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Ireland / Re: Cowen Family
« on: Tuesday 13 November 18 08:46 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you 'Heywood', so thats a red herring for sure.  Nevertheless here are 54 possible John Cowan to overview the problems facing "michaelcharles'  this list is a combination of two sources harnessing the only other census substititute The Tithe Applotment Books, wnich are deemed incomplete,biased, etc etc  But they exist in simple one liner entries giving the tenants name location and quality of land in irish avres. Like current Ireland the records have been divided, and this list combines the 6 NI county parishes with the 26 county parishes.
the result is 54 locations for John Cowan. Your John Cowan might be among them

abbreviations used
IGH = Irish Genealogy Hub. They have thankfully indexed by parish the names in NI parishes, which in turn has been indexed by me, both with errors. The original books being in PRONI Belfast.
NAI= National Archives Of Ireland.Dublin They have the index lists and the further wording of the original entry.
The list is arranged by county, then townland

Cowan, John   Townland: Bellahill Year: 1833      Kilroots   Antrim   IGH
Cowan, John   Townland: Ballinacard Year: 1825      Skerry   Antrim   IGH
Cowan, Jno.   Townland: Rathcavan and Tullog Year: 1825      Skerry   Antrim   IGH
Cowan, Jno.   Townland: Carrenbrock Year: 1833      Templecorran   Antrim   IGH
Cowan, John    Townland : Marmacullen Year : 1830      Ballymore   Armagh   IGH
Cowan, John    Townland : Corliss Year : 1828      Creggan   Armagh   IGH
Cowan, John   Carlifs   1827   Creggan   Armagh   NAI
Cowan, John   Corliss   1827   Creggan   Armagh   NAI
Cowan, John    Townland: Dunlarge Year: 1825      Keady   Armagh   IGH
Cowan, John   Townland: Drumhillary Year: 1827      Tynan   Armagh   IGH
Cowan, John   Drumboe   1826   Annagelliff   Cavan   NAI
Cowan, John[Jno]   Ballintemple   1828   Ballintemple   Cavan   NAI
Cowan, John   Townland : Cloughole Year: 1835      Faughanvale   Derry   IGH
Cowan, John   Townland : Greenan Lower Year: 1835      Faughanvale   Derry   IGH
Cowan, John   Townland : Greenan Upper Year: 1835      Faughanvale   Derry   IGH
Cowan, John   Ramelton   1834   Aughnish   Donegal   NAI
Cowan, John   Ramelton   1834   Aughnish   Donegal   NAI
Cowan, John   Cloughfin   1826   Taughboyne   Donegal   NAI
Cowan, John   Tonagh   1826   Taughboyne   Donegal   NAI
Cowan, John   Townland: Ballygorianbeg Year: 1834       Clonduff   Down   IGH
Cowan, John   Townland: Tammary Year: 1834       Clonduff   Down   IGH
Cowan, John   Townland: Meenon Year: 1828      Aghaderg   Down   IGH
Cowan, John   Townland: Portaferry Gardens Year: 1827      Ballyphilip   Down   IGH
Cowan, Jno.   Townland: Ballymacrattymore Year: 1829      Donaghmore   Down   IGH
Cowan, John   Ballymageraghty   1828   Drumgooland   Down   NAI
Cowan, John   Townland: Ballymagenahy Year: 1829      Drumgooland   Down   IGH
Cowan, John   Townland: Slievenalargy Year: 1829      Kilcoo   Down   IGH
Cowan, John   Townland: Ballylough Year: 1829      Killmegan   Down   IGH
Cowan, John   Townland: Ballydown Year: 1828      Seapatrick   Down   IGH
Cowan, John   Townland: Ballymagenahy Year: 1828      Seapatrick   Down   IGH
Cowan, John   Townland: Tullyeare Year: 1828      Seapatrick   Down   IGH
Cowan, John   Tl:Craghan Yr: 1829      Magheracross   Fermanagh   IGH
Cowan, Jno.   Tl: Aughnacloy Yr: 1827      Carnteel   Fermanagh & Tyrone   IGH
Cowan, John   Drumkeelan   1833   Kiltubbrid   Leitrim   NAI
Cowan, John   Carra   1833   Granard   Longford   NAI
Cowan, John   Charlestown Mill Holding   1825   Kilbride   Meath   NAI
Cowan, John   Kilcoursey   1825   Kilbride   Meath   NAI
Cowan, John   Kilcoursey   1825   Kilbride   Meath   NAI
Cowan, John   Kilcoursey Sub Highgate   1825   Kilbride   Meath   NAI
Cowan, John   Charles Town   1826   Kilbride   [Offaly] King's   NAI
Cowan, John   Kilcoursey   1826   Kilbride   [Offaly] King's   NAI
Cowan, John   Kilcoursey   1826   Kilbride   [Offaly] King's   NAI
Cowan, John   Kilcoursey   1826   Kilbride   [Offaly] King's   NAI
Cowan, John   Kilcoursey   1826   Kilbride   [Offaly] King's   NAI
Cowan, John   Kilcoursey   1826   Kilbride   [Offaly] King's   NAI
Cowan, John   Ballicknahee   1830   Kilcorkey   Roscommon   NAI
Cowan, John   Esker   1824   Youghalarra   Tipperary   NAI
Cowan, John   Tl: Tannagh Yr : 1825      Aghaloo   Tyrone   IGH
Cowan, John   Tl: Tannagh Yr : 1837      Aghaloo   Tyrone   IGH
Cowan, Jno.   T: Barny Cross Y: 1825      Desertcreat   Tyrone   IGH
Cowan, John   Tl:Craghan Yr: 1829      Magheracross    Tyrone   IGH
Cowan, Jno.   Tl: Aughnacloy Yr: 1827      Carnteel   Tyrone & Fermangh   IGH
Cowan, John   Ballyvalden   1833   Ballyvaldon   Wexford   NAI
Cowan, John   Ballyvalden   1833   Ballyvaldon   Wexford   NAI
The only other suggestion is to check all further census in England in case he visits a last time or son manages to add in place in ireland where he was born on his original entry before enumerator would have reduced it to ireland
good luck

Ireland / Re: Cowen Family
« on: Monday 12 November 18 22:19 GMT (UK)  »
sometimes flukes or red herrings happen
by chance I found a family that had two John Cowan options of interest in Co Down see
John COWAN Drumgooland   of Ballymagreehan ; signed a leased dated 20 Apr 1818 with the Annesley Estate for 14 acres for an annual rent of £ 14 and held for the lives of John, Patrick & James Cowan (sons) ; rent paid 1835-1843; lessee died     AERL p129

another entry shows John   COAN    Drumgooland farmed in Ballymagreehan [townland]
in 1803   LDR

the lessee means to me that John the father died probably 1843
a john Cowan was renting a farm in 1863 map ref 64 he had 12 acres and a house valued at ten shillingspa  in Griffiths valuation,
nearby is a Felix and also a Margaret Cowan, but no sign of a Patrick or James.

One might imagine the eldest son ie brother John visiting  his youngest brother in. Tipton Staffs

church records at PRONI Belfast
R.C. Drumgooland Lower (Dromore diocese)
Baptisms, marriages and deaths, 1832≠ 81.
R.C. Drumgooland Upper (Dromore diocese)
Baptisms and marriages, 1827-80; deaths, 1828-81.with the dates starting too late assuming the family was originally catholic

do you think its worth following it up
i didnt check if the family line is still there later

good luck whatever

it was me, my hobby is other peoples FH in Co Down and Antrim, and like me have run into Derry chatterers who specialise in their own county, and dont look further unless somthing cathes their interest.  On the bigger front this should interest you Selina.
Genes Reunited three treeholders with these entries below
Robert   Pegler   1781   Bremhill ...      Gillian   
Robert   Pegler   1780   Bremhill,  Wiltshire,...John   
Robert   Pegler   1780   Bremhill.  Wiltshire ...Ian

he might have had a brother
Benjamin   Pegler   1771   Bremhill, Wiltshire,...   Jeffrey   
Benjamin   Pegler   1771   Bremhill, Wiltshire,...   Maureen
you will need to join to contact the treeholder, unless you are one of them already in disguise.

i also thought Derry FH has its own FH Website
Good luck onwards

Ireland / Re: Robert Pegler's wife Jane
« on: Saturday 10 November 18 22:34 GMT (UK)  »
trying not to confuse i tried
Stewart, Charles   Townland: Claragh Year: 1826
Stewart, James   Townland: Maynock Year: 1826
Stewart, John      Townland: Claragh Year: 1826
Stewart, John      Townland: Kilrea Year: 1826
Stewart, William   Townland: Claragh Year: 1826
Stewart, Charles   Townland: Claragh Year: 1826
Stewart, James   Townland: Maynock Year: 1826
Stewart, John      Townland: Claragh Year: 1826
Stewart, John      Townland: Kilrea Year: 1826
Stewart, William   Townland: Claragh Year: 1826
note No Steward found but index has reputation for some misspellings. No inhabitants listed in this parish had Steward as a first name.

then using my own index to the irish genealogy hub tithe indexes for the 6 counties to the tithes I was pleased to find the following for the 6 counties
Steward, Alex.-Townland: Culnagrew Year: 1828-Maghera-Derry
Steward, Alex.-Townland: Dungleady Year: 1828-Maghera-Derry
Steward, Alex.-Townland: Swatragh Year: 1828-Maghera-Derry
Steward, Alexr.-Townland: Maheraboy Year: 1834-Rasharkin-Antrim
Steward, Alexr.-Townland: Ternageragh Year: 1828-Maghera-Derry
Steward, Archd.-Townland: Gortade Year: 1828-Maghera-Derry
Steward, Archy.-Townland: Maherboy Year: 1834-Rasharkin-Antrim
Steward, Davd.-Townland: Carandeasy Year: 1828-Desertlyn -Derry
Steward, David-Townland: Canadaragh Year: 1828-Desertlyn -Derry
Steward, Henry-Townland: Lasalbanagh Year: 1828-Desertlyn -Derry
Steward, James-Townland: Ballygowan Year: 1835-Comber-Down
Steward, James-Townland: Drumard Year: 1825-Ballynascreen-Derry
Steward, James-Townland: Tubberhead Year: 1828-Maghera-Derry
Steward, Jas.-Townland: Dreen Year: 1834-Rasharkin-Antrim
Steward, John-Townland: Ballymecpeak Year: 1828-Maghera-Derry
Steward, John-Townland: Carandeasy Year: 1828-Desertlyn -Derry
Steward, John-Townland: Larrycormick Year: 1828-Desertlyn -Derry
Steward, Joseph-Townland: Ballykeel Year: 1835-Comber-Down
Steward, Joseph-Townland: Crossnacrievy Year: 1835-Comber-Down
Steward, Lera-Townland: Maherboy Year: 1834-Rasharkin-Antrim
Steward, Misses-Townland: Clontinnycully Year: 1835-Comber-Down
Steward, Pat.-Townland: Maherboy Year: 1834-Rasharkin-Antrim
Steward, Richd.-- Townland: Drumnagoon Year: 1834-Seagoe-Armagh
Steward, Rob., Jr.-Townland: Quilly Year: 1828-Desertlyn -Derry
Steward, Rob., Sr.-Townland: Quilly Year: 1828-Desertlyn -Derry
Steward, Robert-Townland: Cherryvally Year: 1835-Comber-Down
Steward, Robert-Townland: Crossnacrievy Year: 1835-Comber-Down
Steward, Robt.-Townland: Carandeasy Year: 1828-Desertlyn -Derry
Steward, Saml.-Townland: Carandeasy Year: 1828-Desertlyn -Derry
Steward, Saml.-Townland: Tubberhead Year: 1828-Maghera-Derry
Steward, Thos. Wm.-Townland: Carandeasy Year: 1828-Desertlyn -Derry
Steward, Thos.-Townland: Currin Year: 1828-Maghera-Derry
Steward, Thos.-Townland: Gullyduff Year: 1828-Maghera-Derry
over to the experts

Ireland / Re: Robert Pegler's wife Jane
« on: Saturday 10 November 18 10:23 GMT (UK)  »
my suggestion is your Kilear Co. Londonderry is so much more specific than belfast so pursue it first
my guesses include just two places
1.   Killea  in Templemore parish Co. Londonderry ie Derry itself
2.   Kilure Killure in Macosquin Civil Parish, about 2 miles southwards of Coleraine Co. Londonderry

1. using the same sources as below  search for Templemore.
2 continued The United Irishmen rebellion was building up during the 1790ís before 1798, at some stage a major assembly took place around Maghera. Government troops were stationed close to likely hot spots among which your Robert Piegler might have been stationed.  So my further guess is if you donít have any better leads is to try Maghera church of Ireland records you can download

 from which you can examine lists of possible existing records
C.I. Maghera (Derry diocese)
Baptisms, 1785-1869; marriages, 1798≠ 1860; burials, 1809-1904. available as microfilm in PRONI ref  MIC1/20, 77
Baptisms, 1870-; marriages, 1861-; vestry minutes, 1870-; register of vestrymen, 1870-.are in local custody
so itís the first record you might need. next try to see if they have a copy, otherwise eventually you may need to employ a researcher. but try my last suggestion next

so I suggest staying optimistic consider placing a further topic on the RootsChat.Com Ľ Ireland (Historical Counties) Ľ Ireland Ľ Derry (Londonderry) making a cross ref to where you first placed your topic so that researchers donít duplicate. you should have a more focused  result with luck

Ireland / Re: The origin of the name Gunnion/Gunnan
« on: Friday 09 November 18 23:23 GMT (UK)  »
already known
Arthur Rice b  m Ann Gunnan/Gunion/Gunnion b
Arthur Rice b  m 07/01/1869 an Ann Muldoon at St Mary's RC in Belfast. Ann dau of Henry Muldoon and Margaret Montgomery m confirmed with Arthur as father in ancestryireland
Arthur Rice b1872
Arthur's father is also called Arthur but his mother is called Ann Gunnion.
Arthur Rice, 29th July 1838 with mother Ann Gunion.

trying to gather all the history I could find quickly, I present below www requires credits or subscription etc but has a free index some marriages to investigate most likely in bold
RICE   ARTHUR   1833      Antrim   
RICE   ARTHUR   1834      Antrim   
RICE   ARTHUR   1845      Down   
RICE   ARTHUR   1847      Down   
RICE   ARTHUR   1852      Down   
RICE   ARTHUR   1852      Down   
RICE   ARTHUR   1852      Down   
RICE   ARTHUR   1852      Down   
RICE   ARTHUR   1853      Antrim

Ros Davies gives
Slatady   Knockbreda   .    1km SE of Castlereagh; 177 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map   .
Slatady House   Knockbreda   .   house off Upper Braniel Road, Castlereagh; residence of Simon Logan in 1885   N12/24 CBSA; BEY 24/6/1885

1910 street directorylennonwylie
Gunnion, R., labourer

Ros Davies has
Arthur   GUINEY   .   Knockbreda   regd. Castlereagh; husband of Martha Collwell ; father of John b. 1 Apr 1873
John   GUNION   .   Comber   in Creevy, with Michael Cowan paid Rectorial Tithes for 14 years to Mount Alexander Estate from 1681
Miss   Mary Jane   GUNNION   .   Bangor   daughter of James Gunnion; married John Campbell 8 Nov 1847 

tithes have see irish genealogy hub
Gunion, Hugh-Townland: Tallymally Year: 1827-Ballyphilip-Down-
Gunnion, Mary-- Townland: Ballyards Year: 1832-Lisnadill-Armagh
Gunnion, Thomas-- Townland: Minipaty Year: 1832-Lisnadill-Armagh

ancestryireland has
First Name   Surname   Year   Father's First Name   County   1 record = 4 credit(s)
ANN JANE   GUNNAN   1885   father JOHN   Antrim
Surname(s)   Graveyard   Civil Parish   Graveyard Location   County   1 record = 4 credit(s)
GUNION   Bangor Abbey   Bangor   Corporation   Down   
no ann gunion, gunnion,

ecatalogue  at PRONI has
Gunnan none
Gunian none
Gunen none
Creevy is townland in Comber Co Down
John Gunion and Michael Cowan hold by lease of 14 yeares from Allsaints 1681 Rent yearly 06:00:00 creevy is townland from
'A Copy of the Rentroll of Comber for the yeare 1684 sent to Sir John Temple by Mr Robert Maxwell'. 7fs see PRONID654/R/2/1
Parcel of land on east side of hay way leading to Bruckshane: Robert Adair, Esq. to John Gunion, Ballymena. see PRONI    D929/HA12/F2/2/30
Andrew Noel Gunion who died 29 June motem see PRONI DOW/6/1/1/41/58
Gunnion none

Wills at PRONI  I only searched Gunnion spelling see
Surname   Forename   Death   Grant   Abstract   
Gunnion   John   18 Mar 1860   21 Mar 1861   The Will of John Gunnion late of Ballywhisken in the County of Down Scutcher ...   a Townland  nr Donaghadee
John  d at Ballywhisken  18 March 1860 leaves  his assets to
his son Hugh..
his daughter Jane Gunnion
his daughter Mary Jane Gunnion 
his daughter Charlotte Gunnion

Griffiths valuation has a Michael Gunnan in Sligo and Edward Gunnane in Clare I dint check the Rice entries, as my time has run out

Antrim / Re: Hurrel / McCorley - Stoneyford / Derriaghy / Belfast
« on: Monday 05 November 18 21:01 GMT (UK)  »
just to add to your challenges, but are you not doing better than many, my final contributions are from one source
1823-1837 Tithes Applotment Books based upon the index work of the Irish Genealogy Hubís listing for each parish in Northern Ireland, The relevant original books are in the
Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) Belfast
the result are one liners which give the tenant and how much land he has in arable or bog etc

Harrell, John-Townland : Shanaghy Year: 1834-Finvoy-Antrim
Harrell, P.-Townland: Dunbeg Lower Year: 1826-Dromara -Down-
Harrell, P.-Townland: Lower Dunbeg Year: 1828-Dromara -Down-
Heare, John-- Townland : Outleekan Year : 1827-Ballymyre -Armagh
Herrell, Thomas-Townland: Magheralone Year: 1833-Kilmore-Down-
Hurl, Bernd.-Townland: Sharvougs Year: 1834-Drummaul -Antrim
Hurl, Charles-T: Creenagh Y: 1826-Tullyniskan-Tyrone & Fermangh
Hurl, Charles-Tl: Ballimaquiggan Yr: 1825-Artrea-Derry and Tyrone
Hurl, Hugh-Tl: Caraloon Yr: 1825-Artrea-Derry and Tyrone
Hurl, James-Tl: Caraloon Yr: 1825-Artrea-Derry and Tyrone
Hurl, Jas.-Tl: Derrygarve Yr: 1825-Artrea-Derry and Tyrone
Hurl, Jno.-Townland: Sharvougs Year: 1834-Drummaul -Antrim
Hurl, John-Townland: Ballytresna Year: 1834-Drummaul -Antrim
Hurl, Patk.-Townland: Garriffgeary Year: 1833-Duneane-Antrim
McCorley, Charles-Townland: Ballynacross Year: 1828-Maghera-Derry
McCorley, Fras.-Townland: Ballydermot Year: 1828-Ballyscullion-Antrim & Derry
McCorley, Fras.-Townland: Ballydermot Year: 1828-Ballyscullion-Derry
McCorley, John-Townland: Gallagh Year: 1833-Duneane-Antrim
McCorley, Roger-Townland: Gallagh Year: 1833-Duneane-Antrim
McCully,  I did find many McUlly and although appealing to my ear have not included
McCurley, Bernard-Townland: Ballyearl and Carntall Year: 1835- Carnmoney-Antrim
McCurley, Bernard-Townland: Carntall Year: 1835- Ballylinny-Antrim
McCurley, Henry-Townland: Gallagh Year: 1833-Duneane-Antrim
McCurley, Jno.-Townland: Clare Year: 1834-Tullylish-Down
McCurley, Wm.-Townland: Longmore Year: 1825-Skerry-Antrim
McCurly, Frank-Tl: Corcloon Yr: 1834-Inishmacsaint -Fermanagh
McCurly, Jno.-Tl: Ballieglish Yr: 1825-Artrea-Derry and Tyrone
McOrley no entries
good luck

Antrim / Re: Hurrel / McCorley - Stoneyford / Derriaghy / Belfast
« on: Saturday 03 November 18 10:45 GMT (UK)  »
Hannah McCorley has her father named as henry McCorley both for her birth 1885 and her marriage 1920
which also has  births baptisms with a Henry as father
HANNAH   MCCORLEY   1885   HENRY   Antrim   
RODERICK   MCCORLEY   1892   HENRY   Antrim   
i have no further info on Roderick ie is it the correct Henry
website has deaths but none relevant

Antrim / Re: Hurrel / McCorley - Stoneyford / Derriaghy / Belfast
« on: Saturday 03 November 18 10:22 GMT (UK)  »
hi gmck81, see last paragraph,  trying to cast a fresh eye on your achievements so far  After an hour or two your difficulties are unigue to me. Henry and the 1901 census enumerator both have difficulties in their interpretations and handwriting. see Household Return (Form A)   findable underneath household entries.  you can enlarge the image.  The 6 daughters  listed except Rachel  in the 1901 census are all male, yet Rachel is a son. Henryís own handwritten entries for his last name for the household occupants vary with a and o, and his final signature the b in McCouby is definitely  readable as a b but elsewhere more as an L.  Even Belfast is readable as Belfost.  Your list showing Annies 7 childrenís births or baptisms , for the spelling of her maiden name is similarily confusing as each birth location is different , yet each location might give further clues.  Does your source give the last name variants of McOrley. The confusing bit are the ages given and your dates . My normal method of estimating the year born knowing the census was carried out on the last day of March is approximate and hence the ~and means +or Ė one year at most

1901 census 71 in Mountcollyer Road (Duncairn Ward, Antrim)see
McCouby   Henry      50[b~1851]   Male   Head of Family   
McCouby   Annie      40[b~1861]   Female   Wife   
children 6 listed
McCouby   Florence   20[b~1881]   Male   Daughter   
McCouby   Jane      18[b~1883]   Male   Daughter   
McCouby   Hannah   16[b~1885]   Male   Daughter   
McCouby   Maggie   14[b~1887]   Male   Daughter   
McCouby   Sarah      11[b~1890]   Male   Daughter   
McCouby   Rachel   9   [b~1892]   Female   Son   
 in the same clever way you found them , where have they all gone in 1911 census I tried without success. the girls could all be married1892,1895,
Street directories.
Henry is not listed in  71 Mountcollyer Road in the PRONI street directories1892,95,96,97,98 99 and 1900
Henry is listed in in  71 Mountcollyer Road in the 1901 www.lennonwylie .com street directories as Henry McCurley, but is not listed in her 1907 and 1908 directories ie he has moved

Stoneyford Village is in Island Kelly townland in the civil parish of Derraghy. I have not searched for all references to Island Kelly townland on google .So I went searching for Henry McCORLEY/McOrley who you say is originally from Stoneyford (Lisburn / Derriaghy) how do you know this ?    I could find no proof of this after examining 1862 Griffiths valuation and the continuation books at PRONI using PRONI Reference: VAL/12/B/8/5A (1863 - 1879) for Island Kelly townland. and next book VAL/12/B/8/5B (1878 - 1889) Was he catholic before marriage I wondered?
Aghalislone townland where you have a child b 1876 but you donít mention fathers name so how do you know all of this I went looking for McOrley et al I couldnít find in the relevant continuation valuation books.

The nearest catholic church leaving out lisburn is difficult to determine.  PRONI has
R.C. Hannahstown, Rock and Derriaghy (Down and Connor diocese)
Baptisms and marriages, 1877-80.
which shows  microfilm etc available at PRONI is MIC1D/63 Have you tried this but its about 5 miles away or Milltown

Stoneyford is a small village in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. It is between Glenavy and Milltown, about 5 miles (8 km) north of Lisburn. Historically it was known as Aghnalough  Source lost check out Aghnalough possible wrong spelling

Articles found ST. JOHNíS, STONEYFORD ~ BAPTISMS   if both born Catholic this is irrelevant, unless they buried catholics in their graveyards and kept burial lists.

I am wondering the marriage registered at lisburn are there any details more than you offered us the marriage registered at Lisburn.
have you seen the variant Spellings via john grenham see

Griffiths Valuation various dates
nothing in neighbourhood

Elwyn Soutter suggestion for Henry is most likely your Henry. have you followed his advice?

from emerald ancestors
has an interesting line up of possible daughters marrying
1902   James  Emmerald   Florence  MCCORLEY   Belfast   Antrim   
1905   Robert  Emmerald   Jane  MCCORLEY   Belfast   Antrim   
1909   Richard  Emmerald   Sarah  MCCORLEY   Belfast   Antrim   
1909   Patrick  MCCORLEY   Elizabeth  Emmerald   Antrim   Antrim   
1917   William  Emmerald   Mary  MCCORLEY   Belfast   Antrim   
1920   James  Emmerald   Hannah  MCCORLEY   Belfast   Antrim
good luck onwards

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