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Ireland / Re: "Relative" on the census
« on: Today at 00:01 »
And Census links.

Yes please  :)

Ireland / Re: "Relative" on the census
« on: Yesterday at 23:59 »

I think your theory and explanation here is too complicated because of the lack of names and the timespan.
For example,
BallyaltikilliganG has assumed incest which I didnít see at all in your explanation but now I am wondering  :-\
It might be best to explain with names and places, do you think?


Lancashire / Re: DeRome of Manchester
« on: Yesterday at 22:10 »
There are several Eastham births, in various places, with mother as Smith and to be sure you would have  to purchase the certificates. They may be unrelated.

Lancashire / Re: DeRome of Manchester
« on: Yesterday at 21:54 »
Re the Catholic question.
Lancashire BMD show marriages as Church/Registrar Office. If it is C o E it shows the church otherwise Registrar attended or Reg. office.  Often this one is Catholic.

Durham / Re: Mary Cheeseborrow (Cheeseborrow)
« on: Yesterday at 20:37 »
There is a birth   :-\

Mary Ann Cheeseburn mmn Walton December quarter 1859 Newcastle 10b pg 83

Other births though Margaret 1863 and Joseph 1862 - they died as infants.

Dublin / Re: John Brady Birth Date: 6 Jun 1881
« on: Yesterday at 16:54 »
All solved - well done  :)

Somehow, I thought the OP was thinking there were two different children because of the discrepancy in the date. If so, I was going to say it is a common occurrence as Baptism was more important than birth registration.  :)

Dublin / Re: John Brady Birth Date: 6 Jun 1881
« on: Yesterday at 08:43 »
Thanks very much Sinann.   :)
I looked and looked last night and eventually decided it was in the darkened part and couldnít be seen. They are difficult registers to read.

I was also confused re the information, tmp48, between Conboy/Convoy and Kinsella.

The name seems to be Conboy according to the records but are you saying that these are two different John Bradys - one with mother Bridget Conboy and one with mother Bridget Kinsella?

Lancashire / Re: Birtwistle - Tottington
« on: Yesterday at 08:09 »
That was difficult   :)

Here is Ivy in 1911 - surname mistranscribed as Barper. Her parents are Thomas Leck (sometimes Leek maybe?) Barker and Margaret Warwick.

I will leave these with you and please come back if you want further help.

Lancashire / Re: Birtwistle - Tottington
« on: Yesterday at 07:43 »
Thatís good news.

There is only one John William Birtwistle showing in birth indexes - 1906.

The GRO site shows him with motherís name Hough.
Ashton under Lyne December quarter vol 8d pg 490

This site covers Ashton as Tameside and confirms the name Hough.  You need to register but a free to use site

Here is John William in 1911

With names, places of birth and motherís names you can start going back and looking for marriages and siblings etc.

I donít think I found Ivy so will take a look.

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