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Scotland / Re: Placing images into posts
« on: Yesterday at 20:00 »
Good :)

Lanarkshire / Re: hogg scott family lanarkshire
« on: Yesterday at 18:26 »
hi all. trying to trace anyone from the hogg scott family from217 crossloan rd and 98 crossloan road govan.
This is a pretty good example of how not to phrase a query. You have not listed any given names or approximate dates of birth or marriage, or said when they were at these addresses and where you found that information. You haven't even said whether you are looking for a male Scott married to a female Hogg, or a male Hogg married to a female Scott.

If you are seeking help, you need to start by giving all the information you already have, so that people have a sound base from which to start looking on your behalf.

And why did you start yet another thread when you have already got two threads on the go, both of which you started with more details than this one, and one of which has some additional information in it provided by other people?

Ah. As it's before 1855, the marriage record won't tell you their parents' names. Pity about that.

I see that a Simon McGregor, aged 70, died in Fodderty in 1859. Have you seen his death certificate? It should tell you the full names of both his parents including his mother's maiden surname. If the informant is your Alexander, that would be evidence enough about Alexander's parents and grandparents.

I don't see an obvious death of Margaret MacKenzie or MacGregor, so it is likely that she died before 1855.

(A Margaret McKinzie or McGrigor, aged 75, died in Strathdon, Aberdeenshire, in 1861. However I think she is probably the Margaret McKenzie, 74, born Ballater, recorded in the 1861 census at Ballochilloch in Strathdon and in the 1851 census at Cotmore, Coull with her husband John McKenzie.

There is also a death of a Margaret McGregor or McKenzie, aged 93, in Inverallan in 1889. She is probably the 85-year-old Margaret McGregor, born Duthil, widow (of Alexander McGregor), living at Lynemore, Cromdale in 1881.)

Scotland / Re: Placing images into posts
« on: Yesterday at 16:28 »
I see!

I have 2375 photographs on and I don't seem to have used more than a fraction of the space available to me.

I am in possession of my great-great-grandfather's birth certificate (1/2 Scottish, 1/2 English), and he was born in Coul, north of Contin village. His name was Alexander MacGregor, and he died in 1933, in Hornsey, London.
What were the names of both his parents, and what was his date of birth? Where and when were his parents married?

Another thread on the same family

Threads merged.

Ross & Cromarty / Re: McKenzies of Fodderty, Ross
« on: Yesterday at 16:02 »
No need to faff about with FamilySearch, IGI and batch numbers any longer. Go direct to Scotland's People at The indexes there are now free of charge, and you can search using the names of parishes. You get all the events indexed by FS, and you don't get any of the imaginary information that you get on the 'contributed' IGI. You can also view, for a modest fee, an image of any baptism or marriage in the indexes, including that of Simon McGrigor to Margaret Mackenzie in 1811.

Scotland / Re: Placing images into posts
« on: Yesterday at 15:45 »
Buckhyne, I don't quite understand the problem. Can you not just attach the images to a post?

Lanarkshire / Re: Missing link in Cambusnethan
« on: Yesterday at 11:42 »
I can't find a marriage certificate for his parents either.  I assume they married, because my Thomas has his name.
Not a safe assumption :(

Thomas Sr. seems to have died between 1855 and 1861, because Margaret is unmarried in the 1861 census
If she had been married to Thomas Lindsay and he had died, she would normally be listed as widowed, not unmarried.

I have his own marriage certificate listing his father as Thomas Lindsay, Joiner, Deceased.
How, exactly, is his mother's name recorded on his marriage certificate?

I see from the index at SP that Thomas Lindsay and Helen Kyle were married in 1880. Which rather scuppers my idea of looking for a Thomas Lindsay who was a carpenter or joiner or wright in the 1881 census :(

On the other hand, Thomas Jr could have bent the truth a little when he got married, or perhaps his mother had told him that his father was dead when in fact he wasn't .... there is a Thomas Lindsay, joiner, aged 50, born Barony, with wife Catherine and assorted children. They look like the family of Thomas Lindsay and Catherine Brown, who were married in Glasgow in 1856. Their eldest son was Andrew, and there is a family in Shettleston in 1851 with head Andrew Lindsay and son Thomas, 22, joiner journeyman, born Barony. Note that this is pure speculation on my part and not to be interpreted as definite confirmation that this particular Thomas Lindsay is the errant father of your Thomas Lindsay.

I see, incidentally, that in 1881 Thomas Jr gives his age as 27. If accurate this means a birth in 1853 or 1854 rather than in 1855. You would expect a schoolmaster to be able to get his own age correct!

Des Garrity's 1861 census index lists Agnes Clelland, 53; Margaret Hill, 22; Thomas Lindsay, 6; and Ann Clelland, 63, all born Cambusnethan except Ann who was born in Bothwell. If accurate, that gives a birth between April 1854 and March 1855 for Thomas; it also means that Margaret was very young indeed to be the mother of Thomas.

The 1851 census transcription at lists
Agnes Cleland, head, 43, unmarried, sewster, born Cambusnethan
Robert Cleland, brother, 44, unmarried, shoemaker, born Cambusnethan
Margaret Hill, 12, born Cambusnethan
plus a niece, nephew and great-nephew.
If Margaret's middle name was Young, this points to Agnes being the daughter of Thomas Clelland and Margaret Young, baptised in Cambusnethan on 15 April 1808.

The only source that might reveal anything more about Thomas Lindsay Sr is the minutes of either the Cambusnethan or the Shotts Kirk Session. If Margaret Young Hill was a member of the congregation and unmarried, and her pregnancy came to the notice of the Kirk Session, there could be a record of her being summoned to answer for her sin, and that would normally include information about her partner.

The Kirk Session minutes are in the National Records of Scotland. They have been digitised, but are not (yet) available online, so until they do come online (which has been 'soon' for some time!) they can only be consulted in the Historical Search Room in General Register House in Edinburgh (not in the Scotland's People Centre there) or in a small number of archives elsewhere including Glasgow, Hawick, Aberdeen and Inverness. So unless you can go to one of those in person, or get someone to go on your behalf (quite a big 'ask' for a volunteer as it could involve scrolling through a large number of pages of digital images of dodgy handwriting) you will need to wait until they do become available online.

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