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A Disappointment, that for the 1st time ever Roots Chat has failed to provide a lead for me.
If I knew how I would close this enquiry

People have spent time and effort to search for ways to help you in your quest and found websites where you might find further information. I would class those as leads considering the very limited information supplied.
It is disappointing for you but with such recent events, often that is the result.


Louth / Re: Hughes-Moore
« on: Yesterday at 22:31 »
If I have the right family, Peter looks to have remarried. Is this correct?
If so, do you have his fatherís name from the marriage certificate?

Louth / Re: Hughes-Moore
« on: Yesterday at 22:07 »
Is this the first born son? John T Hughes

There is a John Thomas Hughes born to Peter Hughes and Elizabeth Moore in Dublin 1853

Louth / Re: Hughes-Moore
« on: Yesterday at 22:00 »
I am trying to trace my great-great-grandfather Peter Hughes and his wife Elizabeth nee' Moore who resided in Liverpool in the mid-19th cent. so far I know they come from ireland and it has been indicated that the county of Louth? I think their first child middle name was Trelford, who I believe was born in Ireland before they came to Liverpool.I know from Liverpool onwards the family history I am looking to sort our Irish side out.

thank you.

Would you share their Liverpool history please so we have some idea of dates.
Where do you get Trelford from? What is that childís first name?
Where does the indication re Louth come from?


Carmarthenshire / Pamela Phillips Whitland Grammar School
« on: Yesterday at 18:37 »
It is still a bit vague.

Perhaps she married 1960 so do you mean you would like to find out about her social life- schooling, stories etc or do you mean you want to find out about her birth circumstances - parents; year of birth; residence.

There may be archives of the school. I see there are a couple of reunion sites.

Lancashire / Re: Can't find the barker family.
« on: Yesterday at 17:41 »
Occupation changes though doesnít it.

1868 marriage Bradford

William Barker 22 yrs Labourer father John Barker Shoemaker
Ann Elizabeth  Burton 22 yrs father John Burton, Printer

Lancashire / Re: Can't find the barker family.
« on: Yesterday at 17:14 »
Thomas Hawksworth and Elizabeth Barker marriage St Michaelís 1892 February 16th
Father William Barker deceased , Grinder

Lancashire / Re: Can't find the barker family.
« on: Yesterday at 16:59 »
Marriage Cathedral Mcr
28th Nov 1887

Thomas Barker 19yrs Hawker 40 Hanover Street   father William Barker deceased Hawker
 Margaret Ann Connolly 18 yrs  21 Bk Hanover Street Father William Connolly Watchman
witnesses  Archible Carter and Mary Ann Greenhalgh

You could firstly get the marriage certificate to see re occupation, address, fatherís name etc.
September 1944 Liverpool South shows

Ying Tchong and Rose Turner
Ying Tchong and Rose Chewng
Also Tchong Ying with those variants.

There may be clues on the certificate.

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