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Many thanks, Maureen!
Speedy work; I'm impressed. I have to admit that this was a development which I hadn't anticipated, so I'll check the relevant document(s). Obviously, if this does prove to by my great aunt then I'll have a new surname to track, hopefully with a subesquent move to Guernsey or perhaps Jersey.
My mother was quite categorical about her aunt visiting from the Channel Islands.
We'll see where the trail leads now.

In tracking down some record of my great aunt I'm hoping to bring some half-remembered childhood memories back into focus, but I'll need some help, if anyone would be so kind. Bear with me, please, as I need to provide some context:
My great grandmother - Mary Ann Legg - was born on Guernsey (St Peter Port, according to UK census records) c1850 and married George Harris in 1869 in Bethnal Green, London.
They had five children (the youngest being my grandmother Rosina) but George appears to have been a poor father, with a taste for alcohol and being violent to his family after his wife died in childbirth in 1891. The second-youngest daughter was Mabel Elizabeth Harris, b.1885 in Hackney. It seems that my grandmother was left to care for her father after the rest of her siblings left home.
I have traced records for them, but as yet I have found no trace of Mabel after she appeared to have been at the Women's Refuge in Chatham, Kent (1901 UK Census entry). This was a pretty pretty dire establishment for women who had fallen on hard times (many having turned to prostitution), so Mabel would obviously have looked for a way out, to rebuild her life.
Now for the Guernsey connection: If she had been rejected by her family, it's possible that she would have turned to her mother's Channel Island roots - the Legg family. As a young child, on a couple of occasions I met a great aunt who was referred to as 'Aunt Nance', from Gurnsey (and said to have been diabetic). Since there was no Nancy recorded among the family members, I therefore assume that Nance must have been Mabel Elizabeth Harris.
Try as I might, via search options available to me (I'm based in France), including an Ancestry account, I cannot turn up anything to clarify things.
Sincere thanks, in advance, for any enlightenment which anyone might be able to offer.

Devon / Re: John Legg, b Guernsey - marriage in Totnes (or Exeter)?
« on: Thursday 10 September 15 22:57 BST (UK)  »
Thanks for these rapid responses - I'll admit that the marriage listing threw me, but I think I now have a better grasp of how to interpret what I'm seeing (said the newbie..).

I've found a reference to her name at, but the timing is wrong (by then she would have been around 31 years of age), so I can only assume that this might be a niece. Forenames do seem run in families, or at least in mine!

The challenge now is to find her parent's names. Perhaps I'll find something by searching for the EM listed above, with the appropriate date of birth. One thing I have learnt is that family research involves quite a bit of lateral thinking.


Devon / John Legg, b Guernsey - marriage in Totnes (or Exeter)?
« on: Thursday 10 September 15 22:09 BST (UK)  »
I'm trying to find details of my 2nd great grandmother, named Elizabeth [surname currently unkown], who married John Legg, b St Peter Port, Guernsey c 1828.
1851 census records show them living in Guernsey, but Elizabeth is stated has having been born in 'Tottnes', Devon. I can't trace a marriage record there c1848 so I assume that the marriage might have taken place in or near Totnes - perhaps Exeter.
If I can find her family name then I can begin to race her parents, etc.
Many thanks in advance for any help with resolving this.

Many thanks to those who have been kind enough to help - I really value your efforts.

To answer collectively the points raised...

Louisa Maud: As yet I haven't managed to find a marriage record, but her death seems to have been 5th March 1897 in Woolwich Dockyard, Kent.

Milliepede: Thanks for the Pinder witness names!

Ruskie: On my journey I've discovered that it's always worth trying long-shots. This one looks particularly promising, so I'll certainly pursue it.

So, a little light along the way; sincere thanks, once again.

RM (in France)

I'm tracing family ancestors, but can find no documentation regarding my Great-Great Grandmother, Caroline Whiting, prior to her marriage on 14th August, 1836 to Edwin Frederick Chesterman at All Saints, Poplar. Census records state that she was born in 1812 at Limehouse, but I cannot trace her parentage. I know that Limehouse was known as an area of settlement for immigrants, although Whiting sounds particularly English to me. If anyone is able to enlighten me I would be most grateful.

Having delved a little deeper with the help so kindly offered by those who contributed to this query, I've followed the document trail to John and Elizabeth Legg (no maiden name, ass yet) in Guernsey.
John appears to have been born in St Peter Port, c1828, and his wife in Totnes, Devon, c1826.
I can't yet find parents for either of them, and while I'm not expecting others to do my work for me, I would appreciate some guidance/leads, please.
I've had more success with some other forebears' lineage!
Many thanks in advance.

Thank you so much for your invaluable help with this - I'll respond more fully ASAP, as it's late here in France. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Having had some success with tracing three other grandparents, I'm having problems with my maternal grandmother, Rosina Harris, b1888 in Hackney, Middlesex. She married Charles King (railwayman) c1915, and served as a councillor, alderman and mayor of Leyton (1953). Awarded Freedom of the Borough in 1965.
I ordered a duplicate Birth Certificate, which reveals her parents to have been George Harris (bricklayer) and her mother Mary Ann née Legg. Having checked resources to which I have access on, I'm no further on.
Rosina doesn't show in subsequent Census lists, and I can't find any info to put the family together, to trace her grandparents. So, I've hit the buffers for now - I'd be very grateful if anyone can help, please.

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