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Banffshire / Re: James Gillies 1875 - 1956
« on: Yesterday at 19:42 »

Phew!  :)

Banffshire / Re: James Gillies 1875 - 1956
« on: Yesterday at 18:52 »
Mother married...
Are you saying that Louisa Ingram who had an illegitimate child in 1875 married as Eliza Margaret Ingram 63 years later, and that Louisa's son James adopted his future stepfather's surname 21 years before he became his stepfather? ???

I think I need to retire to a darkened room with a wet cloth over my head ;) 

Banffshire / Re: James Gillies 1875 - 1956
« on: Yesterday at 17:41 »
Interestingly William & Elspet Loban had a daughter Mary Ann born also in 1975 so I reckon he was being a naughty boy back then.
Also James assumed his mother Elspet's name on his marriage & death certificates.
Now I am confused.

The baptism says his mother was Louisa Ingram, and that is confirmed by the birth certificate that lists him as James Ingram. How does Elspet Lobban come into the picture?

Banffshire / Re: James Gillies 1875 - 1956
« on: Yesterday at 17:03 »
I think the first one is (then Prot:) suggesting that William Gillies was a Protestant at the time but that he had subsequently converted.

The second one looks like (Apos:) - could it be Apostate, i.e. she was Catholic but had abandoned her religion?

The third one is 'baptised by me" - the standard form in RC baptisms.

The second witness, by the way, is W Clapperton. The Clapperton family were a prominent Catholic family in this area, and produced some sons who became priests.

Yes, I think that James Gillies was illegitimate.

Lanarkshire / Re: A72 and Honeybank Rd. Carluke
« on: Yesterday at 10:03 »
I have an image of the original census document which shows at least 6 houses (30-35) in Honeybank Road, Parish of Carluke. I referenced this to the A72 from the position of Honeywell Farm which still exists, so I am pretty confident it is the A72.
The number 35 in the extract provided is not the number of the house in relation to Honeybank Road. It is the number of the house in relation to the whole of the enumeration district. I think this has already been pointed out twice or three times above.

Also Honeybank is not on the A72, which doesn't pass through the town of Carluke, and I don't think it passes through the parish of Carluke either - it is on the other side of the River Clyde. The main road through Carluke is the A73, but Honeybank is on a minor road off the A73.

The OS name book 1858-1861 for Carluke lists Honeybank as "Three tenements all one storey thatched and in good repair. inhabited by colliers. property of the Shotts Iron Company".

You need to look at the whole of the enumeration district and note all the other addresses in it, then compare them with a map. It is possible to do that by using microfilms of the 1901 census, which are available in many local libraries.

This map is almost contemporary with the 1901 census.

I can do a similar 'walk' using the LDS CD-ROM transcription of the 1881 census.

In 1881 six households (Paterson, Annan, Carmichael, Ritchie, Johnstone and Moffat) in Honeybank are listed in in Enumeration District No 2 of Carluke. Honeybank Road is in ED3. There are eight households (Marshall, Bulloch, Monteith, Fordyce, Gray, Forrest, Watson and Kelly) in plain Honeybank Road, six (Robertson, Scott x 2, Graham, Telfer, and Broadhead) in Flower Hill Cottages, Honeybank Road, two (Dick x 2)  in Windmill House, Honeybank Road and one each in Flower Hill, Honeybank Road (McFarlane) and Muir Cottage, Honeybank Road (Marshall).

Therefore Honeybank and Honeybank Road are not the same place.

In ED 3, besides Honeybank Road, are Hamilton Street, Kirkton Street, James Street, Old Bridgend, John Street, High Street, Crawforddyke Street, Dyke Row, Chapel Street, Budgreen, Woodend, Mount Pleasant, Rosemount, Howlands and three addresses associated with brick and tile making.

Honeybank Road is listed in two separate bits, with Dyke Row in between. The plain Honeybank Road households first, then Dyke Row, then the named houses in Honeybank Road.

Six households at Belstane are listed in ED4. Whitehill Farm is in ED2. Belstane Road is not listed.

I can find Dyke Row on the 1897 map above, and Howlands, and all the named streets, but not Budgreen, Woodend, Mount Pleasant or Rosemount, which are probably individual houses and not named on the map. Oddly, Newbarns, which is just off Belstane Road on the maps, is not listed in the 1881 census as far as I can see. lists a Flowerhill, 52 Belstane Road, Carluke.

What I think is that the 1881 enumerator walked along one side of what is now Belstane Road, recording the addresses as Honeybank Road, then along Dyke Row, then back along the other side of what is now Belstane Road. If so the houses listed in the 1881 census as being on Honeybank Road are indeed the ones shown on the maps as being on Belstane Road.

I have yet to find 'Honeywell Farm' but if is it indeed on the A72 it is irrelevant.

Lanarkshire / Re: Gravestone inscriptions
« on: Wednesday 19 September 18 22:40 BST (UK)  »
Quite popular nowadays AH, many lassies opt to keep their names. It was an English fashion anyhow.
Just for clarification, the English fashion was changing your surname on marriage. It wasn't traditional in Scotland, which is why you get mothers' maiden surnames in baptism records and married women's maiden surnames on gravestones and in legal documents.

United States of America / Re: Georgina Catherine Waddington or Wyllie
« on: Wednesday 19 September 18 22:38 BST (UK)  »
Thanks again, Sandra. She did well, didn't she!

United States of America / Re: Georgina Catherine Waddington or Wyllie
« on: Wednesday 19 September 18 21:18 BST (UK)  »
Goodness, Sandra, thank you so much. I am still working through what I already have. This will keep me busy until the present gales blow themselves out!

United States of America / Re: Georgina Catherine Waddington or Wyllie
« on: Wednesday 19 September 18 20:07 BST (UK)  »
Thank you very much indeed, RJ137. Not sure if I have any more relatives in Connecticut, but the links could come in very useful.

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