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Hi Everyone,
Been a while. I was in the Mitchell Library last week and was looking up the records of the children boarded out in Tomintoul. The records are absolutely brilliant. Found my Kellys. The children were generally well treated and there is a note in one of the records saying that after the death of a wife, the husband was bereft and it was one of his boarded out children who came back and helped him through the difficult times. There was evidence of "real affection".  The other note of interest was how "the rarified air of Tomintoul seems to combat successfully with their(the children) scrofulous nature." Lovely way to put it.

Mayo / Newcombes of Killina
« on: Sunday 04 December 16 11:47 GMT (UK)  »
Hi everyone,
I am looking for information on the history of the Newcombe(Newcomb/Nucumb) family in County Mayo. My ancestor, James Newcombe was born in 1788-1791 in Killeana(Killina) County Mayo. He joined the Pennisular wars and was very highly decorated. He returned to County Mayo and married a Pheobe(Febea) Magee about 1820. He had Michael 1821, James 1829 and Bridget 1830. He seems to have left andis next found in Annan, Dumfriesshire, Scotland where the family mostly settled. Some emigrated to New York in the USA in the 1940s.
Are there any Newcombes who recognise the family or are there any newcombes from Mayo who can help with the pre 1788 history of mayo. Newcombe is traditionally an English name but there seems to have been some emigration to Ireland at the same time as England.
Many thanks for the help.

Family History Beginners Board / Re: John Mullen - Scotland
« on: Sunday 16 June 13 00:21 BST (UK)  »
Hi Linda,
Hope you don't mind me adding to your post. Did you find your John Mullen senior?
I am also searching for a John Mullen who was born in Ireland on 1/11/1879 but arrived in Bellshill shortly after that. The area is Lanarkshire and his father James Mullen was a coalminer. The problem is that both parents had died by the time John was 15 (1895) and I have been unable to track him after that.
I have a lot of detail about his parents, James and Mary McConville and his siblings Sarah, Mary (my great grandmother), Catherine and William. Does any of this sound familliar or am I clutching at straws?

i often wonder if the boarders were viewed as a source of income as the parish poor relief would have paid the famliies who took in the boardersis brother in kilts and the young people would have supplied labour on the farms.

Hi Ally,
I was wondering this too. In my great grandmother's case, and when I think of all the terrible things that she went through(losing her father, drunken stepfather, poorhouse, finally losing her mother at a young age) she was boarded(fostered?) and eventually adopted into the Kearney family in Rutherglen and she was wanted and loved by them. They also adopted another little girl, Kate McCleary that became her 'sister'. She refused to marry unless she could bring her adopted father with her. She never discussed this with anyone until the end of her life when she asked my dad to help find her siblings. Impossible them but luckily we have more tools at our disposal now. I would love to know if you find any more information.


I am still looking for John(born in Lurgan, Ireland, 1/11/1879) and Sarah (born in Bellshill, 3/10/85) Mullen as well.

Mmmm...I wonder. Could Sarah Mullen also have been sent off to Banff as a boarder? Have you found anything that might help on the poor relief notes?

There is this entry for example in 1901:

Alexander Reach 45 Butcher
Kate Reach 37
Jessie Ellis 8 stepdaughter
Kate Riach 1
Sarah Mullen 15 boarder b. Glasgow
James Boyle 23 boarder b. Glasgow

Address: 34 Main St Tomintoul Banff

John Mullen much older for 1901, likely independent by then. There are up to at least 5 entries in 1901 for a John Mullen b. Ireland in his age group, showing as boarding.


Hi Monica,
I will spend a bit of time in the Mitchell Library and on SP to see if we can find anything else. You are so correct when you say there are a lot of Mullins.
Many thanks for your help so far. It has been very, very useful,


Hi Monica,
Thankyou for your very quick reply and apologies for my slow one.

Was husband William Kelly already AWOL and tricky by 1891  :-\

Mary Mullen 30, wife b. Ireland
John Mullen 12
Sarah Mullen 10
Mary Mullen 6
William Kelly 1 month
Address: 155 Blackburn St, Govan

Marriage for William Kelly and Mary in 1888?

This is my great grandmother, Mary (Mcconville) Mullen/Kelly. She had another child, Catherine on 29/11/92 to William Kelly. Mary and William married in Bellshill on 1/4/88. They moved to Blackburn St, Govan, Plantation. The 1st application for poor relief on 22/9/1891 was because William Kelly assaulted his wife and was sent to prison The family were admitted to the poorhouse. The second application was on 7/12/1893 when the family, now with the addition of little Catherine, were destitute because William Kelly had deserted them in July of 93 and was living with a Mrs Brown of 22 Perth St with whom he had a child. On the 12/3/95 Mary Mullen Kelly died of consumption at 87 McLean Street according to her death certificate, witnessed by her eldest son John. William Kelly seems to have asked for Catherine but could not take care of her.
This is as far as I have got.
I am still looking for John(born in Lurgan, Ireland, 1/11/1879) and Sarah (born in Bellshill, 3/10/85) Mullen as well.

There is this entry for example from 1901:

Kate Kelly, inmate, 8 b. Glasgow. This entry shows at 21 Whitevale Street, Glasgow Camlachie. I am guessing this is likely to be the Catholic Children's Refuge at Whitevale Street.

Monica  :)

This look correct too. I couldn't read the handwriting on the Poorhouse Record but it was Whitevale and she was Catholic.
If the agreement to move William and Catherine under Donald Cummings care was confirmed on 9 April 1901, likely they were still in Glasgow for the 1901 census you would think (date for this 31 March 1901).

There are a couple of possibilities for young William in 1901:

Helen Kelly 58 charwoman b. Glasgow
Margt Mains 28
Janet Lamb 21
Joseph Lamb 24
Robert Mains 8
William Kelly 9 grandson b. Glasgow
Address: 6 Stirling St, Glasgow Blackfriars

Do you have the marriage entry for Mary McConville to William Kelly to confirm his parents' details?

I don't think this is correct as William's gandmother was called Mary Kelly and then after a second marraige, Mary Wylie who was married to a Hugh Wylie of 119 Henderson St at the time William's mother, Mary, died.

James Robertson 31
Mary Robertson 29
Annie Robertson 1
John Robertson 75
William Mccarrol 25
William Kelly 10 boarder b. Glasgow
Neil Mcmillan 6 boarder b. Glasgow
James Boyle 34
Address: 4 Moray Place, Rutherglen Lanarkshire

This could be correct as his grandmother's maiden name was McMillan.

Lanarkshire / Re: Re: glasgow children boarded out in tomintoul, tomnavoulin
« on: Saturday 16 March 13 16:06 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Monica,
Many thanks for your reply. William born(9/3/1891) and Catherine(29/11/1892) were admitted to a workhouse in Glasgow around 12/3/1895. Their mother, Mary McConville, Mullen Kelly died on 9/3/1895 and their father William Kelly had deserted the family after spending time in prison in Glasgow for assaulting his wife. Their last known address was 155 Blackburn St, Glasgow. Their father did see the children once or twice then disappeared from their life. According to the Poor Relief Records held in the Mitchell Library in Glasgow, on 9/4/1901 it was decided to board them out to a Donald Cumming, Victoria Cottage, Tomintoul. It is difficult to decipher the records but these seem to be the correct details.

Their mother Mary was previously married to a James Mullen who died in 1885 and had 3 children, John, Sarah and my great grandmother Mary. (We knew nothing of her early life until last week and had no idea she had half brothers or sisters.

Many thanks for any information you could provide.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi F  :)

I have moved over your post to the Lanarkshire board where I am sure you will get more help with the local searches  :) This is the link to the original post on the Banffshire post regarding Tomintoul,434380.0.html

i am trying to find out more about the experience of the young people from glasgow who were "boarded out" in the Tomintoul and Tomnavoulin areas between 1898 and 1908. i would be particularly interested in finding out about the school in tombae at this period. are there any books on the area at this time or useful sources?

I have just come across your post. I have recently found out that I have relatives, William and Catherine Kelly, who were boarded out to a Donald Cumming in Tomintoul on 9/4/1901. The information does come from excellent Poor Relief records held at the Mitchel Library. They were in a Poorhouse in Glasgow for around 2 years before being sent to Tomintoul.
I am unable to find the family in the 1901 or 1911 census. I have found a Donald Cumming who has taken in boarders but not my William or Catherine. Do you have any more information on what happened to the poor wee mites that were sent away from the awful conditions in Glasgow? You mentioned school records?
Many thanks,

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