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Elizabeth Bibby
Henry Riding

Louisa Maud

I have a family tree programme which I have had for a lot  longer than you have had yours, I decided to update it about 10 years ago, wrong move on my part, luckily I moved just a small tree I had, thought that would be easier just in case I lost the lot, I didn't like the new version so dispensed with it, I do realise I will need to update my own at some time, what to do, well I don't really know at this point, so be a little wary first of all.

Louisa Maud

Gloucestershire / Re: emma birth record
« on: Thursday 08 February 18 08:49 GMT (UK)  »
Perhaps you might find her in baptisms, or go forward to the next census where you might find her with her family

Louisa Maud

Northumberland / Re: Did Jacob Miller and Jane Anderson ever really marry?
« on: Wednesday 07 February 18 13:14 GMT (UK)  »
Have you considered Jane might have been married before and therefore not free to marry Jacob

Have found this family on 1861 but have you looked for Jane on 1851, Jacob is at home with parents on 1851 if I am correct, not to sure about Jane , I'll leave that open for the time being,

1861 their first child is aged 5 and her mother's  maiden name is Anderson, registered 1855

Louisa Maud

Essex / Re: Where is this?
« on: Wednesday 07 February 18 11:14 GMT (UK)  »
Samuel  Harvey Rogers 22 father Samuel
Mary Annie Clark 28 father William Clark (late0
at St Mary Haggerston

Mary was born in Great Baddow

Louisa Maud

Unless I am mistaken I found the following

George 48
Susan 4?
George I 15
Harry 13
William 11
Emily 9
Thomas 7
Jacob 5, could this be Isaac shown as 16 on 1881

1881 George 58
Susan 56
William 21
Thomas 18
Isaac 16

Some births are registered with Eastland and others Eastling ranging from 1854-1869, not checked any further

Mary Ann born 1854
Martha Jane 1867

I have not checked deaths for these as yet

Louisa Maud

I am inclined to agree with you Groom

Louisa Maud

As long as they were happy it doesn't really matter, a friend of mine married a man 42 years older then her, they were very happy and that is what  it is all  about, perhaps he had to lie to keep her

Louisa Maud

Perhaps he knocked a few years off because his wife was younger

Jessie  Trugunno  (spelt various ways on children's birth registrations) was born  01/09/1878 according to her baptism, that could be the reason

Louisa Maud
PS Baptism 03/11/1878 Christ Church Deptford along with brother Thomas  Edward,

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