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GRO indexes would seem to link the family in 1861 with that in 1871 and 1881. Various McCarthy children show a mother's maiden name of Leahy - there is one with mother Lee so not sure there. It is difficult in that in each census there seem to be different children. :-\

Not sure if we have this one 1881 718/9/11 - daughter shows Chatriane 8 yrs who I believe to be Catherine with mmn of Leahy.

According to 1871 census, daughter Johanna born in England- her birth certificate should list mother's maiden name- also a son Eugene-

1891 census-

Census Information is Crown Copyright, from

Just for information 1871 745/70/28 on Ancestry has the transcription as Myarthy.

Mine may be the wrong family then  ::)


Here is something to start with - may be the family

1861 397/88/26

Florence McCarthy 35 yrs labourer b Cork
Margaret McCarthy 30 yrs b Cork
Daniel McCarthy   6 yrs b Cork
Charles McCarthy 3 yrs b Deptford, Kent
Michael McCarthy 12 b Deptford, Kent

Perhaps Michael is not 12 but it looks like that.


Slippery devil, not even showing up on marriage on Free BDM.

Found marriage via her name- Apr./June 1918 Reading (2c 878)
Mably    Elizabeth H    Gallagher

Shows as Joseph Gallaghar with spouse Mabley 2c 878
There is a note that there is a possible problem as page number not within the expected range for the district etc.
However, the original scan shows Gallagher and Mably names with above reference.

Hello again,

Re your previous thread and the enquiry by pm.
Here are the births for the twins whose baptisms show Gillen Ferry

September 1871  Liverpool 8b pg 294
Mary Ann Gillon
William Gillon
GRO records show mother's maiden name as Ferry


London and Middlesex / Re: 1881 Census - 15 Eaton Place
« on: Yesterday at 16:55 »
I think I saw that his mother died and in 1871 1742/306

He is Percy Allwood, 13 yrs with his sister Florence and his relatives the Fulchers.

London and Middlesex / Re: 1881 Census - 15 Eaton Place
« on: Yesterday at 13:25 »
I agree Suz.
I also think though that as the employers have changed, he could have been there for a time but I suppose we will never know that.
I haven't looked back but do we have him in 1881 yet?

London and Middlesex / Re: 1881 Census - 15 Eaton Place
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John B Pratt is still the butler to the Buxton family in 1891.

Reading the other thread, the Buxton family have moved by 1891. Looking at 15 Eaton Place in 1891 there are 4 servants but no householder there  :(

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