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Many thanks, KGarrad, that is much better! I tried to do the same search (major, Royal Scots, WW1) but it came up with no results. No idea why!

Would there be any records of teachers employment records which could be cross checked with Annie's finds? Newspaper reports?
Probably, but my friend doesn't know which school he taught at, and there are an awful lot of schools in Edinburgh!

I've tried various newspapers in vain for an announcement of the engagement to Jessie Ann Nairn. She was from Stirling and it is possible that there might be something in the Stirling Observer - I haven't managed to find that online yet.

Thanks, Annie.

However once I have refined the dates to 1914-1919 and eliminated those in the Royal Scots Greys and those on the ship Royal Scot, there were only 8 left, none of whom seem to fit (2 from Manchester, 2 other ranks, one too late, one too early, one a police instructor and one who wasn't killed in 1914-1918).  :(


There's a mention of a Teacher Norman McDonald (seem to be all the same person)?
This looks like someone whose full name is Norman McDonald Teacher, rather than a teacher named Norman McDonald.  :(

Back to the drawing board.

My friend thinks the man in question was a Major but a search on CWGC didn't turn up any majors in the Royal Scots.

I am hampered by not understanding the differences between different regiments/battalions/units of the army - Royal Scots, Royal Scots Greys, Royal Scots Fusiliers, Royal Scots Rifles and other variations on the theme  :-[

Thank you. That does look a bit like a needle in a haystack! I'll pass it on to my friend.

I am helping a friend who wants to know the name of her great-aunt's fiance who was killed in the First World War. She knows that he was a teacher in a school in Edinburgh before the War, and that he was an officer in the Royal Scots.

Can anyone point me at any lists of officers in the Royal Scots who were killed in 1914-1919 please?

Angus (Forfarshire) / Re: Isabella Burns circa 1817
« on: Sunday 19 November 17 22:03 GMT (UK)  »
Hi, I am a descendant of Isabella Burns. Could you please further explain the info you mentioned in reply #3 on the certificates?
Which part of the information?

I can probably help you research. You might find the website Scotlands People helpful.
I have been finding Scotland's People useful in various incarnations, including the web site, for 34 years :)

Lanarkshire / Re: William McLeod and Janet Pollock
« on: Sunday 19 November 17 10:47 GMT (UK)  »
It isn't a good idea to put the same question on different threads. What happens is that you then get people duplicating what you already know and what other people are finding. This is annoying for people who are trying to help and confusing for you because you get snippets of paper all over the place.

Lanarkshire / Re: Help for the marriage of William Sutherland and Margaret Watherston
« on: Sunday 19 November 17 10:42 GMT (UK)  »
The point I am trying to make is that if you get James' birth certificate, it will answer the question in the title of this thread, that is, date and place of the marriage of William Sutherland and Margaret Watherston.

You can get a copy at for less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

Yes the children (born in England )that I found on familysearch were born in Glasgow
If they were born in Glasgow they were not born in England. Glasgow is not in England.

Lanarkshire / Re: William McLeod and Janet Pollock
« on: Sunday 19 November 17 09:14 GMT (UK)  »
William Mcleod and Janet Pollock were married in Galston, Ayrshire, in 1877.

Unless you have a specific reason for thinking they lived in Lanarkshire it might be worth asking for this thread to be moved to the Ayrshire forum.

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