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Francis and his daughter are together at a later date, he being shown as "W" , perhaps he was widowed again as I have just noticed Matilda May death 1934 West Ham, if he did marry again he sure was a quick worker.
This family did not have much luck with spouses


« on: Monday 14 May 18 22:00 BST (UK)  »
Huge thank you Cuffie, that is what I was after, I would have thought  Catherine marrying again it would have been a register office, she states she is a widow, well I don't think she was, Mr Byles as far as I am concerned was very much alive, her first marriage I suppose was dissolved

Thank you everyone for your impute, I am considering this topic closed now

Best regards

Louisa Maud

Yes thank you Jon I did find the marriage

It  seems on 1929 and 1938 ER's he is living with his legitimate wife, I assume he is there the years in between as well so hopefully he settled down

I now have to find the marriage to Niels Gregerson, that is the one I am mainly interested in

Yes, there certainly was a lot of it about, at least 2 in my family if not 3

Many thanks Jon an Carole


The poor girl, she then went on to marry again, 1923 possibly in a register office as I assume the marriage was dissolved

I have found the write up, he was given 12 months hard labour, he had left a poor woman who was expecting his child to marry yet another poor unsuspecting woman, Catherine thought he was single
This marriage took place at Holy Trinity Leytonstone

I now have to sort out Gregerson to Catherine, she had kept her married name but seems eventually she decided to go back to the May surname

Louisa Maud

What a scoop, where did you find that, I have been looking at papers, did think there was some hanky panky going on, poor woman

Huge thank you for that piece of info Jonw65

Louisa Maud

ps - who’s Mr Haslebacker

Sorry Carole, Mr Haslebacker was married to another family member, it should have been Gregerson


Can't see a connection to Alfred George Edward Christie on Mr Byles will

I have just listed churches to cover first marriage 1917 in Leyton, all 7 of them, now I have to find the ones nearest to Frith Road, I am Not familiar with the area


Did look at Kew, no divorce,
yes, I did see a will but discounted it, no next of kin and monies being left to a reverend.
I don't know what happened to Mr Byles but I do know Catherine married Mr haslebacker 1923 and he died in 1927, born 1878, Catherine then continues in her maiden name when she had been married twice, I wonder why?
I need to find the  marriage, the first one most likely a church ceremony, the second one possibly not.
I need to find a church near Frith road Leyton, I am hoping these records will be at Essex record office and not Walthamstow
Thank you Carol


Yes Carole, I have checked WW1 but no joy so far, at the moment I don't know how old he was

1939 she is under her maiden name of MAY  but shown as a widow, D of B 19/05/1882, at sometime it looks as if she reverted to her maiden name

1911 she is shown as being born Lambeth living Frith Road with her parents

Unless I am completely off track I believe my info is correct

Neils/Niels Gregerson was born in Denmark circa 1878

I would never have made the connection except I have a death cert here for Mr Gregerson, informant Francis May, father in law of Frith Road Leyton

Thank you Carole

Louisa Maud

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