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The ages of the older children vary somewhat between 1861; 1871 and 1881 censuses.

1871 shows Mary Pendergist aged 7 years.
1881 Mary is 18 yrs.
She is shown as a daughter to Mary snr and presumably is illegitimate.
GRO index shows Mary Prendergest b 1864 with mother’s maiden name Machon.

This would also discount the Mayo baptism I linked.

You have posted Luke’s death as 1848. Should that read 1858?

There is a baptism here, Bekan Parish, Mayo for a Thomas but it is December, 1851 which wouldn’t match the age in 1861.


Do you have this? Maureen mentioned the family headed by Mary but not sure if she is referring to 1871. This is 1861

1861. 3582/27/48
9 Friths Ct, Machell Street

Mary Pinderguest 32 yrs b Ireland
Thomas Pinderguest   13 yrs b Ireland
Bridget Pinderguest   9 yrs b Hull
Ann Pinderguest   6 yrs b Ireland

Plus several boarders -O’Brien family, Eagan family and Patrick Meigh


I have just seen your earlier posts here

And that is the same one in reply #7 :)

No problem.
If you have some more information, please come back and we will try to help.  :)

Just to confirm it is the right person, where do you have James and Harriet?

It is confusing with the different dates in your post.

I think I see them in 1881 now.
He shows born Preston :-\


Is this the right marriage?

Middlesbrough 1879

James Hughes and Harriet Robinson

When was he in prison and is it the same James?

They should be in 1881 but I can’t see them. :-\


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