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Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: Occupation
« on: Yesterday at 22:16 »
Teezer?  as in teasing yarn to get the tangles out.

There is a family tree on FamilySearch which has:
John LITTLEJOHN 1718-? m c1738 Scotland Jean ROBERTSON
William LITTLEJOHN 1740-1817 m1771 NC Sarah BLOUNT (1747-1807)
Joseph Blount LITTLEJOHN (1776-1852) m18o6 Tenn Annie Marie JONES
Joseph Blount LITTLEJOHN (1816-1883) m1838 NC Mary Lavinia TOOLE

BUT - never trust a tree unless you have proved the sources to your own satisfaction!


Family History Beginners Board / Re: Looking for answers
« on: Yesterday at 21:49 »
I now see that you have an old thread with considerably more information:
Better to answer the questions asked by those who tried to help you then, rather than starting again from scratch which will just invite duplication of effort.

I have added some information to the other thread which (if I am correct) suggests that the Littlejohn line was in North Carolina before 1800.


A possible marriage:
North Carolina County Marriages 1762-1979 (FamilySearch)
11 Jan 1838 Joseph LITTLEJOHN 7 Mary L TOOLE


Building on the information supplied by ev:

Joseph F LITTLEJOHN 1866-1918, Emma H LITTLEJOHN 1876-1946

1910 Census New Orleans Precinct 8 (on FamilySearch)
Joseph F LITTLEJOHN, 44, m19yrs, born North Carolina, parents born Cln(?) & Vir, clerk, mercantile
Emma LITTLEJOHN, 36, m19yrs, 5 children all living, born Illinois, parents born Maryland & Indiana
Henry F LITTLEJOHN, 18, born Louisiana, parents born North Carolina & Illinois, collector wholesale insurance
(and other children)

1870 Census New Orleans Ward 1 (on FamilySearch) POSSIBLY
Joseph LITTLEJOHN, 55, (?) wholesale grocer, born North Carolina
Mary LITTLEJOHN, 38, born Virginia
Joseph LITTLEJOHN, 4, born North Carolina
(older children born Mississippi and Louisiana, also Bridget Laughlin, 55, born Ireland)

(ADDED) The 1880 census for New Orleans Parish shows Joseph snr's parents both born NC, Mary's parents born Mass and Va. Joseph snr is a broker.

If this line is correct, we need to find a birth c1815 for Joseph LITTLEJOHN snr in North Carolina c1815.


FreeReg has transcripts from Phillimore's Marriages for Chesham.

I tried a search using just the name George from 1800 to 1825, then just Esther/Ester/Hester from 1805-1825, and came up with nothing remotely resembling the couple.


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