for parents then they might have met at a church between eg Dunloy or Rasharkin itself
Do you know their religion?
I am leaving out microfiche etc references..  Some of the same records are probably available on records [Mormon Church of latter day saints etc] which gives
C.I. Finvoy (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1811-80; marriages, 1812-45; burials, 1811-85; vestry minutes, 1791-1901.
Notes on history of Finvoy parish, compiled c.1950.
Baptisms, 1881-; marriages, 1845-; burials, 1886-; registers of vestrymen, 1870-; preachers’ books, 1862-; churchwardens’ account book, 1870-.
P. Dunloy
Baptisms, 1841-1925; marriages, 1842-1964; notices of marriage, 1862-1911.
P. Finvoy
Baptisms, 1843-1933; marriages, 1843-1907; communicants’ lists, 1843-92; session minutes, 1844- 89.
List of ministers, c.1690-1734.
R.C. Dunloy and Cloughmills (Down and Connor diocese) [Contains part of Dunaghy parish also]
Baptisms, 1860-81; marriages and burials, 1877-81. [Part of Finvoy parish is in the Roman Catholic parish
of Rasharkin – see under RASHARKIN]
C.I. Rasharkin (Connor diocese)
[Earliest registers destroyed in Dublin]
Baptisms, 1871-; marriages, 1845-; burials, 1878; vestry minutes, 1902-; churchwardens’ accounts, 1883-; register of vestrymen, 1870-; preachers’ book, 1901-.
P. Killymurris
[Was originally 1st and 2nd Killymurris but united in 1884]
Baptisms, 1862-84 (1st); baptisms, 1878-84 (2nd); baptisms, 1884-1925 (1st and 2nd); marriages, 1855-84 (2nd); marriages, 1887-1908 (1st and 2nd); communion rolls, 1875 (1st) and 1888 (1st and 2nd).
P. Rasharkin
Baptisms, 1834-1919; marriages, 1845-1919.
R.C. Rasharkin (Down and Connor diocese)
[The Roman Catholic Parish of Rasharkin contains part of the parishes of Finvoy and Rasharkin. The other part of
Rasharkin parish is in the Roman Catholic parish of Dunloy and Cloughmills – see under FINVOY]
Baptisms and marriages, 1848-81.

moving to Co Armagh
McColville, John-Townland: Lurgantarry Year: 1833-Shankill-Armagh
McColville, John-Townland: Lurgantarry Year: 1833-Shankill-Down  McConville is listed under  Ann McConville is living in Lurgantarry map ref 5 in Griffiths valuation 1864 You could follow that to see who takes over her property later see PRONI valuation continuation books. But that reversion spelling puts me right off this

You mentioned similarities to McConville well I checked with the expert John Grenham
do see all the variant names he lists. he doesn’t show McConville connection at all. [I only tried 3 McColvil, McColvill, McColville]
So if you end up brickwalled i would try bmds via PRONI or Familysearch as above
I dont think I can help further
lots of irish luck

Ireland / Re: Irish Potato Famine Research
« on: Monday 02 July 18 21:01 BST (UK)  »
Judy we might get there yet,  from memory there are less McColvilles[ no not interchangeable] i will look in next day or two

Ireland / Re: Irish Potato Famine Research
« on: Sunday 01 July 18 22:02 BST (UK)  »
Your extra information gave me a chance to compare townlands with the the two last names each represented.   This narrows the finding focus enormously. It can be a clue if they came from the same townland, in practice I have found this connection works best in same civil parish That’s too many for me to work out for yopu..  The Counties have reduced from 9 to 2 . Its all based in Tithes again
Williamson, John          Townland : Aghantaraghan Year : 1830 Ballymore Armagh
McConville, Daniel       Townland : Aghantaraghan Year : 1830    Ballymore   
McConville, Patrick       Townland : Aghantaraghan Year : 1830   Ballymore   

Williamson, John          Townland : Blockery Year : 1828 Drumcree Armagh       
McConville, David       Townland : Cushenagh Year : 1828 Drumcree Armagh
Williamson, John          Townland: Drummond Year: 1834 Kilclooney Armagh             
Williamson, John          Townland: Mullochglass Year: 1835 Killevy Armagh    
McConville, Bernard       Townland: Mullochglass Year: 1835 Killevy   

Williamson, John          Townland: Mullochglass Year: 1835 Killyman Armagh McConville, Bernard       Townland: Mullochglass Year: 1835 Killyman   

Williamson, John        Townland: Loughadian Year: 1828   Aghaderg Down    
McConville, Geo.       Townland: Loughadian Year: 1828   AghadergDown

Williamson, Jno.       Townland: Ballynagarrack Year: 1834  Tullylish Down    
Williamson, Jno.       Townland: Ballynagarrick Year: 1834  Tullylish Down    
McConvill, Ed.         Townland: Ballynagarrack Year: 1834 Tullylish   Down
McConvill, Edw.      Townland: Ballynagarrick Year: 1834 Tullylish   Down
Good luck to you.Judy  lets hope more see your quest and reply

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