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I have dismissed so many family relationships based on the fact that there was no record of them in SP
Even in the 1800s there are many people whose baptisms and marriages are missing from the surviving records, and the further back you go, the larger the proportion of missing records.

The important thing to bear in mind is: just because there is only one possible candidate in the surviving records does **not** mean that it is the right person. You always need to look for some sort of evidence to corroborate a link.

Dorrit's Land would normally relate to a tenement building
Yes, but I have also seen lairs in old graveyards named as xxxx's land or xxx's ground.

   Many thanks Forfarian for link abt my gt grandmother, Ann Morley(maiden name,Reid). Have looked at 2nd link, but unfortunately not been able to find the birth or marriage details abt William Reid & Agnes Reid(maiden surname,Boyd).
I only suggested that their death certificates might be available there, assuming they died in Ireland, because you said you were looking "also to find out where William & Agnes were b.& d....".

Census show they were both born and married in Ireland (eldest son William born abt 1835 Ireland)
Civil registration of births, marriages and deaths in Ireland started (IIRC) in 1864 so (a) any record, if it exists, would be in the church records and (b) with no idea where they were from or who their parents were, haystacks and needles spring to mind.

Though all the censuses would make William 72 on his death certificate on 14 June 1876, he is aged 64.
Yes, you said this in your original post, but if the wife's name and the address match other information (which you have now confirmed), and the informant's name and relationship match, then it's probably some sort of error and I would not read too much into it.

That being so, there seems to be little point looking in Ireland for William's death. Does the death certificate not tell you the names of his parents?

I see no death for Agnes Boyd, other surname Reid, in Scotland. However there is a death of an Agnes Reid, age 75, in Cadder in 1886 who could be your Agnes. If I were you I would take a look at this death certificate.

I note with interest Rossie Reid, aged 60, in the household of William Reid. I think there is a good chance that this could be William's mother. There's a death of a Rose Anne Reid, no age stated, in Cadder in 1862. It might or might not be worth having a look at that one.

Also Agnes Beverland, niece, born 1842/1843 in Ireland if the 1861 census is accurate. Might it be worth trying to follow her up and try to see if her mother was a Reid or a Boyd?

Jean Reid, aged 1 in 1861, must have been born in 1859 or 1860 if her age is accurate. Where does the census say she was born? Who were her parents - Agnes was getting on a bit so possibly not her, but could she be a granddaughter? If she was legitimate, her birth certificate should tell you when and where her parents were married, and if they were married in Scotland their marriage certificate will tell you the names of her grandparents.

Quite a few avenues for you to explore.

Lanarkshire / Re: William Scott / Margaret Kent
« on: Yesterday at 13:21 »
The family at Adderstone in 1841 consists of William Scott, 65, farmer; Janet Scott, 55; Gavin Scott, 35; Cathrine Scott, 30; and William Scott, 20.

Gavin and Cathrine match the family of William Scott and Janet Gray
Gavin, baptised 27 April 1802
Robert, baptised 7 August 1804
Katherine, baptised 6 June 1806
Mary, baptised 15 March 1811

Gavin's baptism is in both the Bothwell parish register and the Bellshill Relief parish register.

I haven't found baptisms for Robert or Mary, but if William is a son of William and Janet, then Margaret Kent was not their daughter-in-law. Which gets me precisely nowhere :(

If I were you, I would be thinking in terms of either going to a Scotland's People Centre, or getting hold of a copy of the microfilm of the Bothwell parish register and the Bellshill Relief parish register, and going through both to extract all references to Adderston(e), then see where that would take me.

Lanarkshire / Re: William Scott / Margaret Kent
« on: Yesterday at 12:52 »
Pity. You do sometimes get a mention of a previous husband in a pre-1855 marriage records, but ISTR that the Bothwell parish register is not as informative as one might hope.

Aberdeenshire / Re: Medical
« on: Yesterday at 12:31 »
Can you access the archives of the hospital where he died? They may already be available for research, but if there is a 100-year closure they should become available next year or the year after.

Lanarkshire / Re: John Lavery - died in Hamilton in 1882
« on: Yesterday at 12:29 »
Familysearch have a John Lavery age 75(born c1816 ?) in Dumbarton Dunbartonshire on the 1891 Census  :-\
He seems to be the only Lavery at whatever address this is. Has anyone looked at the original on SP? Though it would be cheaper and more informative to look at the death certificate - has anyone seen this?

Lanarkshire / Re: John Lavery - died in Hamilton in 1882
« on: Yesterday at 12:24 »
As I said, I have become quite fond of your Lavery/Law family. Such sad endings.
For the benefit of those who may not have seen previous posts on this family

Have you tried asking Stirling Archives if they were buried somewhere else, or cremated?

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