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Cork / Re: Patrick stephen mansfield
« on: Today at 17:37 »
Yes and he is Stephen in 1871 too. This is only part of the household.

Patrick S

And those Manchester parish records have him as Patrick S

Cork / Re: Patrick stephen mansfield
« on: Today at 16:32 »

Cork / Re: Patrick stephen mansfield
« on: Today at 13:39 »
This index shows father as James - may be you got it there.

Patrick is named as father for several baptisms and also possibly as a marriage witness in 1869 to Michael Power and Ann Parker, certainly as a witness to a Lariche wedding and possibly as a godfather in 1867 to a Margaret McGrath.

Cork / Re: Patrick stephen mansfield
« on: Today at 10:53 »
I mentioned 1871 in reply #7.

The names are mixed up- it shows Mary Mansfield as wife when, presumably, she is Agnes’ mother.
The householder probably gave the information.
It is strange re New York though without any further information.

They were married in 1870 - do you have the certificate as you know his father’s name?

Find My Past and British Newspaper Archives show some reports from Derbyshire newspapers.
 They are both subscription sites.
Indexes show snippets which can sometimes help.
1893 indicates the inquest on the  ‘strange death of a child’ infant daughter or Alfred.
1895 Henry Udale, a youth, charged with an offence under the Vagrancy Act - gaming on a public footpath.

I wouldn’t think there would be a marriage report really but you can try.

« on: Today at 08:26 »
Hello to you both.
Sandra will need to make two more posts then you can message each other.
A simple, ‘thanks’ will do as a message or ‘hello’.
 Just do two messages, Sandra and you’re away.

Good luck

Lancashire / Re: Ellen Rooney. St.Helens, Lancs.
« on: Yesterday at 21:35 »
Hello Dana and welcome to Rootschat  :)

It is quite a few years since nieve started this thread. If email notifications are still possible, you may get a response.

Good luck

Cork / Re: Patrick stephen mansfield
« on: Yesterday at 21:28 »
I see.
I looked for deaths too and a marriage for the parents but nothing yet. I didn't try to follow Godparents though.

Cork / Re: Patrick stephen mansfield
« on: Yesterday at 21:00 »
Hi ballydw,

Do you not think that the one I found is the right one in Midleton?
It is not know where Patrick came from in Cork, but that is the only one I can see where there is a father James.


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