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I think it is the same man too. Thanks for doing that Mike.

Ladytodd where are your Morris family from please ?

Well done Jen and fast too.

That is an interesting one Jen . At a guess if not the same person years apart, mother and daughter or sisters.
There does seem to be a difference in hair growth near the ears .

Ironing them and creatures  :-X  ;D what a thought !

Fashion changed markedly in 1875 - the voluminous and over decorated dress/skirt became much more sleek.

Yes Gadget and although I find them beautifully made I wouldn't want to wear one  ;D

Very early 1870's . What a beautiful dress , all that work .

Big Hair bows were popular around the first world war era.

They were popular in the fifties going by my childhood pics 😂

Tsu  the clothing to me looks typically Edwardian maybe 1908 upwards.

Technical Help / Re: Nextdoor Website ~ Opinions Sought Please!
« on: Wednesday 26 June 19 18:27 BST (UK)  »
I received an invitation Carol but decided it didn't look right for me.

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