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Lookingbacktofront - many, many thanks for the colourised version, it really brings the picture to life. We're currently finding out so many things about my mum's great-uncle Charles (we discovered he was a deserter from WWI in England but escaped to New Zealand but then joined the Expeditionary force at the age of 37). It's great to see his portrait restored and now in colour.

Thanks Carol. I like the vignette effect on the edges.

Thanks for the info, I will give it a go myself one day.

Thanks Peter, it's much appreciated. Out of interest how long does it take to restore a photo with damage like this, and do you use Photoshop or a special software?

Treetotal - thanks for the dating info on the card. That does make sense because that would make the two men aged around 30 (charles) and 33 (Joseph). Charles was a seaman at this point in between his two stints in the army, and although Joseph was supposedly a lighterman on the Thames, he may have spent some time away at sea which is how they reached Philadelphia.

That's great, thank you. I always felt sorry for Charles having a fold through his face and wondered if the postcard was carried back across the Atlantic in that condition in one their pockets.

That's amazing - thanks to both of you. If anyone else can offer a date for the photo by the clothes it would be useful.

This is a old photograph of who we believe is my mother's great uncles Joseph (b 1874) and Charles (b1877) Higgins. Although they lived in London, the photo was taken in a studio in Philadelhia USA in the late 1890s, possibly later. We believe both of them were working on a ship and ended up in America, albeit for a brief time which was when the photo was taken. Sadly it has been folded at some point, oblitarating Charles' face. Is anyone able to recreate his face from what exists?
Also can anyone acurately date the photograph. We think it dates from about 1896 because after that Joseph was working as a lightermen working soley on the Thames and Charles signed up as a soldier who was posted to Malta, Celyon and the East Indies until 1908, and so neither were (in theory) able to travel to America. Charles later worked as a fireman on a ship, so its possible the photo may date from that period. Any help would be gratefully received.

Phillip - Between 1899 and 1908 he was in the Royal West Kent Regiment, service number 5640. After that I don't know what regiment he was connected to.

MaxD - thanks for the info, I will look at records connected to Shoeburyness.

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