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« on: Yesterday at 22:32 »
I think the original person who  supposedly sent me the dropbox email had been targeted first, I tried to open  it with difficulty I might add and quickly closed it down, it wasn't till my husband had numerous suposedly from us  emails that had failed to be delivered that we realised we had a problem, after that a few people got in touch with us asking what it was all about, not opening it, wise people, one person found it I their junk mail

My husband checked and nothing has been mentioned about dropbox itself, it is just a real nuisance to be honest

Louisa Maud

The Common Room / Re: Can anyone help me find someone?
« on: Yesterday at 16:43 »
Fantastic find, booked this site for myself


Please come back and let us know how you are doing and what you think of our suggestions

Louisa Maud

The Common Room / Re: Can anyone help me find someone?
« on: Yesterday at 15:25 »
Only buy purchasing a death cert, wills will give you some info but it might not be an informant

Louisa Maud

The Common Room / Re: Can anyone help me find someone?
« on: Yesterday at 12:45 »
If he is still alive he won't be listed

if you know who his parents were perhaps look for them on 1939, there should be a blank for Clive if he is still alive or the records not bang up to date

We can't give out details of 1939 but there is a free look up

Louisa Maud

The Lighter Side / Re: Family secrets on BBC Radio 4
« on: Yesterday at 12:35 »
Having delved into my family I have found out things no one else knew about, well didn't till I discovered it,  one being a child born, father named and shown as  dec'd on birth cert (he wasn't) only for me to discover another man was taken to court for maintenance, and she won,  his name not even on the birth cert, no DNA in those days, really don't know how she got away with it.
I suspect there are many a secret gone to the graves with the persons concerned.

Louisa Maud

« on: Yesterday at 08:31 »
It appears our address book has been got at, I used dropbox last year to gather info from Sweden, perfectly fine, recently I thought a relative in England was sending me info via dropbox, WRONG, it is a scam, I have received emails from people asking me about it but we haven't sent it on, so I can only assume it is a scam, so please be careful

Louisa Maud

I might add that Dropbox is perfectly OK, till someone comes along and causes a problem

Thank you all for your help, I have collated all the information and am sifting through it, the ER's don't reveal anything around 1869/1871 either  so they weren't much help, thanks to Monica for helping me out on ER's

I am not convinced my H A Bragg was ever a Bragg, I will continue searching but calling this closed now to tidy things up a bit

Many thanks to all for your help

Happy Hunting

Louisa Maud

1875 John Charles Draper born 1875 ref 3b 277 Huntingdon no MMN

Died same qtr as birth reg


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