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Mayo / Re: Elizabeth O'Brien (Cissie)
« on: Today at 11:19 »
Do you have Daniel's death in Westport?
Any obituaries?

Thank you and there I was thinking I was a Classical Latin scholar  in 1963  ;)

Mayo / Re: Elizabeth O'Brien (Cissie)
« on: Today at 10:41 »
Have you tried Scottish records? Maybe she moved with her mother.

Mayo / Re: Elizabeth O'Brien (Cissie)
« on: Today at 10:17 »
Apparently Daniel married 'somewhere',...... so could she have been there with him?? Maybe she married at this 'somewhere' too!


Here is the 'somewhere' in Westport

As I wrote, I can't see a record for Elizabeth there as yet.


I am like Nova67. I have enjoyed and can understand Ancestry.
I did Ancestry test last year and find that the matches are generally USA based but I can see where the match would originate from because of my Irish connection. I wasn't looking for relatives, it was and is a more personal 'fun' thing to do. There is one USA match, at the moment to my English side.
At the time, I posted a message on here and was advised to upload my file to Gedmatch which I only got round to in the past couple of days. Already I have received a query but I must confess that the information is a bit overwhelming at the moment - I have no idea how to interpret anything.
However, the match (distant) who has contacted me is a name from the right area in Ireland.

Mayo / Re: Elizabeth O'Brien (Cissie)
« on: Today at 07:52 »
I'm trying to find any marriage or death records for my grandmothers sister Elizabeth O'Brien known as Cissie, I have her on the 1911 census residing in Westport, aged 7, but cannot find any other trace of her.  Any help would be appreciated.  ;)

I can see a marriage for brother Daniel. Is your grandmother Marie in the census? Did she move away? I wondered if the girls left in adulthood.

The Latin should be Felicem for the son and Felicis for the father, but they didn't always get the endings right. It appears to be Felix anyway, for both.

Thanks Bookbox.
Looking at what is written, I had made Felix into Felicus - thus arriving at Felicum and Felici. What should it be? Is it because it ends in 'x' as in 'rex'?
I am digging deep into my Latin from fifty and more years though ;)

Glad you agree on the name though.

At first I thought it was Filium - as in 'baptised the son' but I wonder if it is Felix - the Latin would be Felicum perhaps and Felici for the father.

The Lifeguards are a very important regiment  :)

I am not sure about looking to Farnworth etc. Those records re William show Falmouth.

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